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  1. All The News That's Fake To Print by Anthony Weber  
    We, as Christians, are called to be people of truth. How do we do this with wisdom in an age of fake news?

  2. Why King David Taught Through Psalms / Songs by Cate Russell-Cole  
    This article looks at the Psalms in their historical context in relation to the world outside of Israel's borders, and identifies what makes them a powerful means of spreading the Word of God and teaching the laws set into place through Moses.

  3. There Remains a Sabbath Rest (Heb. 4: 1-11) by Gregory John Monroe  
    Correcting the popular misconception that "A Sabbath that remains" does away with the 7th day Sabbath (Hebrews 4: 9)

    There is not the slightest shred of real evidence in existence to support any claims of millions, billions or trillions of years for the age of the Earth. All of this is just a direct lie, a colossal hoax, to destroy your faith in God, to eliminate in your mind Father God as Creator.

  5. American Education Reforms since Brown v. Board of Education by Adekunle Lawal  
    This article deals with the hidden but dominant trend found in the U.S. education reforms since Brown v. Board of Education. It seems the decision from Brown affects every subsequent education reform. All the education reforms since 1954 radically address the issue of equity in the U.S. educational system. Right from Brown in 1954 up till now, there are twelve education reforms identified in this paper that systematically shaped the U.S. educational policies.

  6. Manipulation of Standardized Test Scores is Evil by Adekunle Lawal  
    This article deals with the issue of manipulation of standardized test scores in American schools.

  7. Equitable Educational Opportunities in the U.S. Public Schools by Adekunle Lawal  
    This article deals with some factors that point to the fact that there are equitable educational opportunities in American public schools. In comparison with public schools in West African nations like, Nigeria and The Gambia, I discovered that the U.S. public educational system is excellent in addressing the academic, social, and cultural values of its students.

  8. Does Salvation Require Baptism? by Gregory John Monroe  
    How baptism relates to salvation.

  9. Communion: Open or Closed? by Gregory John Monroe  
    Is communion only for members of a particular church and those without sin?

  10. Secret Societies Are Dark by Gregory John Monroe  
    Christians who are members of secret societies cast a negative perception.

  11. Integrity in examination halls by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    The article seeks to inspire students to opt for the route of integrity, even in examination hall. It shows that there is a correlation between making a practice of cheating during exams and cheating in the corporate world. It also seeks to motivate students to take their studies seriously; study not just for good grades but for the world of work-and life as a whole.

  12. Are Near-Death Experiences Real? by Gregory John Monroe  
    Reasons why near-death stories need to be measured by the Bible.

  13. HOW NOT TO LOSE BUYING STOCKS by Eugene Lopatynsky  

  14. Jonah and the Fish by Gregory John Monroe  
    Reasons why Jonah,in the belly of the fish, is real.

  15. Why Command Marriage Between Rapist and Victim? by Gregory John Monroe  
    The reason why the Mosaic law called for marriage between perpetrator and injured party.

  16. Father God by Gregory John Monroe  
    How to reach God the Father.

  17. Interracial Marriage: The Bible View by Gregory John Monroe  
    Biblical examples as to God's perspective on mixed race marriages.

  18. Our Heavenly Bodies by Gregory John Monroe  
    Description of the saved's glorified bodies

  19. Sleepers in Jesus "Ascend" to Heaven by Gregory John Monroe  
    Clarifies 1 Thessalonian 4: 14, in which it's popularly thought that Jesus brings our spirits with Him upon His 2nd. coming

  20. Seek Reconciliation With Your Brethren by Gregory John Monroe  
    Dismissing the opportunity to reconcile with a fellow Christian is detrimental to your eyesight.

  21. More Important Than God by Gregory John Monroe  
    Who or what could possibly be more important than God? The Bible gives an answer.

  22. Murder-Suicide by the Devil by Gregory John Monroe  
    Revealed: The devil knew that his objective to kill Jesus would cause him to commit murder/suicide.

  23. What is Mankind, That God Would Remember Us? by Gregory John Monroe  
    Explained is the reason God didn't abandon us when we abandoned Him.

  24. Sons of God Mating the Daughters of Men by Gregory John Monroe  
    The Sons of God, who birthed the Nephilim with the daughters of man, are identified.

  25. The Wrath of God by Gregory John Monroe  
    God's wrath turns out to be an internal struggle to give sinners over to their desires.

  26. Quick Proof of Bible Truth by Gregory John Monroe  
    Discover a quick and handy method that easily brings to mind proof that the Bible is true.

  27. The Christian Response to Being Wronged by Gregory John Monroe  
    God would have us know of two ways to handle disputes in His earthly family.

  28. Unmarried "Christians" Living Together by Gregory John Monroe  
    Unmarried Christians living together are in the flesh; hostile to the ways of God. Either they are ignoring the Holy Spirit or they are not indwelled by Him

  29. Wisdom and Foolishness by Gregory John Monroe  
    God uses the foolish to confound and encourage the wise of the world.

  30. The Prosperity Gospel by Gregory John Monroe  
    The prosperity gospel is not the gospel of God. Adhering to it can lead to the love of money and worship of materialism.


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