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  1. Our Path by Sue Darling  
    Explaining a few things about wearing medals and things the correct way that does honour God. Explain a few more things about the Catholic way of doing things. Mostly about prayer.

  2. Complete Surrender to God by Sue Darling  
    I believe we need some help about asking God not to let us be deceived by all the false prophets out there and we need to trust God more, because as times goes on we will have to learn to pray even more earnestly to survive.

  3. God Loves Us Using Our Imaginations by Sue Darling  
    Experiment with the different ways of praying it can be so much fun. And you get to know God in so many different ways.

  4. Daily Prayers by Sue Darling  
    These are some prayers that I have collected over the years that saints received from Jesus over the centuries and one in particular prayer asking for St. Josephs intersession was found in 50 AD. So it backs up the belief of communion of saints are acceptable to God. The people who knew Jesus and St. Joseph were not doubt said this prayer.

  5. Some of my Prayers by Sue Darling  
    One of my favourite way of saying prayers is using the rosary beads and repeat a prayer over and over again. It often comforts me when I pray like that.

  6. A Prayer for Protection for Your Home by Sue Darling  
    This prayer I say every day. Asking the angles and saints to protect me and my animals and home etc. There is some information why I believe in the communion of saints.

  7. Praying the Scriptures Luke 4&6 by Tai Ikomi  
    The Bible was written within human context and for him to know the mind of God on various subjects.
    This article will help you to pray the mind of God for your life based on Luke chapters 4 and 6. Knowing what to pray for elevates your faith and helps you to harvest God's blessings into your life.

  8. Praying the Scriptures Luke 1 - 3 by Tai Ikomi  
    The Bible is filled with potential prayers that we can garnish for our prayer life. God wants us to come boldly with His Word before His Throne of Grace.

  9. 3 Effects of Prayer On Forgiveness by Tai Ikomi  
    Pray for your enemies? Who prays for their enemies? Only those who have forgiven them can do that! Praying is a great gauge of our forgiveness or the lack thereof. Praying for those who have offended us can be a great litmus test on three levels.

  10. Eyes on the Prize by Nicholas Lewis  
    What should be the biggest requests and intercessions we make? Maybe it should be for the things that last such as the lost people in our own lives.

  11. Melody of Love by Cindy Tuttle  
    I reflect on living faith as a melody and dance of love.

  12. Aria of God by Cindy Tuttle  
    This is my morning prayer today.You can also hear my song on

  13. Praying Scriptures Genesis 1 - 3 by Tai Ikomi  
    The Bible was written within human context and for him to know the mind of God on various subjects.
    This article will help you to pray the mind of God for your life based on Genesis 1-3. Knowing what to pray for elevates your faith and helps you to harvest God's blessings into your life.

  14. Pray for yourself by Michael Hume  
    We need to pray for ourselves now and then, if not daily.

  15. Night Prayer by Cindy Tuttle  
    A soothing night prayer.

  16. Morning Prayer by Cindy Tuttle  
    A morning prayer or for anytime.

  17. How To Prevail In Prayer To Receive Answered Prayers by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Only those who prevail in prayers prevail in life and only those who travail ever prevail in the altar of prayers. Prevailing prayers require that you engage your entire being in prayers. It is a process of invoking divine intervention in prayers

  18. What Is Prayer Altar? (Part Two) by Ngozi Nwoke  
    How long you stay in God's presence determines the results you get. The prayer altar enables you to dwell in the Lord's presence and enjoy the wonders of His presence. It is the express access to all that God can ever give to man. This article gives the benefits of altar of prayer

  19. What Is Prayer Altar? by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Prayer is a must if you are to live a victorious life. God is calling people to build prayer altars in their lives. God is looking for a man who will stand in the gap that evil will not befall men. An understanding of what to expect when you rightly build a prayer altar will energize you to do so.

  20. THE GARDENER by Ramona Cook  
    Work, as we may with our piece of clay, it is really the Lord, by the power of His Word that develops in us goodness and beauty.

  21. Abba by David Holdsworth  
    A different sort of Father.

    There is time for everything say the Scriptures. There is time for specific miracle for your life. Discover it is more valuable

  23. Love by David Holdsworth  
    Love. That splendid word.

  24. Prayer Journalling to Stay Faithful by Cate Russell-Cole  
    Prayer is one of the aspects of the Christian life that everyone struggles with! Try using a prayer journal to stay on track. A free prayer journal workshop ebook is available.

  25. The Power of Praying the Psalms by Cate Russell-Cole  
    In Judaism, praying the Psalms during times of trouble or grief is a standard practice. Here is why it is an incredibly powerful idea.

  26. THE BATTLEFIELD by Tesh Njokanma  
    Satan is no match for your God. All you need to do is keep connecting with your God in the place of prayer and He will take over the battles of your life.

  27. The Epaphras Pattern For Intercession by Rev. Dr. R. B. Silverson  
    A beautiful formula for every intercessor to emulate. Every intercessor will benefit from these key lessons.

    If we really love one another we will do want to do what we can to help. A great many people are in great need and Christians martyrs are one of them.

    A prayer for forgiveness and a better understanding of God's love and forgiveness.

  30. A SWEET SMELLING FRAGRANCE by Tesh Njokanma  
    Has your prayer altar been broken down? Has it been damaged? Does it give out a stench or is the fragrance of Christ all over it?


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