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  1. 7 Affirmations for Students by Tonja Taylor  
    The LORD inspired me through my husband to have my 4th grade students say these Bible-based affirmations every day. They loved it, and most students wanted to lead the class in these first thing every morning!

  2. How to Win Your Students' Hearts by Tonja Taylor  
    With over 30 years'cumulative experience teaching in public and private school, nonprofit organizations, in homeschool, and online, I thank the LORD for helping me learn how to connect with my dear students. I believe these tips will help you to be a more successful teacher, including with your own kids!

  3. Strategies and Satisfactions: Teaching English Language Learners by Tonja Taylor  
    Although having a TEFL or TESOL certification is often preferred by companies who hire teachers of English to tutor non-native speakers, it's not always necessary. Teaching English as a Second Language is a growing field, so here are tips on helping learners improve their English-speaking skills.

  4. Is It Still Valuable? by Tonja Taylor  
    Helping kids understand more about their value can be done with this quick and interesting example.

  5. How to Write Your Own Tongue Twisters by Tonja Taylor  
    The LORD tells us that a merry heart does us good like a medicine (Prov. 17:22). These days, we need to lighten up, and good, clean humor is a way to do that. Writing and rehearsing your own tongue twisters is a good way to do that for the whole family--and can be a tool to help you speak better!

  6. Evolution is a Fairytale (Part 2) by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Evolution is an idiotic lie, supported only by economic and political reprisals.
    How important is THE AGE OF THE EARTH?

    If the Earth is recent, then there is no chance whatsoever for any Evolutionary fantasies. That is the reason why all these Fairy tale Ages were mysteriously and artificially invented.

  7. Horses of War by Tonja Taylor  
    I learned this fact about war horses from a minister on an internationally-known very reputable Christian internet show. God is the coolest!

  8. What Part Does Language Play in Relationships? by Tonja Taylor  
    I wrote this very recently for the final essay due in my worldwide TEFL certification. I learned more about the immense power of our words; they are a gift from Jesus, the Living Word (John 1), Himself!

  9. Evidence for God? THE UNCAUSED CAUSE AND THE SCIENCE OF CAUSALITY by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Causality, like truth itself, is superb evidence for God, never against our Creator. Enemies would have you believe the opposite. But In reality, causality does provide a totally ground shattering, beautiful, clear and fundamental account and solution to these questions. That is the reason this topic is never brought up or taught.

  10. How to Appreciate the Poetry of the Bible by Tonja Taylor  
    This is based on a Toastmasters presentation I did a couple decades ago. The Bible has so much rich poetry, especially in Psalms, Song of Solomon, and Isaiah! Elohim the Creator is The Poet of All Time!

  11. Happy Homeschooling - 17 Tips by Tonja Taylor  
    From my many years as a teacher--including two years of homeschooling my daughter in her 6th and 7th grades--I believe these tips will help your homeschooling experience go more smoothly and satisfactorily, no matter the age of your children.

  12. The King's Horse: Questions for Reflection by Tonja Taylor  
    These questions accompany the story, "The King's Horse," in the Stories section) which tells of 3 magnificent white horses who compete to carry King Jesus back to earth for His glorious Return!

  13. The Only Hope For Racial Equality by Mark Nickles  
    God sees us all as equally valuable. And, when people choose to live in obedience and devotion to Him, through Jesus Christ, they begin to see through HIS eyes.

  14. Find the Words in This Butterfly Poem - Part 2 - Definitions of Words by Tonja Taylor  
    Expand your vocabulary with this study of the original "Butterfly and the Mimosa" poem by Tonja K. Taylor. Here's the original poem and words to find, along with the definitions of the words, according to the official dictionary.

  15. Baseless End-Times Fears by Mark Nickles  
    Scripture indicates that the challenge of the end-times will be a call for people to devote themselves first and foremost to the entity called ‚the beast‚. In other words, people will not be ‚tricked‚ into denying Christ. After all, you can‚t be swindled out of your identity in Jesus; your salvation in Him is eternally, lovingly secure.

