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  1. The P.O.W.E.R. (Purposeful Operations With Eternal Rewards) Creed by Taylor  
    As a P.O.W.E.R. (Purposeful Operations With Eternal Rewards) Prince or Princess (no matter your age!), you can strengthen your family and relationships with Christ and others, as you improve yourself and make the world a better place, to the glory of Christ!

  2. LEGACY - Crafting Your Child's Future With Words - Part 1 by Taylor  
    Your words are more powerful than you think, because you are made in the image of God. He created the whole world in 6 days--with words! And your words are very powerful in shaping the lives of your precious child(ren)!

  3. Mom's Birthday by PamFord Davis  
    If still living, today would have been my MomÔs 97th birthday.

    I miss her molasses cookies.

  4. When the Thief Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree by L. Osmon  
    A little story about gypsies, cats & thieves!

  5. U.S. Mothers And Family Spiritual Development by Sim Lee  
    A look at how Christian women have taken the lead in encouraging family spiritual development and church attendance.

  6. Leaving Space by L. Osmon  
    Sometimes, if we leave space for a miracle we'll find ourselves in the middle of one.

  7. Life Is but a Breath by Stephen Kimball  
    My 'out of body' dream - a 'smack in the face' reminder that life on this planet is fragile and uncertain. A wake up call to stop taking your loved ones for granted and to leave no word unsaid.

  8. Louis And The Love of A Jewish Family by Sim Lee  
    A look at the love of a Jewish family changed the life of Jazz Great Louis Armstrong.

  9. Truly She Was Her Father's Daughter by Sim Lee  
    A look at the unfailing love and loyalty displayed by Louisa May Alcott throughout her life in honoring her father and mother.

  10. Family Observes Two Thanksgiving Celebrations by Greg Miller  
    A family is so thankful that they observe two Thanksgiving Day celebrations.

  11. Christian Couple and Rabbits Become a Family by Greg Miller  
    A Christian couple and a pair of rabbits become a family.

  12. Couple Enjoys Early Autumn Anniversary Celebration by Greg Miller  
    A Christian couple enjoys an early autumn anniversary celebration!

    With INTERNET you enable criminals to communicate with and have direct access to your kids, completely outside your own awareness. Is it surprising if kids are disobedient, ungrateful, rebellious? Are not real devils raising your kids now?

  14. Novice Artist Paints Crucifixion Masterpiece by Greg Miller  
    A novice artist paints a masterpiece of Jesus' Crucifixion.

  15. My Big Sister by PamFord Davis  
    Yes, I smile when I remember Donna. She´ll forever be my big sister.

  16. Will You Do the Chase? by Richard L. Provencher  
    Nature and Family are synonymous with life. We enjoy the gift of sharing and growing and learning together. And our Lord is always waiting to cover us in the shelter of His Persona.

  17. Story by Richard L. Provencher  
    Some of us live a life on the edge of goodness and not so good. We have a choice to pick the right path.

  18. When God Planted those Trees by Annie Glasel  
    I know how God may have felt

    When He planted those trees

    Because they were for when

    Adam and Eve were old enough to know

  19. Peter and Andrew's Big Adventure! by Robert Douglas Brown  
    This is a short story about when Peter and Andrew were kids on a rare day off from fishing of which is the family business. They get a day off just to be boys and have a great time doing so. This is something new and different that all should enjoy.

  20. Remembering Before Whom You Stand by Sim Lee  
    An important discussion between a father and his son.

  21. Dad by PamFord Davis  
    Family was always important to Dad. He loved and honored his parents, showed respect to his older brothers and labored selflessly to provide for his wife and children.

  22. Deluge Teaches Family Some Floods are Good by Greg Miller  
    A deluge teaches a family that while some floods are bad, others are good.

  23. Lamentation of a husband by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Sowing is reaping. Sow only what you love to reap.

  24. A Christmas Memory by Kathleen Angell  
    A Christmas memory of a miracle the Lord brought our family.

  25. The Differences between Healthy Families and Dysfunctional Families by stephanie reck  
    God created families to love, nurture, protect and support each other. Healthy families are essential for belonging and acceptance. However, not all families are healthy and some families would be considered dysfunctional.

  26. Trigger Happy by PamFord Davis  
    'Oh, how we miss the dearly departed.'

  27. THE OLD TIMERS' ROCKING CHAIR by Rachel Jamerson  
    Vickie continued to rock back and forth in her chair. Closing her eyes she remembered many years of life as a family here. John died about two years ago. Since then it had been a very lonely place.

  28. Your Kids Carry Seeds Of Greatness; Do Not Give Up On Them by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    No kid should be looked down upon because of his or her current state. Kids carry seeds of greatness.

  29. Jesus...I Am by Richard L. Provencher  
    Jesus came to share His Essence. This story is revealing the thoughts which may have crossed His mind as he strode forth to complete His mission.

  30. A Lesson In Forgiveness by Katy Curry  
    On Mother's Day, a woman is at her wits end with her sons and their behaviors, her youngest was just arrested for pot. She drives off in a temper only to meet a sheriff deputy or an angel who helps her cut the the source of her frustration.


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