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  1. Redneck Love by louis gander  
    There in my driveway, we were stuck
    when she jumped out of my old truck.
    The rain had stopped but mud was deep.
    I warned her, it's not wise to leap.

  2. 10-Year-Old Feels Called to Preach by Greg Miller  
    A 10-year-old boy feels God has called him to preach.

  3. Pastor Cultivates Garden, Congregation by Greg Miller  
    A pastor has a two-fold passion: Cultivating his garden and his congregation!

  4. THE SHIP OF FOOLS IN A PERFECT STORM by Mariane Holbrook  
    Four fishing buddies caught in an Atlantic coast storm.

  5. One Man's Humorous Dream of Heaven by Sim Lee  
    A story about a heavenly and humorous circumstance.

  6. Mother Crow Knows by Sim Lee  
    A lesson from old Mother Crow on when to teach and when to watch.

  7. Don't Bug Me, I'm Worshiping! by L. Osmon  
    When an awkward moment during the worship service turned into a more awkward conversation about forgiveness.

  8. Retirement Tabloid by Peter Petroski  
    A humorous look at some of the changes we experience as we age. This could be an ongoing article if interested.

  9. A Picture of Self by Homer Les  
    God gave us a perfect example of the 'self' nature in our dog, Milo.

  10. God Abundantly Blesses Generous Couple by Greg Miller  
    A man and his wife are generous in their giving to the Lord, and the Lord blesses them very abundantly.

  11. Student Becomes Teacher for a Day by Greg Miller  
    A high school teacher allows her students to become teachers for a day.

  12. Pre-teen Class Hears the Story of Noah by Greg Miller  
    A pre-teen class listens to the story of Noah.

  13. Special Project Gets Students into the Spirit of Sharing by Greg Miller  
    A special project at a Christian elementary school gets students into the spirit of sharing.

  14. Dad and Young Son Discuss God's Vast Wisdom and Knowledge by Greg Miller  
    A father and his young son talk about the vast wisdom and knowledge of God.

  15. Couple Has Unique Way of Celebrating Birthdays by Greg Miller  
    A Christian couple has an unusual way of celebrating their birthdays.

  16. Pastor and Wife Evangelize the World by Greg Miller  
    A pastor and his wife evangelize the world.

  17. Teenager Becomes Excited about His Heavenly Mansion by Greg Miller  
    A teenager compares his earthly room to his heavenly mansion and becomes excited.

  18. Fishing With Father by Bob Valleau  
    Fishing with my father was a religious experience. In fact, he said he felt closer to God while fishing than he did while sitting in church.

  19. You Know Me Well by louis gander  
    A humorous poem about a poet...

    I pray to God
    but find it odd
    that rhyme's don't come to me.
    At any cost
    I am so lost.
    Is this just meant to be? (see more)

  20. Mom's Pumpkin Pie! by louis gander  

    It wasn't in the oven and
    the counter top was bare.
    With refrigerator empty,
    it wasn't anywhere!.
    Oh my my!
    Mom's pumpkin pie!

  21. Too Early, Too Late, Help by Richard L. Provencher  
    Growing a garden in a mining town in northern Quebec is extremely challenging. Rock and cold weather are not the best of friends. Now let's try developing one in southern Ontario, where the soil is rich and the weather is almost perfect. Right?

  22. Are You a "Closet" Perfectionist? by Marijo Phelps  
    Me? a perfectionist - have you seen my dusty house?

  23. PC-USA And UCC Revamp Hymnals by Jeffrey Hagan  
    Is the Church caving in to culture?

  24. Horses Teach Owners a Lesson by Greg Miller  
    Rodeo horses teach their owners a lesson.

  25. 2 LIGHT-HEARTED, SILLY, but poignant RHYMES FOR ADULTS! by linzy bruno  
    "IF it weren't for my GOD I'd still be nowhere; living my life upon a shelf...."

  26. A Person Who Wants Friends Must be Friendly by Greg Miller  
    A person who wants friends must be a friendly person.

  27. Rodent Community Expands Ministry by Greg Miller  
    A community of rodents expands its ministry to the community.

  28. Berries Hold Election at International Berry Convention by Greg Miller  
    Berries gather at a convention to elect a new international leader.

  29. Man Keeps New Year's Resolution and Defeats Satan in the Process by Greg Miller  
    A man keeps his New Year's resolution and beats up the devil in the process.

  30. Man's Dream of Being God Becomes a Nightmare by Greg Miller  
    A man's dreams of himself as God turn into nightmares.


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