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  1. Adjusting to the New Normal by stephanie reck  
    I finally got to meet because of COVID-19 my good friend over the weekend after being separated from her for over 2 months. We decided it was probably best not to have our regular get-togethers as she is a nurse and would go home after work to take care of her 91 year old mother. We just believed the risk would be too great.

  2. Protein and Immunity by Tonja Taylor  
    After suffering for weeks from allergies--when, for years, I hadn't had any--I started asking the LORD for wisdom. He helped me think back to dietary changes I'd made recently, and put this question in my mind: Does protein affect immunity?

  3. Oh You Righteous, Speak Now by Olawale Ogunsola  
    The Righteous has authority to influence happenings in his environment by talking to his Lord. Now is the time to ask the Lord on Coronavirus.

    Virus genetic modification, mass murderers today, GMO modified food, DDT, Cancer patients, cancer remedies, change your eternity,

  5. Imprison USA, under Pretext of Saving Lives? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    The panic, promoted now, is supposed to save lives. Do these people really care about our lives?

  6. NO CORONA VIRUS IN ISRAEL? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    No corona virus in Israel?

  7. 12 Tips on How to Manage Stress During the COVID-19 Pandemic by stephanie reck  
    Any type of change can cause stress levels to surge. Dealing with the rapid and ongoing changes of the COVID-19 pandemic can create stress levels to soar.

    Sometimes we think thatGod is responsible for our calamities, this is more so since He is Omnipresence. The truth is, He does not tempt anyone with evil and no one can tempt Him with evil too.

  9. A Few Essential Oils to Use for Better Health by Tonja Taylor  
    Essential oils can aid good health in many ways, because Elohim the Creator made them and gave man the wisdom to discover and use them. Here are three essential oils that can help you enjoy greater health!

  10. Ways to Combat the Virus by Tonja Taylor  
    The Coronavirus is not any bigger or badder than any other pathogen. It's just that people--especially the media--have blown it way out of proportion. There are many things you can do to prevent it, and it can be cured the same way--with the Word of God and wisdom in natural treatments.

  11. Your Holy Health - Part 25 - Power Smoothie by Tonja Taylor  
    This "power smoothie" is a great easy mix of healthy foods that is quick to fix and that you can drink on-the-go!

  12. Your Holy Health - Part 24 - A Better Investment (You're Worth It!) by Tonja Taylor  
    There's more to good health than just a flat belly; that is the least of it. Investing in organic and non-GMO foods and supplements may coast a little more up front, but it's much better to enjoy life with strength and energy and stay out of the doctor's office! You and your family are worth it!

  13. Your Holy Health - Part 23 - Skin Brushing, Nut Butters, Organic Eggs, and Other Healthy Things by Tonja Taylor  
    Gently scrubbing and brushing your skin with a dry vegetable or other soft-bristled brush can bring many health benefits. Eating cage-free brown eggs, nut butters, jerky, and the rest of the tips listed in this article can help you enjoy better health!

  14. Your Holy Health - Part 22 - Feeding Your Child by Tonja Taylor  
    The diets of our children are as important as ours--and perhaps more so. They can eat almost everything we do, and take many supplements, except for a very few things.

  15. Your Holy Health - Part 21 - How to Choose Wisely In Restaurants by Tonja Taylor  
    Sometimes it seems necessary to eat out, and sometimes we like to, instead of cooking at home. Here are some guidelines that will help you in being wise when you eat at food establishments.

  16. Your Holy Health - Part 20 - The Importance of Rest by Tonja Taylor  
    Rest has been robbed from most of us, for the devil comes to wear out the saints (Daniel 7:25). So we must purposely seek rest; and part of "rest" is being satisfied in our work, in doing what the LORD has called us to do. We also may need to rearrange our schedules to make sure we and our families get enough sleep and otherwise

  17. Your Holy Health - Part 19 - Fermented Foods by Tonja Taylor  
    What I used to make fun of, I now eat and know have helped me enjoy better health. Fermented foods are an acquired taste, but very beneficial to the body.

  18. Your Holy Health - Part 18 - The Value of Supplements by Tonja Taylor  
    You need herbs and other supplements to add to your diet, because it is a rare case in which any person gets all they need through the food they consume daily. In His goodness to us, God inspired scientists to develop supplements for us to take, to help ensure our good health.

  19. Your Holy Health - Part 16 - Veggies are Delicious by Tonja Taylor  
    The Creator intended us to eat fruits and vegetables and grains, and when we do--especially in their raw or lightly sauteed state, they can help heal our bodies and give us energy and strength.

  20. Your Holy Health - Part 15 - Superb Sweeteners by Tonja Taylor  
    The Love of Christ Jesus is the sublime sweetener, but if you're talking food, there are many healthy options. Here are a few of our suggestions.

  21. Your Holy Health - Part 14 - Children of the Light by Tonja Taylor  
    Light is vital to almost every living thing on the planet, and that includes us. Sunlight is better than interior light, and even better, the Light of the Word of God chases away the blues and helps us feel joy!

  22. Your Holy Health - Part 13 - Water, Water, and More by Tonja Taylor  
    Besides the Word of God, water is the most important thing you can put into your body. Drinking several glasses of filtered water a day, while ingesting the Word of God daily in various forms, is the best thing you can do to ensure good overall health!

  23. Your Holy Health - Part 12 - Strengthen Your Core by Tonja Taylor  
    An important part of your body's strength is your core--your back, stomach, and the muscles between them. But more important is your spiritual core, for there you are strengthened by God to handle every realm of life!

  24. Your Holy Health - Part 11 - Getting Past Getting Started by Tonja Taylor  
    What's stopping you? It's worth it to ask the LORD to help you start taking steps to be healthier!

  25. Your Holy Health - Part 10 - More Quick Tips for Better Health by Tonja Taylor  
    These tips have helped me and my family be healthier, and I believe they will help you. Making your relationship with God--the Author of Life (Acts 3:15)--the center of your life, and He will put His super on your natural efforts to be healthier!

  26. Your Holy Health - Part 9 - Covenant Health by Tonja Taylor  
    When you know the LORD Jesus Christ as your Savior and LORD, then you have a blood Covenant of health and healing. He will protect you and heal you, even in miraculous ways, because He loves you and because, when you are Jesus' brother or sister, then you are God's child.

  27. Your Holy Health - Part 8 - Your Body Knows by Tonja Taylor  
    While our souls/thoughts/feelings/senses may crave junk like caffeine and sugar and fat, our bodies know what they really need. If we're listening (and the LORD will help us with that) to our bodies, we can tell that they really want water and veggies and fruits and good meat, and other healthy things!

  28. You Holy Health - Part 7 - Prescription for Basic Good Health by Tonja Taylor  
    Being healthier is as simple as being thankful! That's right--for when we are thankful, we are much more conscious of God. When we are more conscious of God, we forget ourselves and the negative parts of life. It's been proven that happy thoughts and laughter can literally bring healing!

  29. Your Holy Health - Part 6 - All Flesh is as Grass by Tonja Taylor  
    You are responsible for your good health. The LORD's will is for you to be healthy and strong and satisfied in life (John 10:10), and Jesus died to make that possible. However, you have to cooperate with Him and be a good steward of your health. But He will help you!

  30. About Rest and 9 Ways to Enjoy It by Tonja Taylor  
    Here are ways I have found to rest, that can work for you! The LORD tells us to "enter into His rest," which means physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


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