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    This entire scenario of lockdowns, quarantines, press management, the use of armed forces against their own populations, has been obviously prepared long ago, ready and waiting ‚" and on a colossal, world wide scale.
    WHY the unprecedented insistence and urgency to ‚vaccinate‚, to inject SOMETHING into your body?

  2. WHY IS HALF OF AMERICA OVERWEIGHT? How Can You Protect Yourself? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Pathological Obesity (Serious overweight) in England is 6%. In the United States it is 36%, but, some say, it may involve nearly half the population. Look at people around you.
    Have you examined my article on weaponizing medicine? Sounds ridiculous? Unfortunately, it‚s bitterly true.
    Poisons are being added to food, especially in sweetening and flavoring, for mass consumption.

    Medicine, and much of health care, is being weaponized against their own populations.
    The deployment is by stealth and fake propaganda,
    aided by Mass Media (especially TV) and now by brute force of Lockdowns and House Arrests.
    Even healthy newborns are secretly killed in clinics, as if 75 Million abortions were not enough.

  4. 7 Ways to a Flatter Stomach by Tonja Taylor  
    A flat belly is not so much exercise as good nutrition. These tips have helped me be healthier and have a flatter belly, and they can work for you too!

  5. DEFENSE AGAINST THE VIRUS by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Ivermectin was been used to end the humanitarian crisis in India with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Cases had surged to 414,000 per day, and deaths exceeded 4,000 per day. There was no end in sight - until the country adopted Ivermectin. As a direct result of the use of Ivermectin, cases and deaths in India dropped immediately, and the crisis in India was averted.
    Dr. Fuci (Fauci, of WHO) does NOT want you to use it.

  6. CURE FOR ALL COVID 19? by Eugene Lopatynsky  

  7. One Way to Prevent Digestion Disturbance by Tonja Taylor  
    A health food owner and a doctor confirmed these things for me, to keep my digestion from getting overbalanced.

  8. Organic or Natural? by Tonja Taylor  
    "Organic," "NON-gmo," and "natural" are not the same. Here are specific differences, so you can make wise choices in the food you eat and feed your family.

  9. VACCINE NOTICERO 3 by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Current international medical opinion regarding mRNA Covid Vaccines. This is a voice of physicians, not of journalists, and certainly not of this writer.

  10. Vaccines and G5 News and Views. Noticero 2. by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Some scientists report, that these (Rothschild, Rockefeller and Bill Gates) mRNA VACCINES might show themselves, in future, to be an extreme hazard. Another extreme hazard might eventually be coming from the proliferation of G5 RF (radio frequency) towers.

  11. Corona Virus News and Views - NOTICERO by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    ‚Therefore after the initial and official scare tactics a waiting period can be interposed until nearly all have been vaccinated. When an 80% yield in mortality can be expected, another wave of mutated COVID or other viruses should be launched ‚.
    If nothing works, they already have EBOLA (95 % fatal), patented and ready.

    Opinions on ritual abuse are highly polarized. This article aims at a sober approach of this delicate subject.

    The first and safest remedy is DISTANCE. The G5 radiation cannot travel far. The Luciferians must multiply their G5 towers tremendously, or use in secrecy mobile cars so equipped, or plant a generator nearby (inside hospital buildings).
    Copperized CLOTH (Cu/Ni) in the fabric, is available from Amazon, called LOOGOOL, gold color, $ 15 for 40‚ x 40‚. Use, at least, as head and chest cover?
    PAINT for EMF shielding, also at Amazon. Seem to have only black for now. Is very expensive ($260 for 5 L).

  14. GOD'S HEALTH LAWS by ralph jackson  
    God wants us wants us to be healthy. Wouldn‚t it be great if we did not need doctors anymore? Well you can live without the need for doctors if you take care of your body. We all know what we should do, but it is not easy to give up our habits, which slowly destroys internal organs. Smoking, alcohol and we know that high cholesterol is caused by what we eat, which causes obesity and puts stress on our organs. God has given us a free health plan to go by, so I would like to share the health message from the Bible so you can have an abundant healthy and longer life.

    More and more scientists are speaking out about mass vaccinations, most of these reports are disappearing rapidly.

    Several scientists now claim, that all Corona vaccines, mRNA, will blow away your own natural immune system. Observe , but do it soon. All negative info on vaccines is being deleted rapidly from global internet. Observe especially the middle of the video.

  17. BILL GATES, His ÔContributionÔ to Mankind and the Corona Vaccine. by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Reportedly, Bills greatest passion is to construct a means for reducing overpopulation.
    Bill loves vaccines. He believes that the vaccines are an answer to overpopulation. His dad once headed Planned Parenthood with Margaret Sanger. Pretending to eradicate Polio in India, Gates and his cronies were evicted by the Indian Government after his Polio Vaccine paralyzed 496 000 children between 2000 and 2017 AD.
    The interaction of radio frequency emissions with living systems has been an open and unanswered question for many decades. The public keeps receiving lying denials. Magnetic Biology is never taught in any medical school, not in chemical research, not in any engineering, not in Physics. Why? Why keep it a secret?

  18. Counselor's Corner: 12 Tips for Christian Women Going Through Perimenopause by stephanie reck  
    I am soon to be 47, and a few years back I thought I was having a worsening of my PMS symptoms. I have come to find that the PMS symptoms were perimenopause instead. Most people are familiar with Menopause, which is the cessation of a women‚s monthly cycle, but not perimenopause. Perimenopause usually occurs in women between their 30‚s to late ‚40s. During this time, a woman may experience a vast array of symptoms. Most women will enter menopause by the age of 50.

  19. Jesus is the LORD Who Heals Us! by Tonja Taylor  
    One of the names of Jesus is Jehovah Rapha, the LORD Who healeth us. HALLELUJAH!

