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  1. How to Write a Term Paper by Martin Dade  
    Scholarly composing is a significant component in more elevated levels of instruction. Composing end-of-semester papers is something that you can't maintain a strategic distance from while in the college or school; college educators use it to check how familiar you are with given subjects.

  2. High School Senior Plans Career in Education by Greg Miller  
    A high school senior has planned his entire working career in education.

  3. How to Prepare a Quality Speech for Student Council by Martin Dade  
    Speach is an important part of students life. Here are tips to make your speech perfect.

  4. CHRISTIANITY OR BABYLON? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    CHRISTIANITY is the worship of ‚Father and Son‚. Salvation is possible only by faith in the Biblical Jesus. There is no other way.
    BABYLON is a worship of ‚Mother and son‚. There is No salvation by faith in any ‚Queen of Heaven‚ or BABY Thammuz, masquerading as baby Jesus. Check it out.

  5. CAN‚T SEE ANY PRESENCE OF GOD? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    If God reigns, how can evil keep increasing? Prayed for something, and did not get it?
    Did your little (or nonexistent?) faith crack-up for good after that?
    We are, in what is called by many, near the ‚end times‚. Now what does that mean?

  6. Sweet Promises of Satan? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    How poetically does Masonry describe today the whole thing? It is to be the ‚celestial beings elevating the terrestrial beings unto godhood‚. How noble. It already happened twice in the history of mankind.

  7. Schools - Gates of Hell? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    ‚I am afraid that schools will prove to be the gates of hell unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures, engraving them in the hearts of youth. I advise no one to place his child where the Scriptures do not reign paramount ‚(Martin Luther).

  8. How Important is THE AGE OF THE EARTH? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    If the Earth is recent, then there is no chance whatsoever for any Evolutionary phantasies. That is the reason why all these Fairytale ages were mysteriously invented. There is not the slightest shred of real evidence in existence to support any claims of millions, billions or trillions of years for the age of the Earth.
    It is insane to invent a phantasy of Evolution in a universe of Devolution, in an environment which tends always and automatically toward Devolution. Take a look how our planetary system is slowly falling apart.

  9. PROMOTERS OF EVOLUTION by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Atheism is only another religion. One must BELIEVE there is no God. There is no conceivable way to PROVE there is no God, especially when all scientific evidence, if unsuppressed, points to special creation. The nonexistence of God must be accepted by FAITH alone, by pure belief. That is the very definition of a religion. Atheism is a religion.

  10. SLEEPING NATION by Rachel Jamerson  
    We are a sleeping nation that is systematically being taken over by those who oppose our Constitution, freedoms, and way of life. Anti-American rhetoric has spread across our nation like a poison fog silently seeping into every crevice. Stealing our youth and destroying the bedrock upon which our nation was founded.

  11. Online Homeschooling Programs : Extensive training and experience by   
    Online homeschooling programs, even if it is free or paid, you will see a huge increase in the last ten years. Increasing the amount of information available on the Internet has facilitated this growth.

  12. 3 College Lessons You Must Learn by   
    College Lessons You Must Learn

  13. Hunting for ABC's in a Bible Story by The Scripture Lady by Kathy Vincent  
    Your preschoolers are learning their letters, so why not let them have fun hunting for ABC's in a Bible story? This fun Bible game uses Bible story pictures to help your little ones learn about God's great stories in the Bible and learn their letters, too!

    A Luciferian conspiracy, which now covers almost all mass media, public schools and government, is effectively SILENCING ALL TRADITIONAL RELIGION TO DEATH. Their obvious objective is to eliminate both God and His teaching altogether.
    Both, the awareness of our Creator God and His instruction to us, are absolutely essential in the process of improvement and salvation of man.

  15. BIBLE 19: God‚s Instruction to Kids by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Actually, this instruction is to parents raising kids, to TEACH, DISCIPLINE and LOVE. The Luciferian Establishment has well managed to completely corrupt all three.
    For thousands of years only the parents taught their kids. There were occasional private schools, where the instruction was paid for, selected and supervised also by parents.
    In this previous environment a moral and behavioral meltdown was impossible. Recent Luciferian Revolutions provided the authority to remove the children from the influence of their parents and actually charge the parents for an instruction in evil.
    What can you do?

  16. Study The Genuine So You Can Spot The Counterfeit by Stephen Vattimo  
    Short commentary on the subject of the one thousand year rein of Jesus as ruler of the Earth

  17. All The News That's Fake To Print by Anthony Weber  
    We, as Christians, are called to be people of truth. How do we do this with wisdom in an age of fake news?

  18. Why King David Taught Through Psalms / Songs by Cate Russell-Cole  
    This article looks at the Psalms in their historical context in relation to the world outside of Israel's borders, and identifies what makes them a powerful means of spreading the Word of God and teaching the laws set into place through Moses.

  19. There Remains a Sabbath Rest (Heb. 4: 1-11) by Gregory John Monroe  
    Correcting the popular misconception that "A Sabbath that remains" does away with the 7th day Sabbath (Hebrews 4: 9)

    There is not the slightest shred of real evidence in existence to support any claims of millions, billions or trillions of years for the age of the Earth. All of this is just a direct lie, a colossal hoax, to destroy your faith in God, to eliminate in your mind Father God as Creator.

  21. American Education Reforms since Brown v. Board of Education by Adekunle Lawal  
    This article deals with the hidden but dominant trend found in the U.S. education reforms since Brown v. Board of Education. It seems the decision from Brown affects every subsequent education reform. All the education reforms since 1954 radically address the issue of equity in the U.S. educational system. Right from Brown in 1954 up till now, there are twelve education reforms identified in this paper that systematically shaped the U.S. educational policies.

  22. Manipulation of Standardized Test Scores is Evil by Adekunle Lawal  
    This article deals with the issue of manipulation of standardized test scores in American schools.

  23. Equitable Educational Opportunities in the U.S. Public Schools by Adekunle Lawal  
    This article deals with some factors that point to the fact that there are equitable educational opportunities in American public schools. In comparison with public schools in West African nations like, Nigeria and The Gambia, I discovered that the U.S. public educational system is excellent in addressing the academic, social, and cultural values of its students.

  24. Does Salvation Require Baptism? by Gregory John Monroe  
    How baptism relates to salvation.

  25. Communion: Open or Closed? by Gregory John Monroe  
    Is communion only for members of a particular church and those without sin?

  26. Secret Societies Are Dark by Gregory John Monroe  
    Christians who are members of secret societies cast a negative perception.

  27. Integrity in examination halls by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    The article seeks to inspire students to opt for the route of integrity, even in examination hall. It shows that there is a correlation between making a practice of cheating during exams and cheating in the corporate world. It also seeks to motivate students to take their studies seriously; study not just for good grades but for the world of work-and life as a whole.

  28. Are Near-Death Experiences Real? by Gregory John Monroe  
    Reasons why near-death stories need to be measured by the Bible.

  29. HOW NOT TO LOSE BUYING STOCKS by Eugene Lopatynsky  

  30. Jonah and the Fish by Gregory John Monroe  
    Reasons why Jonah,in the belly of the fish, is real.


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