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  1. Labor Day Weekend by PamFord Davis  
    Happy Labor Day!

  2. Dad's Day by PamFord Davis  
    Dadās day is coming.

    I will remember him and reminisce.

    Though no longer with us, Dad has never left my heart.

  3. Easter Celebration-The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ Is For Your Victory by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Is the resurrection of Jesus Christ worth celebrating this Easter celebration? Yes, more than you can imagine. It was a spiritual victory that affects everything that happens to you as a Christian spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. It is your victory over all oppression of the devil. This article enlightens you more on this victory.

  4. He's Not Dead by PamFord Davis  
    God the Son is not dead. Heās alive and well; seated at the right hand of the Father, He anticipates His promised return to earth.

  5. Your Prince Has Come by PamFord Davis  
    Apostle Peter knew Him intimately. He wanted others to know Him too, to receive Jesus as the Prince of 'life.'

  6. Pastor Chooses to Preach Late Valentine's Day Message by Greg Miller  
    A pastor decides to preach a post-Valentine's Day message.

  7. Valentine's Day is Couple's Favorite Holiday by Greg Miller  
    A couple's favorite holiday is Valentine's Day.

  8. For Christmas by PamFord Davis  
    What do you want for Christmas?

    What do you want?

  9. Prince of Peace by Donna Wittlif  
    Peace on Earth is found only in Christ.

  10. A Cajun Christmas Eve by Sim Lee  
    A look at the old Cajun Christmas Eve custom of using signal fires to observe the celebration of the birth of Christ each year.

  11. Christmas Without Christ? by Ngozi Nwoke  
    What is Christmas to you? Many people have different reasons for celebrating Christmas; including time for holiday, feasting, traveling, shopping and reunions. However, the main reason for the celebration is normally not remembered, it is now Christmas without Christ. This is very unfortunate and should be corrected in the minds and lives of Christians. This article encourages believers in Christ to focus more on Jesus during Christmas season since He is the reason for the celebration.

  12. The Journey Home by PamFord Davis  
    I can only speculate on the emotional state of the wise men.

    I donāt believe they experienced an emotional letdown; they had 'knelt down' in worship of the King of the Jews.

  13. Skunks Leave Den for Winter Treat by Greg Miller  
    A pair of skunks leave their den for a winter treat.

  14. Cannot Comprehend by PamFord Davis  
    Many still live in darkness and cannot comprehend; the Word became flesh.

  15. Waiting and Watching by PamFord Davis  
    Years later, many (like the woman at the well) were still waiting.

  16. Indeed, He Hath Done Great Things by PamFord Davis  
    Mary could not contain her exuberant joy. She magnified the LORD.

  17. A Stranger in the Manger by Alan Allegra  
    Studies show that the time of year that produces the most babies is summer, with August leading the way. Iām no expert, but I disagree with them. I believe the most prolific time for babies is the Christmas season. Babies appear everywhere: stores, malls, plazas, family rooms, schools, bars ā" you name it. They range from life-size to miniature, paper to plastic to cloth to ceramic, incandescent to inflatable. Some of these babies are brand-new, while some are hundreds of years old. All of them have the same parents, the same bed, and the same name.

  18. Beautiful Star of Bethlehem by Donna Wittlif  
    The star of Bethlehem epitomized Jesus bringing light into our sinful world.

  19. I Empathize With Mary by PamFord Davis  
    I empathize with Mary; she was young and advanced in pregnancy when she left her home in Nazareth.

    She gave birth in the distant town of Bethlehem (a distance of approximately 150 miles from Nazareth).

  20. Christmas Finale by PamFord Davis  
    I was so excited! I showed them my presents and described what I received.

    The shepherds shared good news news of the Saviorsā birth.

  21. Couple Helps Reporter Re-discover Misplaced Faith by Greg Miller  
    A couple helps a TV reporter re-discover his misplaced faith

  22. Losing Pine Needles by PamFord Davis  
    The sheets protected the hard wood floor, provided a place for our Christmas presents and they caught the pine needles that fell from the trees.

    I vaguely remember watering the Christmas trees; I do know that they required lots of water.

  23. Sing Along by PamFord Davis  
    Was I humming?

    Normally, I sing-along to Christmas carols.

    Have you listened to the words?

  24. Christmas is For Kids by PamFord Davis  
    Christmas is for kids.

    Likely youāve heard that before; maybe youāve been the purveyor of opinion.

  25. It's a Boy! by PamFord Davis  
    We had hoped for a boy but had to wait to find out if hopes would become reality. Mary and Joseph did not have to wait.

    āItās a boy!ā

  26. Illumination by PamFord Davis  
    Each light brightened a nearby Christmas tree branch. They worked in unison with other lights to illuminate the tree and to light up our home.

  27. His Throne by PamFord Davis  
    Itās Christmas and jingle bells are ringing.

    Jesus; He is LORD.

    Holy, Holy, Holy!

  28. Comin' and Goin' by PamFord Davis  
    Christmas is a cominā and we are a goin.ā

  29. Hay Ride by louis gander  
    You've never been on a real hay ride?
    Well, you're in luck!
    Hitch a ride on "Hay Ride"...

  30. Going Cold Turkey by PamFord Davis  
    Bravely, they decide to go it on their own and refuse assistance and medications.

    Trying to break the cycle of addiction they go cold turkey. After Thanksgiving, many will āeatā cold turkey.

    Weāll eat the celebration leftovers.


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