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  1. The Christmas Cottage by Dana Chaffin  
    Great story of a young Thomas Kinkade, the painter of Light!

  2. Kingdom Under the Sea by Dana Chaffin  
    Great children's Christmas movie! Cute underwater characters explain the true meaning of Christmas.

  3. A Christmas Snow by Dana Chaffin  
    Touching story of family, friendship and forgiveness. A must see!

  4. Children's Stories? by Jeff Lowe  
    What we listen to as children can have a dramatic effect on our lives. For the sake of entertainment, many have unwittingly sacrified their time to the dark side.

  5. Here Is Your Hug From Heaven by chuma obum  
    This is not only an interesting read(thought provoking) but it is most importantly an inspirational article advising a renowned R&B singer who is also widely known for his very rare creative depth when it comes to gospel music. I happen to be a huge fan of this artiste and this remarkable article is my own way of telling and/or encouraging him to surrender all of his singing abilities to God who gave it to him in the first place... Read along and see if you can guess who this artiste is.

  6. Aladdin (1992): A Movie Review by   
    Short review: Aladdin is still a cute film with a great question!

    Should I see it again? Yes, even without the children.

  7. The Encounter (2010): A Movie Review by   
    Should I Watch It?: If you're seriously looking for some deep answers to real questions, this movie will be worth the ninety minutes.

  8. Jerusalem Countdown movie by Dana Chaffin  
    Jerusalem Countdown the movie will come to theaters fall 2011. Outstanding movie based on book by John Hagee.

  9. Without a Father the movie by Dana Chaffin  
    Without a Father will be available July 5th, 2011 on dvd. This is a touching movie and a great ministry.

  10. Miracle of the Widow movie by Dana Chaffin  
    Miracle of the Widow is an amazing story of tradition, faith, and friendship. This is a great movie to share with your family. The twists in the story will surprise viewers and touch their hearts.

  11. He's 13! At the 168 Film Festival by Dana Chaffin  
    Great information about 168 Film Project and the 168 Film Festival. Also highlights one of the many films that will premiere at the festival.

  12. THE GRACE CARD by Dana Chaffin  
    This film now in theaters has a powerful story of forgiveness and grace! Find out just what The Grace Card is only by watching the movie.

  13. STANDING FIRM by Dana Chaffin  
    Powerful movie about dealing with the loss of a loved one. Touching and inspiring at the same time.

  14. BRINGING UP BOBBY by Dana Chaffin  
    Hilarious Christian comedy for the entire family. Being different is awesome too! Great message about faith, friendship, and family.

  15. MYSTERIOUS ISLANDS by Dana Chaffin  
    Available on dvd this documentary is a testimony to God's hand in creation. Explorers search the beautiful Galapagos Islands 150 years after Charles Darwin.

  16. BIBLE EXPLORER SERIES by Dana Chaffin  
    Amazing documentary available on dvd of explorations to find Noah's Ark, Ark of the Covenant, and the real Mt. Sinai. Very informative and well done.

  17. SOUL SURFER movie by Dana Chaffin  
    In theaters April 8, 2011
    Action packed movie based on true story of surfer Bethany Hamilton. She lost her arm in a shark attack, but her faith in God helped her surf again. Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt, Carrie Underwood.

  18. The 5th Quarter movie by Dana Chaffin  
    Outstanding movie based on true story of Luke Abbate. Production is high quality and wonderful message about faith and football.

  19. Film Review: Of Gods and Men, excellent by Peter Menkin by Peter Menkin  
    This well wrought film with its many awards (first prize) from Cannes, New York, and other important places gives a fine dramatic look at a monastery in Algeria caught in the Algerian revolution, a throw-the-French-out historic event set in the later 1990's. A true film based on the historic story, and a dramatic rendering of excellence, the language of prayers with the use of introspective reflection on their situation by the monks of the monastery hold a poetic lilt.

  20. BABBIE MASON IN THE HOUSE by la jackson  
    Getting to know Babbie Mason, by former Sony Music marketing executive LA Jackson

  21. IN THE SPOTLIGHT WITH AL GREEN by la jackson  
    Behind the scenes with Al Green, by former Sony Music marketing executive LA Jackson.

  22. THE TERRI CARROLL EXPERIENCE by la jackson  
    Getting to know the one and only Terri Carroll

  23. Christmas Skits by Ken John  
    Short skits for young people to perform as starters for a Christmas celebration in a school sort of context. First done in Poland at a teacher training College. Based loosely on Dickens' "Christmas Carol" and Becket's "Waiting for Godot".

  24. RUST by Dana Chaffin  
    RUST is a great mystery type faith-based film. The movie is awesome and the story behind the movie is just as good. Read the article and see for yourself!

  25. Stand By Me by PamFord Davis  
    Moses knew he would fail without God.

  26. Redemption: Theology From "Toy Story 3" by James Barringer  
    Truly great villains - I mean great from a literary point of view - are not the simplistic, mustache-twirling Snidely Whiplashes you see in cartoons. Truly great villains have a reason for being who they are, and the best-written villains make you wonder: "If I had been through what he has been through, would I be any different?"

  27. Watch NCIS And The Family Guy TV Shows For Free Online by Serena Enjoy watching family Guy vide  
    If you are looking for a best place for Family Guy and NCIS TV shows online without paying for it, then you are at right place. Enjoy watching Family Guy videos and NCIS TV show including all seasons for free.

  28. Why Christian Movies? by Dana Chaffin  
    Ever get tired of seeing violence or sex on your television or at movie theaters? Here I give you practical ways to help make a change!

  29. Lord Save Us From Your Followers by Dana Chaffin  
    Very entertaining and will viewers will understand how some people view Christians in a negative light.

  30. Amish Grace by Dana Chaffin  
    Amish Grace is a faith based film coming to Lifetime Movie Network Sunday March 28, 2010. Amazing story of forgiveness based on true story.


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