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  1. Our Heavenly Bodies by Gregory John Monroe  
    Description of the saved's glorified bodies

  2. Sleepers in Jesus "Ascend" to Heaven by Gregory John Monroe  
    Clarifies 1 Thessalonian 4: 14, in which it's popularly thought that Jesus brings our spirits with Him upon His 2nd. coming

  3. Seek Reconciliation With Your Brethren by Gregory John Monroe  
    Dismissing the opportunity to reconcile with a fellow Christian is detrimental to your eyesight.

  4. More Important Than God by Gregory John Monroe  
    Who or what could possibly be more important than God? The Bible gives an answer.

  5. Murder-Suicide by the Devil by Gregory John Monroe  
    Revealed: The devil knew that his objective to kill Jesus would cause him to commit murder/suicide.

  6. What is Mankind, That God Would Remember Us? by Gregory John Monroe  
    Explained is the reason God didn't abandon us when we abandoned Him.

  7. Sons of God Mating the Daughters of Men by Gregory John Monroe  
    The Sons of God, who birthed the Nephilim with the daughters of man, are identified.

  8. The Wrath of God by Gregory John Monroe  
    God's wrath turns out to be an internal struggle to give sinners over to their desires.

  9. Quick Proof of Bible Truth by Gregory John Monroe  
    Discover a quick and handy method that easily brings to mind proof that the Bible is true.

  10. The Christian Response to Being Wronged by Gregory John Monroe  
    God would have us know of two ways to handle disputes in His earthly family.

  11. Unmarried "Christians" Living Together by Gregory John Monroe  
    Unmarried Christians living together are in the flesh; hostile to the ways of God. Either they are ignoring the Holy Spirit or they are not indwelled by Him

  12. Wisdom and Foolishness by Gregory John Monroe  
    God uses the foolish to confound and encourage the wise of the world.

  13. The Prosperity Gospel by Gregory John Monroe  
    The prosperity gospel is not the gospel of God. Adhering to it can lead to the love of money and worship of materialism.

  14. 7 is Significant to God by Gregory John Monroe  
    Examples of the number 7's relationship to divinity-- and its dismissal by most Christian preachers.

  15. The Bible's Untruths Are True by Gregory John Monroe  
    A couple of examples of untruths in the Bible that are true

  16. The Bible's Alcohol Exception by Gregory John Monroe  
    Instances in which the Bible allows for the use of alcohol.

  17. The Berean Effect by Gregory John Monroe  
    A false prophet meets a Berean.

  18. Take Up Your Cross by Gregory John Monroe  
    The cross Christians are to daily take up is for the highest of purposes; that being for the sake of the gospel.

  19. Stop Running Over Jesus by Gregory John Monroe  
    Our sins today are killing Jesus on the cross. Each sin we commit is like repeatedly running over Him with a car.

  20. Newness of the Spirit Doesn't Excuse Breaking the Letter of the Law by Gregory John Monroe  
    Christians are no longer under the Law, but now serve in newness of Spirit. So some lean on their own understanding as to what's right or wrong.

  21. Sin Had to Happen? It Seems So by Gregory John Monroe  
    God allowed sin so that humanity would come into being

  22. Sin is Full of Itself by Gregory John Monroe  
    Sin, working through God's Law, finds fulfillment.

  23. Seeker, Good Works Won't Get You to Heaven by Gregory John Monroe  
    Reaching heaven is not about working to get there. It's about accepting a free passport.

  24. Seeker: God is Near and Waiting by Gregory John Monroe  
    Two approaches to finding God.

  25. Seeing the Blessing by Gregory John Monroe  
    Seeing the blessing is knowing the blessing of God's word.

  26. Saved Without Knowing About Jesus by Gregory John Monroe  
    Three ways in which God has provided salvation for those who have not, nor ever will, hear the name of Jesus.

  27. The Devil Was Thrown Out Twice by Gregory John Monroe  
    Scenarios that suggest the devil's expulsion from heaven happened two times.

  28. Satan is Both Powerful and Powerless by Gregory John Monroe  
    Explained is how Satan, rendered powerless at the cross, still exercises prevailing power in this world.

  29. Sanctification: Subjectively and Objectively by Gregory John Monroe  
    Sanctification takes place in both an objective and subjective sense. No matter which, the Christian is considered to be perfect.

  30. Who Am I?: A Bible Memory Verse Activity for Kids for Colossians 3:16 by Kathy Vincent  
    A Bible memory verse activity is a great way to teach God's amazing Word and here's a Bible game based on Colossians 3:16.


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