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  1. The Amazing Simplicity of Faith by Dinora Garza  
    Faith is a simple thing. Yet, many of us think of it as a mysterious, complicated and hard to achieve spiritual level. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the amazing miracle of the lame man proves.

  2. Things to Remember About Spiritual Gifts and Experiences by Stephen Williamson  
    Should I believe what just happened to me? Five things to remember.

  3. He Showers Me by louis gander  
    Oh, how can I live sincere life
    when failed I, this exam?
    Oh, how can I live honest life
    when it is but a sham?
    And how can promise now be kept
    with water over dam?

  4. Divine Proof of God part 2 by Michael Gutwein  
    The end of a fascinating look at the Supernatural plan of God from the foundations of the world!!
    It proves, without argument, His Omniscience!

  5. Divine Proof of God part 1 by Michael Gutwein  
    This article is a bit long but I will assure the reader, if you read, all the way to the end, you will see God in a way that you've never seen Him before!
    He predestined every single day of our lives for His purpose and His Glory and this story shows you actual proof!

  6. A Feast of Summer 2 by Richard L. Provencher  
    God has created many miracles, and they stare us in the face each night. This poem acknowledges the beauty of His blessings.

  7. God Loves Animals by Greg Robbins  
    God created animals and he loves his creation. We should too.

  8. Angels from the Hood by Francie Snell  
    They were a frightful sight who had appeared out of nowhere, at just the right time, and with the perfect solution to my problem.

  9. Coin in the Fishes Mouth by Ethel Ashe-Frear  
    When I returned to the house, I checked my running time. I noticed my watch missing. A frown on my face, and a little confused, "How could that have happened?"

    Dashing into the house, slamming the screen door behind me, I nearly collided with Mom standing in the living room. "I seemed to have lost my watch somewhere."

  10. His Miracles by louis gander  
    If, on this paper, I could pen
    just one of God's creations, then,
    it'd prove to all, His mighty hand -
    His miracles on sea and land.

    But how can I take fish and bird -
    express their beauty in mere word?
    Or on my paper, what remains
    when grasping fragrance from spring rains?

    Into my words, do rainbows melt?
    Is, on my paper, sunshine felt?
    Can words expose a flower's bloom?
    Can page bring music to a room?

    (see more)

  11. Christ Our Rest Even In Stressful Times by Joseph LaValley  
    Do you want to see victory? Then you must learn what it is to rest in Christ, and respond to that completeness to see your victory.

  12. What to Look Out for by Sue Darling  
    We all need a miracle. A great many times we don't realise it is in our power because all new born again Christians can call on the name of Jesus. We all major in different gifts but, we all have most of them in vary forms I believe and one of them is self-deliverance. Having this gift changes your life.

  13. God Can Cause Us To Triumph In Tough Times by Joseph LaValley  
    All of us go through tough times. However God can and will cause us to triumph if we respond to His answer in Christ.

  14. In the Early Church How Often Did Christians Who Were Not Apostles Work Miracles? by Max Aplin  
    There are those who claim that in the early church only very occasionally did Christians who were not apostles work miracles. In fact, the Bible makes it clear that non-apostles worked many miracles. It is therefore wrong to argue that the absence of apostles today means that God does not want to use many Christians to work miracles in our time.

  15. God's Offered Grace Healed My Body and Soul by Joseph LaValley  
    Healed of heroin addiction. Healed of a damaged soul.

  16. Faith a Proper Response To a Loving God by Joseph LaValley  
    God's hand is not a clinched fist to be pried open by our spirituality. But rather it is an open extended hand of grace through Christ.

  17. That Miracle by David Holdsworth  
    Why is it taking so long? "The greater the vision the greater the warfare." (John Paul Jackson).

  18. Eight Mandatory Steps To Take After Receiving A Miracle. by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Miracles take place in the lives of people. Is that the end of journey? What steps need to be taken after receiving a miracle?

  19. Miracle at the Mall by Ethel Ashe-Frear  
    Went to get coffee with a friend, next thing I know its burning my leg. Then the miracle happened.

  20. What do you have? by Bolaji Olusola Timothy  
    What do you have

    We all often look beyond the nearest in search for solutions to the problems that tend to mess with us the most. The immediate is not often in the least of options we may consider while browsing for possible way out of challenges we find ourselves; we have the tendencies to look abroad while the God above is neglected, but that is where lasting help shall come from.

  21. Do These 3 Things While You Wait For Your Miracle by Pastor QT Nyathi  
    Waiting on the Lord is not cessation of activity.

  22. God Wants to Do More Miracles Today by Max Aplin  
    God is using miracles today to help build His church in number and strength. Christians in all parts of the world should be looking to Him to perform miracles, and should be open to being His instruments in miracle ministry.

  23. A Boy and a Christmas Mother by Richard L. Provencher  
    She was huddled on the sidewalk, with two bags. One contained clothes donated by a local church. The other held scraps of food, given from a friendly restaurant---leftovers.

  24. Obeyed? by louis gander  
    Another true story of farm life - 1934.

  25. Safe in Gods Arms by Steven Kielley  
    Sometimes we feel that secrets of our past our left best unsaid. But when God steps in and delivers us from our folly others need to hear so they might also have hope in their day of struggle.

  26. Thank You Jesus!!! by Elizabeth House  
    I never ever thought God would heal me but to my amazement His love and mercy which reached out and miraculously healed and alleviated all my pain.

  27. A Walked With Jesus by Bernard Brisson  
    I walked with Jesus is a True Story That my wife and I experenced in 1994 when she had a 6 way Heart Bypass.

  28. Evergreen Hope by louis gander  
    Then over the years through blizzards and fears
    rose doubts that had made me take pause,
    "It sure hadn't thrived but had it survived?
    Had it overcome nature's laws?"

  29. Why Doesn't God Perform Some Spectacular Miracle And Prove Himself? by marilyn adamson  
    God is capable of overwhelming us with his power, so we have no choice but to believe. Why doesn't he?

  30. The Fiery Furnace by louis gander  
    This he demands and this he requires -
    or you will be thrown in the hottest of fires.
    Well everyone bowed - got down on a knee -
    worshiping idols - except for these three...


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