  20. Three Quick Easy Ways to Feel Better! by Tonja Taylor  
    These are so simple, you may be surprised. But they work!

  21. What You Eat Can Affect Your Vision by Tonja Taylor  
    "You are what you eat," does have some truth to it. Let us be good stewards of the bodies God gave us by eating better, to stay healthy and strong--and to see as He wants us to.

  22. Globalist Big Pharma Vaccines by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    All honest vaccines, until now, utilized the same, attacking, but weakened, pathogen reintroduced into the human body. Then your body itself produces a defense against it.
    The new Corona ‚Vaccines‚ (all of them) do not do that. They merely stimulate the production of short lasting specific antibodies. Every patient will probably need repeated doses of the vaccine. They provide NO CURE. Can you imagine how much money these parasites can make with that? And maintain their lockdowns and travel - paralysis at the same time?

  23. Science Fiction about a Vaccine to Kill 80% of Mankind by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Google for yourself the Georgia Guide Stones, with its Ten Globalist Commandments. The first Commandment is to reduce global population to half billion ‚" which must involve removing 93% of the Earths human population.

  24. How to Speed Up Your Healing by Tonja Taylor  
    Here's how the LORD showed me to help my body heal more quickly.

  25. Believe and be healed by Sue Darling  
    Many people suffer traumas, quiet often will isolate themselves, because they now have difficulty trusting another.

  26. Supplements for More Heavenly Health by Tonja Taylor  
    When itchy blisters appeared on the backs of my hands and around my ankles from reactions to chemicals in food and topical products, I did research to find natural cures. The LORD led me to these supplements that have cleansed my body and raised my immunity, and that can help strengthen your vessel, and give you better health.

  27. Effective Ways to Manage Stress During COVID-19 by stephanie reck  
    I recently read a report that only 15% of Americans are happy right now. This low percentage has not been this way since the great depression. COVID-19, economic hardships, and racial tensions are causing many to experience stress.¬

    Alcohol consumption and sales are as high as they are during Christmas and New Year's Eve. For someone who has dealt with alcohol dependency, I have felt the pressure to numb the stress with alcohol.¬

    Depression and anxiety are higher now than before COVID-19. Those that had these conditions prior to COVID-19 are experiencing elevated symptoms.¬

    With all the stressful events and circumstances in our country, it is imperative to find healthy ways to manage stress levels. There are healthy and unhealthy ways to manage stress.¬

    Before I discuss some effective ways to reduce your stress levels, let's take a look at what you want to avoid or reduce.

    The following are known as unhealthy ways to manage stress:

    Overeating or eating a lot of processed, sugary, and/or fatty foods.
    Illegal drugs and abuse of prescription drugs.¬
    Continually watching or reading negative news.
    Caffeine over-consumption.
    Not getting enough sleep.¬

    Now that we discussed what you want to avoid or decrease to manage stress. Let's now take a look at some effective ways to reduce stress:

    Incorporate some form of exercise into your daily routine. Walking is one of the best stress reducers.¬
    Eat a more balanced diet. Include fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet.
    Enjoy nature and get outdoors. Being outdoors can be calming and peaceful, and can cause you to naturally feel relaxed.¬
    Take a time-out when you need to. If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or overly stressed; take a breather. Disconnect from your phone and social media. Do something that you enjoy or that is relaxing for you by practicing self-care.
    Preferably, first thing in the morning get alone with God. You want to aim for first thing in the morning before your day begins. Pray, talk to God about your concerns, and allow Him to minister to your needs.
    Try Kava Kava or passionflower teas to naturally reduce tension and to promote relaxation. (disclaimer, this is not medical advice but natural remedies).
    Do something creative-write, paint, build, garden, or rearrange a room.
    Watch, listen or read positive, faith-filled messages from those who would build your faith.
    Watch a comedy or an inspirational movie.¬
    Decrease your time with negative influences and increase your time with those that are a positive influence.
    Do something kind for someone. It does not have to be something big, you could give a smile to someone or tell your checker that you appreciate them.¬
    Stay thankful. Focus on your blessings. Write down or say aloud daily at least (5) things that you are thankful for.
    Do your best with staying positive and optimistic, as you will build your emotional resiliency (the ability to bounce back from stressful situations). Don't deny that you feel stress, but don't stay continually focused on it.¬¬
    Change your perspective by intentionally focusing on the good aspects of your life, and good that you see coming from stressful events.
    Keep a routine. Our bodies naturally crave routine, and by consistently maintaining a routine you increase your body's ability to deal with the physical aspects of stress.

    The best strategy for dealing with these stressful times is when you are feeling stressed or anxious is to get alone time with God. Allow the Holy Spirit to bring comfort, peace, and guidance.¬

    Reflect and respond:

    Are you using unhealthy ways to manage your stress? What can you do differently to manage your stress in more healthy ways?
    Which healthy techniques to reduce stress work better for you? How can you work towards building these into your day/week?

  28. Adjusting to the New Normal by stephanie reck  
    I finally got to meet because of COVID-19 my good friend over the weekend after being separated from her for over 2 months. We decided it was probably best not to have our regular get-togethers as she is a nurse and would go home after work to take care of her 91 year old mother. We just believed the risk would be too great.

  29. Protein and Immunity by Tonja Taylor  
    After suffering for weeks from allergies--when, for years, I hadn't had any--I started asking the LORD for wisdom. He helped me think back to dietary changes I'd made recently, and put this question in my mind: Does protein affect immunity?

  30. Oh You Righteous, Speak Now by Olawale Ogunsola  
    The Righteous has authority to influence happenings in his environment by talking to his Lord. Now is the time to ask the Lord on Coronavirus.


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