  16. Find the Words in This Butterfly Poem by Tonja Taylor  
    I wrote this poem years ago, and decided to make it a teaching tool. May it delight you and your kids and strengthen their vocabulary!

  17. Equality of The Sexes by Mark Nickles  
    Though human beings struggle with the practice of equality, God does not. The best concepts of equality are found in the Bible, springing from the very heart and mind of God.

  18. Hangman vs. Build-a-Man by Tonja Taylor  
    As Christians, we are to build others up, not tear them down. Here's an insight I received while teaching public school one day.

  19. Who is The Holy Spirit? by Mark Nickles  
    It is important to understand that the Holy Spirit is not some unknowable force, like that which is portrayed in the Star Wars movies. Thankfully, the Bible tells us much about this particular member of the Trinity.

  20. God's Love and Blessings by Mark Nickles  
    There is much said about God‚s unconditional love, as there should be. God loves us, no matter what trouble we are in, how many problems we have (be they self-inflicted or not), and no matter how ‚unlovable‚ we may be.

  21. How to Write a Term Paper by Martin Dade  
    Scholarly composing is a significant component in more elevated levels of instruction. Composing end-of-semester papers is something that you can't maintain a strategic distance from while in the college or school; college educators use it to check how familiar you are with given subjects.

  22. High School Senior Plans Career in Education by Greg Miller  
    A high school senior has planned his entire working career in education.

  23. How to Prepare a Quality Speech for Student Council by Martin Dade  
    Speach is an important part of students life. Here are tips to make your speech perfect.

  24. CHRISTIANITY OR BABYLON? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    CHRISTIANITY is the worship of ‚Father and Son‚. Salvation is possible only by faith in the Biblical Jesus. There is no other way.
    BABYLON is a worship of ‚Mother and son‚. There is No salvation by faith in any ‚Queen of Heaven‚ or BABY Thammuz, masquerading as baby Jesus. Check it out.

  25. CAN‚T SEE ANY PRESENCE OF GOD? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    If God reigns, how can evil keep increasing? Prayed for something, and did not get it?
    Did your little (or nonexistent?) faith crack-up for good after that?
    We are, in what is called by many, near the ‚end times‚. Now what does that mean?

  26. Sweet Promises of Satan? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    How poetically does Masonry describe today the whole thing? It is to be the ‚celestial beings elevating the terrestrial beings unto godhood‚. How noble. It already happened twice in the history of mankind.

  27. Schools - Gates of Hell? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    ‚I am afraid that schools will prove to be the gates of hell unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures, engraving them in the hearts of youth. I advise no one to place his child where the Scriptures do not reign paramount ‚(Martin Luther).

  28. How Important is THE AGE OF THE EARTH? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    If the Earth is recent, then there is no chance whatsoever for any Evolutionary phantasies. That is the reason why all these Fairytale ages were mysteriously invented. There is not the slightest shred of real evidence in existence to support any claims of millions, billions or trillions of years for the age of the Earth.
    It is insane to invent a phantasy of Evolution in a universe of Devolution, in an environment which tends always and automatically toward Devolution. Take a look how our planetary system is slowly falling apart.

  29. PROMOTERS OF EVOLUTION by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Atheism is only another religion. One must BELIEVE there is no God. There is no conceivable way to PROVE there is no God, especially when all scientific evidence, if unsuppressed, points to special creation. The nonexistence of God must be accepted by FAITH alone, by pure belief. That is the very definition of a religion. Atheism is a religion.

  30. SLEEPING NATION by Rachel Jamerson  
    We are a sleeping nation that is systematically being taken over by those who oppose our Constitution, freedoms, and way of life. Anti-American rhetoric has spread across our nation like a poison fog silently seeping into every crevice. Stealing our youth and destroying the bedrock upon which our nation was founded.


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