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  1. A Boy and a Christmas Mother by Richard L. Provencher  
    She was huddled on the sidewalk, with two bags. One contained clothes donated by a local church. The other held scraps of food, given from a friendly restaurant---leftovers.

  2. Obeyed? by louis gander  
    Another true story of farm life - 1934.

  3. Safe in Gods Arms by Steven Kielley  
    Sometimes we feel that secrets of our past our left best unsaid. But when God steps in and delivers us from our folly others need to hear so they might also have hope in their day of struggle.

  4. Thank You Jesus!!! by Elizabeth House  
    I never ever thought God would heal me but to my amazement His love and mercy which reached out and miraculously healed and alleviated all my pain.

  5. A Walked With Jesus by Bernard Brisson  
    I walked with Jesus is a True Story That my wife and I experenced in 1994 when she had a 6 way Heart Bypass.

  6. Evergreen Hope by louis gander  
    Then over the years through blizzards and fears
    rose doubts that had made me take pause,
    "It sure hadn't thrived but had it survived?
    Had it overcome nature's laws?"

  7. Why Doesn't God Perform Some Spectacular Miracle And Prove Himself? by marilyn adamson  
    God is capable of overwhelming us with his power, so we have no choice but to believe. Why doesn't he?

  8. The Fiery Furnace by louis gander  
    This he demands and this he requires -
    or you will be thrown in the hottest of fires.
    Well everyone bowed - got down on a knee -
    worshiping idols - except for these three...

  9. Fruit of The Spirit by Jack Jones  
    A miracle that occurred with fruit in Cambodia

  10. Miracle Testimony of a Street Chaplain by Jack Jones  
    Miracle Testimony of a Street Chaplain

  11. Magic? by louis gander  
    Go look inside your magic hat.
    What goodies are inside?
    I know all things are possible,
    so please let me decide...

  12. Nature by Richard L. Provencher  

  13. THE LOVE OF THIE by sethabela l JACOB  

  14. More Than A Miracle by Thya Newman  
    A true story that happened in small town Ellijay, Ga. An animal rescue, A devastating tornado & a mostly happy ending...

  15. Blessings by louis gander  
    This sight, none can imagine,
    to peer beyond the skies -
    to view what can't be understand
    with selfish, simple eyes.

  16. Miracle Lightning Strike! by BILL HUNT  
    God's ways are wondrous: witness to a foreign visitor, protected in a lightning strike, and a new baby prophesied.

  17. A Little Boy's Exciting Miracle by BILL HUNT  
    Watch, as God answers the faith of a little seven-year-old boy!

  18. A Miracle Made From Mud by Shirley Carr  
    Just when you thought that you were in a dirty situation, who knew, you were being used for the Glory of God.

  19. Anointed Power of Holy Spirit by BILL HUNT  
    This true story shows the trans-denominational nature of God. The anointing power of the Holy Spirit is far more universal than the limitations of man.

  20. Life as it is... by Charmaine Austen-Dreyer  
    No matter how lost we are or dwelling in a valley so deep, where we have lost all hope, Jesus loves us unconditionally. He came to die for the lost. It is never too late to surrender all!

  21. Duck a Tornado With Prayer by BILL HUNT  
    I would have to say, the devil immediately threw at us a devastating tornado upon our arrival in Broken Arrow. The trial precedes the blessing.

  22. How to Buy a Car God's Way by BILL HUNT  
    In this true miracle story, God graciously selects the right car for our journey into Christian ministry. God provides for the way in which he points.

  23. Could this be Happening? by Chris Umeweni  
    When the hunter becomes the hunted....
    This is a true life story that will make you know distance is never a barrier with God.

  24. Welcome to the Future by Shirley Carr  
    Have you ever felt like the illegitimate child conceived by your past and present?

  25. I Believe In Miracles by Cindie York  
    With God, all things are possible. God is still in the miracle working business.

  26. Will I Live Again? by Sarah Thomas  
    Healing is on your way if you trust in His healing power and surrender your lives completely under His care!

  27. Dumplings for supper by Unami Magwenzi  
    Has the Lord ever invited you for supper? Well he invited me tonight!

  28. The Truck by Robert Kiser  
    God sometimes answers our prayers not only to help us, but also to show others that he is real and at work in our life.

  29. The Tree by Robert Kiser  
    I prayed for a tree to fall over.

  30. Better A Junkie than a Bundy by Marilyn Schnepp  
    From a knife at my throat to a gun at my head....YES! I believe in miracles!


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