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  1. Onward Christian Soldiers by Don Pedal  
    Do you have the feeling that we, as a nation, are adrift in a sea of confusion and despair? I have good news for you. The way to make a difference has been there all the time!

  2. Days of Old by Pam Ford Davis  
    Currently, writers of textbooks are excluding the majority of this historical fact."

  3. THE WORLD IS IN A MESS. by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    In broad daylight, in front of the cameras, an innocent America is beheaded right before our eyes. This world is truly in a mess and believers need to get involved.

  4. What is the Name of that Religion? by Ramona Cook  
    I cannot find the Name of the Religion that is trying to judicially remake my own religion.

  5. Advantaged? by Ramona Cook  
    It's useless to try to hide from God; plans made by man are never secret, though we may think they are: it's really kind of silly to challenge God to spar.

  6. Abortion and How We Got Sidetracked by Stephen Williamson  
    How we have made the abortion question more difficult and convoluted than it needs to be.

  7. Separation of Sect and State 2 by Stephen Williamson  
    A philosophical look at the First Amendment, including what its drafters wanted, and what it is doing to us.

  8. In the Know by louis gander  
    I'd like to live more positive with poems optimistic,
    but I'm the fool they've treated cruel and they all make me sick.
    Their lobbyists just can't resist to bribe them flush with dough.
    The rest of us don't make a fuss. We work, yet owe and owe.

  9. Our Constitution Stands by louis gander  
    Support, we do, each other here.
    We never fight alone,
    on nation's firm foundation,
    which God has laid in stone.

  10. Forced Universal Healthcare by Stanley Davis  
    Healthcare is a problem, but Obama has no real solution.

  11. Government Control by Stanley Davis  
    This country is in turmoil and what we need is a revised version of Reaganomics.

  12. Ichabod by Stanley Davis  
    We as a nation need to come back to Christ, the warning is clear, but you have to open your heart to see with your eyes.

  13. The Angry White Man by Stanley Davis  
    The truth is, we are moving further away from God as a country and this is one real example why.

  14. A Good President by Stanley Davis  
    With all the main stream media focusing on everything but truth, maybe we can find some answers about who Obama is or is not. "Revised"

  15. You Asked For It by Pam Ford Davis  
    "History not only repeats itself; it serves as a warning."

    Nigeria, my country, celebrates her 53rd independence anniversary. Celebrate with Nigerians like me with this poem of prayer

  17. Religious Liberty in the Public Square by Ramona Cook  
    Relax. If your truth is solid, nothing can erase it.

  18. Miasma by Sheriena McEvers  
    Little by little the culture is changing. Step by step it has been changing for many years. Each time there was a little change we said, "Well, that is not so bad. We can live with that."

  19. BE AWARE / WISDOM WORDS by Ramona Cook  
    "Our social life is not subject to laws" we want to believe; that is not true. The laws of our Land and God's Laws draw boundaries all around us. It is best to consider God's Laws, whatever the law of the land may allow.

  20. TERMITES! by louis gander  
    "Hey, we will tax small businesses and little grandmas too -
    and we will tax your neighbor and we'll give it all to you."
    said he, the tiny termite in intimidating clothes -
    but I was none the wiser and- that's how this story goes.

  21. Separation of Sect and State by Stephen Williamson  
    Do our countries have the right approach to managing religion?

  22. THE POT AND THE KETTLE by Ramona Cook  
    Pot or Kettle? They look a little different but in fact both are the same sort of items.

  23. FOR WHAT PURPOSE by Ramona Cook  
    When unusual things occur, we ask ourselves, "Why?" Inquiring minds then formulate possibilities.

  24. If You Love the U.S. by Ron Quinlan  
    Now that the perpetuators have been killed or captured is there anything we need to do about the events in Boston on Patriots' Day? Should we just forget about it, put it in the past and continue with our lives or is there more we should be doing.

  25. Saving Religion on Campus by Hannah Tharayil  
    Many changes are thrust upon someone who goes off to college. First, the distance away from home and parents gives students a freedom they are often not used to having. For me personally, all of a sudden I was in control of my own religious destiny, and I was not sure what to do with that control.All the focus spent on classwork, extracurricular activities, work, and volunteering pushes religion way down to the bottom of students' list of priorities. Another big issue that really contributes to the problem is the social aspect of college. Students spend so much time and focus on partying and making friends that they forget about religion.

  26. On Timbered Tree by louis gander  
    It had begun. The truth was spun.
    Some laws were 'redefined'.
    They had an itch to bail the rich
    but leave us poor behind.

  27. A letter to the NRA by Robert Randle  
    There is no simple answer to curb the escalating gun violence in America. While it is not practical for the federal government to confiscate every citizen's guns, yet the reliance upon Second Amendment rights as a sacred mantra is not the answer either. In fact, the circumstances that gave birth to such a constitutional provision doesn't easily fit into American society of the twenty first century.

  28. A Leaf by louis gander  
    But oh, alas! It came to pass
    that it was not of me!
    With legal tools, they changed the rules -
    then yanked me from that tree.

  29. Barack Obama's 2013 State of the Union speech by Robert Randle  
    On Tuesday, February 12, 2013 President Obama gave his State of the Union address before the joint chamber of Congress as mandated under the U.S. Constitutiion. The speech consisted a little bit of something borrowed and something new and touched on all the major themes of his presidency in the last two terms, for the most part.

  30. The plain truth about jobs numbers and economic recovery by Robert Randle  
    There is a sort of nostalgia for the supposed 'good old days' under former president Bill Clinton when we were awash with an abundance of good jobs, but is this credit given to him somewhat exaggerated? Both Clinton and G.W. Bush's economic policies created more jobs in their second term as opposed to their first four years, so there is not as significant a difference as one might think.


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