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Bible Studies


    Many are times when we Christians waste our time on asking God questions when we feel like something is not right. We think we can question God's integrity, but the best thing to do is to seek His kingdom first

    ".......God doesn‚t want us doing anything for Him because we feel this annoying obligation......."

    Brenda Weltner is teaching that the rapture will take place September 28, 2020. The purpose of this article is to show that she is wrong. It is a serious problem to give dates for the rapture that are wrong, no matter how sincere the teacher is.

  4. BE MORE THAN SAVED by linzy bruno  
    "Having the proper fear of the Lord keeps us from thinking we know it all; we see the need to continue learning......."

  5. ETERNAL SECURITY by linzy bruno  
    ".......As mentioned earlier, the Parables of Jesus teach a variety of lessons: taking the Word of God seriously, that this is not our real home,......."

  6. BIBLE CODES by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Digital bible codes, containing current prophecy (prophecy for today), written 3000 years ago, bind passages and chapters together.

  7. THE ANGEL LUCIFER: PART-1 by Dr Surya Kumar Daimari  
    Angels are the heavenly hosts created by God. There are several references to the angels in the Bible right from the Book of Genesis to Revelation which substantiate their existence before the creation of man.
    In this article I will primarily focus on once a mighty angel in heaven named Lucifer

  8. How To Apply A Bible Verse By Faith by Olawale Ogunsola  
    It is pertinent that a Christian applies the Scriptures to his life. This has great value. But how do you know what and when to apply a verse?

  9. The Red Sea-A Place Of Salvation And Destruction by Ngozi Nwoke  
    In Exodus 14, we have the story of the crossing of the red sea. we learn a lot from this story. So, this article gives the lessons to pick from this story.

  10. Was Paul Right About Women or He Made a Mistake? by Divine Akorli  
    Nowhere does the Jewish Law forbid women to speak in public gatherings. Paul, being a well-educated Jew, certainly would have known this...continue reading...

  11. Why was Jesus Late to Resurrect Lazarus? by Divine Akorli  
    If we are reading this text honestly, we would probably not be moved to open a hymnal and sing the famous hymn: ÔWhat a Friend We Have in JesusÔ at this point in the story just yet.

  12. Obedience by Paul Taylor  
    Part 2 of the study on obedience

  13. Obedience Part 2 by Paul Taylor  
    A study on the obedient Christian to Gods commandments

  14. CHILDREN TEACHING by Chioma John  
    The purpose of Sunday school is indeed noble. One must not ignore the fact that Sunday schools give the church/society an opportunity to be a part of the mission of Christianity to establish equality, peace and harmony in society. It serves as excellent platforms to go closer to God.

    In Mathew 28:19-20,
    Jesus gives us a clear and concise goal of teaching Sunday school, therefore go and make disciples ‚.. Teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

  15. Validating The Holy Eucharist by   
    Since the New Testament was completed after 300AD, one must research what the Father's of the Church wrote about the Christian Faith. The Tradition of the Church was the only resource after Jesus ascended into Heaven. Ignatius of Antioch clearly validates the Holy Eucharist for the Remisson of Sin.

  16. The Greateset Commandment by Mark Nickles  
    In Matthew 22:37, Jesus gave the instruction, ‚You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.‚ God doesn‚t desire a love that is just on the surface, but one which permeates our being.

  17. The Enduring Nature of The Bible by Mark Nickles  
    In the world of great literary works, the Bible is in a category of its own. Unique in content, continuity, circulation, and translation, this exceptional work speaks for itself. However, the Bible is also notably distinctive in how it has survived throughout the ages.

  18. Provision in Times of Trouble by Mark Nickles  
    One of God‚s most vital characteristics is His faithfulness. If God says He will do something, it is as good as done. This trait becomes emphasized during times of trouble; it‚s a blessing to know that we can count on His provision of our needs, especially during life‚s most challenging times.

  19. The Identity of Jesus by Mark Nickles  
    Who is Jesus? It‚s a question that has been on humanity‚s lips for over 2000 years. And it still peaks curiosity, stokes passionate debate, and invokes many opinions.

  20. CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE BIBLE by ralph jackson  
    God uses the climate to wake up people and bring them back to Him. He also uses the planets atmosphere to give signs of impending catastrophe. If humanity continues on its downward spiral of sinfulness, denying the warnings in the Bible, then He has to act to stem the tide of sin. He is patient but once the cup of sin is overflowing, He will destroy sin and those who are sinners will be destroyed with the sin. Climate Change is happening because humanity has forgotten God and is turning to evolution.

  21. New Life Transformation by John Owens  
    Study compiled by John L Owens, MDiv (Luther Rice Seminary) as an aid to the student who is searching for answers. To those who knock, God has promised that the door will be opened. Transformation comes through the renewing of our minds in the Word of God.

  22. Does God Still Give the Gift of Speaking in Tongues? Part 2 by Max Aplin  
    The Bible suggests that God will continue to give the gift of speaking in tongues until Jesus returns. There are no convincing objections to the existence of tongues today. We should take seriously the claims of Christians who say they have experienced this gift. Christians who donÔt currently speak in tongues should seek this gift from God.

  23. Does God Still Give the Gift of Speaking in Tongues? Part 1 by Max Aplin  
    The Bible suggests that God will continue to give the gift of speaking in tongues until Jesus returns. There are no convincing objections to the existence of tongues today. We should take seriously the claims of Christians who say they have experienced this gift. Christians who donÔt currently speak in tongues should seek this gift from God.

  24. How Christ Represents Lady Wisdom in Proverbs 8 by lloyd claridge  
    Description of Christ in his Pre-incarnate State spoken of in Proverbs 8

  25. Having a Childlike Faith by lloyd claridge  
    Description of Childlike faith and how it is necessary

  26. The Mystery Nature of the Church Life by Dr Surya Kumar Daimari  
    The Church itself is a mystery . Many theologians use the phrase ‚The mystery nature of the Church‚ because of the mystery character of the Church as the body of Christ. In the N.T. the word ‚mystery‚ means a divine truth, formerly hidden but now supernaturally revealed to the men of God which can only be known through divine revelation

  27. A Problematic Scripture Passage by Susan Budensiek  
    I have often wondered about some of the passages of scripture that don‚t seem to make sense and recently one of them showed up again as I was reading. It was Mark 4:12 which seems to contradict John 3:16,

  28. When the Wicked Surround You by J Patrick Bowman  
    Have you ever felt that you were surrounded by people who wanted to take you down and make a mockery of you? In light of Psalm 12, we can assume that this was not only a feeling but a reality at one point in King David‚s life. Let‚s look at what David had to say.

  29. DUST OF THE EARTH by   
    A complete explanation of Genesis chapter 3, 14 - 15. The curse upon the serpent and what it really means.

  30. Jeremiah, Jude‚messages for us today? by Susan Budensiek  
    The first chapter of Jeremiah is a basic introduction and lays out Jeremiah‚s mission, so to speak. I believe the ‚enemies‚ in Jeremiah 1:15-19 refers to our personal enemies as well as the world/heathen/ungodly vs. the true church and compares with the first two verses of Jude.


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