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  1. Happy Thanksgiving by Pam Ford Davis  
    "...let me introduce you to Thanksgiving in September."

  2. A Celebration of Freedom by Pam Ford Davis  
    "To Christians, every day is a celebration of freedom."

  3. Unabashed Patriotism by Pam Ford Davis  
    "Dad loved our nation, the military, and Independence Days of 'unabashed patriotism."

  4. Test by Michael Edwards  

  5. Star Spangled History by Abby Kelly  
    Very few people have heard, or remember the words to Francis Scott Key's fourth verse. It is a beautiful poem that reminds us that God is the giver of freedom, our protector and the one in whom we place our trust.

  6. test3 by Ike Silver  

  7. The Mighty Have Fallen by Pam Ford Davis  
    "Those who served in battle went more than the extra mile; many fought on 'far' distant shores."

  8. In Case You Just Forgot by louis gander  
    A cute, short Mother's Day poem.

  9. Cross My Heart and Hope to Live by Alan Allegra  
    I recently spoke at a luncheon on a very auspicious day: April 15. What comes to mind on that day? This year, it was Tax Day and Passover. It was also the anniversary of our home mortgage. In addition, it was between Good Friday and Easter. The message was an oratorical quilt, displaying the importance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ as the thread that ties these dates together.

  10. The After Holidays Blues by Pam Ford Davis  
    "It would be decidedly difficult to top the emotional highs of resurrection affirmation."

  11. Easter Celebration-God Is Not Done With You Yet! by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Who said your case is over and finished? It cannot be over until God is done with you or YOU say it is over. The problem is that many people give up when God is still at work with them. Beauty and glory will not be seen on you if you quit before God is finished with you. This article emphasizes the essence of Easter-the finished work of Christ

  12. Buzz, Buzz! by Pam Ford Davis  
    "God, in His infinite mercy, has removed the sting of death!"

  13. Short Term Memory by Pam Ford Davis  
    "Angelic messengers tested the memory of Jesus' disciples."

  14. Easter is for Remembering by Abby Kelly  
    Centuries later, in a quiet, upstairs room, Jesus and his disciples sat down to eat the Passover meal together and remember how God freed the Israelites. But, as Jesus broke the bread and poured the wine, He told the disciples something new...

  15. COUNT DOWN TO A NEW YEAR by Tesh Njokanma  
    Are you prepared for the New Year?

  16. Who Is This Child Jesus? by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Another season of celebrations have come, it is Christmas celebration time! It is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but then, who is this child Jesus Christ? Many people just love Xmas time but they don't really know the child that was born that precious day and why it is so important to keep remembering the day He was born, about 2000 years ago. This article aims at telling who this Jesus is.

  17. Lyrically Sound Message by Pam Ford Davis  
    "Too often, I mouth words of traditional Christmas hymns."

  18. Deity and Redeemer by Pam Ford Davis  
    Anna, a prophetess, worshiped her redeemer in the temple.

  19. The Brightest Light by louis gander  
    (Christmas poem on pride)

    So all the lights and ornaments,
    with all the tinsel too,
    continued with their arguments
    on who was besting who.

  20. No Cookies From Grandma by louis gander  
    No one was to blame but it wasn't the same
    without fireplace or a flickering flame.
    No stockings to see and no cider or tea,
    not even a little ol' Christmas tree.

  21. A Gift of Worship by Pam Ford Davis  
    "Our giving to him should be sincere, and given from hearts of thanksgiving, for all he has given to us."

  22. That Every Day Could be Like Christmas by Pam Ford Davis  
    "Not only youngsters wish that every day could be like Christmas."

  23. Overwhelmed Handmaid by Pam Ford Davis  
    "Words, as swift arrows fly across her clouded mind...."

  24. A Christmas Without Batteries by Pam Ford Davis  
    "As Christians, we depend upon a far greater power than disposable batteries."

  25. Christmas, In Silence by louis gander  
    The house now is lifeless with rooms plain and bare.
    Though silence is eerie, does anyone care?
    Remember, I do, we had it trimmed good -
    but corner's now empty where tree had once stood.

  26. Gift of Love by Pam Ford Davis  
    "God the father, gives the incomparable gift of love."

  27. Night Owls and Night Watchmen by Pam Ford Davis  
    Shepherds, watching over their flocks at night, became the first to share the story of Jesus' birth.

  28. Something Tugged Me by louis gander  
    In fresh-fallen snow at the end of the day
    were parallel tracks from a horse-driven sleigh -
    which led down the road to the center of town.
    I followed those tracks and I looked all around.

  29. Christmas Gift Tags by Pam Ford Davis  
    "God did not gift wrap blessings to Timothy, tag or tie them with bows."

  30. Mercy Christmas! by Pam Ford Davis  
    "Mercy might be precisely what they desire!"


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