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  1. Crafty Cat by Marijo Phelps  
    Who is he stalking now?

  2. Crazy Kitten by Marijo Phelps  
    Oh, ohhhhh....

  3. Tiny Tornado by Marijo Phelps  
    What would we do without our furry friends?

  4. The Most Amazing Cat Toy by Marijo Phelps  
    Children's Christmas story

  5. Almost Sep's Sup by Marijo Phelps  
    Children's short story - cats and dogs

  6. Sketch of Muffy revised by Marijo Phelps  
    Beloved kitty

  7. Sunday School Kitty by Marijo Phelps  
    Children's story about taking their kitty to Sunday School

  8. Poem About a Dog by Peter Menkin by Peter Menkin  
    Secular doggeral about the Guide Dog "Christmas" who served Jan Robitscher of Berkeley, California, a teacher at The School for Deacons in Berkeley, California. The "poem" tells of the end of "Christmas'" career, and her moving on to retirement with Carol Luther, a Priest in the Diocese of California (San Francisco Bay Area). This is a sad story in a way, but told here about the service and happy, warm relationship this dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind had with her mistress.

  9. Angels With Hooves by LaNaye Perkins  
    I stood there silently, surrounded by my equine friends who had become my ministering angels. It may sound odd, but I swear I felt God's love pouring out to me through them.

  10. A Discussion Between Casey and Helen by Helen Dowd  
    A friend asked me this question:
    "What is your opinion on whether or not you think animals go to heaven. I mean, I hear they don't have a soul. But they have such personality and they are so loving and smart. What is your take on this? I just would like to know if you know this answer."

    So with the help of one of my cats, I on

  11. Ask the Avian Expert by Betty Castleberry  
    Humorous advice given to new parrot owners from a fictional avian expert.

  12. Trophies And A Soft Mouth by Darlene Casino  
    Can an animal be born with a touch of larceny in his heart?

  13. Mommy's Boy by Jim Oates  
    This is a story about Billy, a lovable puppy who became a member of our family.
    We nearly lost him when he was an infant and although he was naughty at times, we just couldn't help loving him

  14. CATS I HAVE KNOWN essay by Richard L. Provencher  
    I began to understand the caring these felines had for humans.

  15. Restless Beauty by Donna Herman  
    This is an article about my cat Restless Beauty. It's an article about the taking care of a cat and the loyalty of a cat.

  16. Teaching the Teacher by Joanne Wilson  
    Do you shout to give instructions to your dog?
    Are you feeling frustrated and exhausted?
    Is there another way to communicate?

  17. Write Queen - Pets - Pt 2 by Freda Douglas  
    This time I am going to cover most of my space telling you about Muggs, my Boxer who among all my pets was the one I loved the most.

  18. Restful Companion by Joanne Wilson  
    Sharing time with our "Best Friends"
    It is a bonding of unconditional love

  19. Bubba by Angie Clayton  
    Joy, laughter and tears abound in a family's love affair with a mutt.

  20. Blessed Goodbye by LaNaye Perkins  
    Fancy whickered when Renea entered the barn. Praying, she asked the Lord to show her what to do in regard to her beloved mare.

  21. Yes, Life is Good! by LaNaye Perkins  
    She felt His presence before she ever saw the light enter her kennel at the dog pound. It was Him, Jesus was here! .........

  22. Vanished into the Night by LaNaye Perkins  
    By the second day she and her husband faced the heat and humidity of late August. Saddling up two of their best horses, they headed out into the forest that surrounded their farm.

  23. Life with Parrots by Betty Castleberry  
    A glimpse into the life of a parrot lover.

  24. David and Goliath: Who Won? by Dr. Kim Bloomer  
    Much is happening in the world today and we're certainly not leaving our pets out of the equation. In fact, they appear to be a focal point for what will most certainly be the precursor to the coming age of the one world order.

  25. Miracle Mom by Betty Castleberry  
    Does a mother's love transcend species? Read this true account of an aging dog and a new pup.

  26. Feline Instruction Manual--Chapter 6 by Jan Ackerson  
    Written from the point-of-view of a cat who gives instruction to younger cats--on how to gain control of one's human.


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