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  1. When the Grave Is in Grave Danger by Alan Allegra  
    Resurrection Day, commonly called ‚Easter,‚ is nigh. The seeds that have been buried in the ground are coming out of hiding, and the ferns are unfolding. The suburban landscape is bursting with plastic, pretend bunnies, chicks, and eggs, impostors that have no real life in them.
    As the season approaches, another story unfolds ‚" a story of a man who was buried and came out of hiding, separating himself from the impostors by bringing new life to the world. This is the story of the gospel, a word that means, ‚good news.‚ Let‚s allow the apostle Paul to explain what we mean.

  2. An Early Thanksgiving by Chiazo Obiudu  
    This is a short piece on starting the year right. It encourages us to get the right attitude in making resolutions and setting goals for the new year.

  3. Father Time and Mother Time Discuss 2019 and 2020 by Greg Miller  
    Father Time and Mother Time Discuss the outgoing year of 2019 and the new year of 2020.

  4. The First Things First to Be Done For A Glorious Year Ahead by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Glory, it's a New Year! What does this New Year have for you? To a great extent, you determine how this year will turn out for you. What you do at the beginning of the year determines what you get at the end of it. This article encourages you to do the first things first to enjoy a glorious New Year.

  5. Timeless and True by PamFord Davis  
    Nativity Story...

  6. Christmas Celebration-Birth of Christ Is the Answer to Your Challenge by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Hurray! It's Christmas time, the hope of glory is being celebrated. Everything is subject to Christ's authority. An understanding of this will put a smile on you. This article encourages you to see the birth of Christ as the answer to your challenge.

  7. Couple Contemplates Life in the New Year by Greg Miller  
    couple, contemplates, life, new, year, Christmas

  8. The Babe Leaped by PamFord Davis  
    Joy for Jesus cannot be contained!

  9. Eyewitness News by PamFord Davis  
    Bethlehem shepherds shared miraculous eyewitness news. They gave witness to what they had seen and heard.

  10. Santa's Lap by PamFord Davis  
    ‚Don‚t be afraid. Just crawl up in Santa‚s lap and tell him what you want for Christmas!‚

    I wonder what mothers and fathers said to their children before sending them to meet Jesus.

  11. God Grants Couple's Christmas Wish Lists by Greg Miller  
    God grants a married couple's items on their Christmas wish list.

  12. Journey to Jesus by PamFord Davis  
    As worshipers, they reached Bethlehem by way of a star lit route. God still lights our path and guides us every step of the way.

  13. Celebrate! by PamFord Davis  
    Have a very Merry Christmas.

    Celebrate; confess and be saved!

  14. Glory to God by PamFord Davis  
    Hymn: To God be the glory, great things He has done

    [Lyrics: Fanny Crosby/ Tune: William Howard Doane/ Published 1875/ Public Domain]

  15. Birthday Party for Jesus by PamFord Davis  
    Jesus is not making a wish.

    He does not need good luck or wishes to make His hopes come true.

  16. Christians, Don't Use the Holidays to Over Induldge by stephanie reck  

    Christmas is just a few weeks away, when many Americans over indulge in food, drinks, and with spending. Too much of anything can be bad, no wonder so many report feeling sick, sluggish and depressed after the holidays. Usually starting at Thanksgiving until New Years, we eat more rich, fatty foods, many reduce or quit their exercise regimen, drink way too much caffeine and for some their alcohol intake increases.

  17. Jesus is Born in Bethlehem by Greg Miller  
    This is a fictional short story about the birth of Jesus and includes Mary and Joseph, baby Jesus, the shepherds and the animals.

  18. The Bethlehem Story by PamFord Davis  
    To be sure, most know the North Pole story. They need to know the Bethlehem story.

  19. Just in Time by PamFord Davis  
    Joseph, are we there yet?

    In time, they arrived. It may have been ‚just in time.‚

  20. Purple Christmas by PamFord Davis  
    Jesus, Son of David was worthy of royalty's purple attire.

  21. The World's Trees Collaborate on Christmas Program by Greg Miller  
    The trees of the world collaborate on a unique Christmas program.

  22. Mary's Little Lamb by PamFord Davis  
    Mary birthed a ‚little Lamb.‚

    Behold the Lamb of God.

  23. Giving Presents by PamFord Davis  
    We continue the practice of giving gifts. Wise Men gave presents to the King of the Jews! He came to deliver people from their sin.

  24. Planned Parenthood by PamFord Davis  
    God planned it all; He made all the preparations for His Son‚s birth.

  25. Seeing, Simeon Believed by PamFord Davis  
    Are you looking forward to Christmas?

    Simeon had long awaited the arrival of Christ.

  26. Giving Thanks by PamFord Davis  
    Giving thanks is more than a Thanksgiving Day tradition.

    We follow the example of Jesus.

  27. Giving God Thanks by PamFord Davis  
    So often I say, Father ÔPlease, please.Ô

    Too often I neglect to say, Thank You.

  28. Losing Count by PamFord Davis  
    ÔBless the Lord, O my soul,
    And forget not all His benefits (Psalm 103:2 NKJV).Ô

  29. It's the Gift That Counts! by Alan Allegra  
    There‚s an old saying, ‚It‚s the thought that counts.‚ As we look at what we call, ‚the true meaning of Christmas,‚ we see that in the spiritual realm, it really is the gift that counts. The value and meaning of the gifts of God transcend any material gifts we can give or receive, and present a model for giving that can revolutionize our holiday traditions and reflect the love of God.

  30. Labor Day Weekend by PamFord Davis  
    Happy Labor Day!


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