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  1. A Prayer that will draw the heart of God by Trudy Belle  
    Prayer is a beautiful gift, let us use it often and move the heart of God

  2. Are you needy of Prayer? by Trudy Belle  
    This is a prayer that came to me to pray for anyone in need. If that is you, come, let us go to God together, believing He will hear us

  3. O God I trust in You by Trudy Belle  
    Are you finding it hard to cope, broken, lost, hurting? Do you find it hard to pray? Then please make this prayer your own or change it as you are led by God's Spirit. Be honest in your cry to our Lord and Father, He loves you and will hear you

  4. Pray Without A Doubt by Sonja Mattison  
    Through prayer ‚anything is possible,‚ so pray with confidence, and realize that there is no reason to doubt anything that has been conveyed to the Heavenly Father.

  5. #nuclearban by David Holdsworth  
    Pray for peace!

  6. Seek peace and pursue it by David Holdsworth  
    "Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it."¬Psalm 34:14 (KJV)

  7. Almighty God - Giver of Strength by David Holdsworth  
    Psalm 93:1
    The Lord reigneth, he is clothed with majesty; the Lord is clothed with strength, wherewith he hath girded himself: the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved.
    King James Version (KJV)
    Public Domain

  8. The Peace of Salvation by David Holdsworth  
    Read Romans 5:1 - 11

  9. Face to Face by David Holdsworth  
    Heavenly Father, thank you that we can come direct to you through Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

  10. Son of Love by David Holdsworth  
    God of Love,
    Thank you that you are love itself.

  11. A Prayer To Our Heavenly Father by Tesse Wilson  
    Daily let us come to the throne of grace. We are in need of it. Let us first be thankful because there is nothing we can do to earn it.

  12. Getting the Balance between Expecting Too Little and Too Much from Prayer by Max Aplin  
    Christians should be going to God often in prayer to boldly claim things in faith. Sadly, there are many who make little effort to do this. We can expect some failures when we attempt to claim things in faith. When Christians have unrealistically high expectations of what is possible, this can lead to great discouragement. We should all try to get a good biblical balance in this area.

  13. Please Pray For The Christians And Evangelists In India by Sim Lee  
    Government of India announces it will stop all Evangelism within its borders within five years.

  14. Goodness Unleashed by Dinora Garza  
    Oh, that we could contemplate the heart of Jesus as we approach Him, that we could see in Him what the leper saw. How many blessings would be at our disposal.

  15. The Prayer For Peace In The Middle East by lareina morgan  
    we must pray for our brothers and sisters in the middle east please repeat this prayer often

  16. Every Christian Should Be a Prayer Information Hub by Max Aplin  
    The Bible encourages us to be often giving and receiving information about how we can best pray for each other. We should all get into the habit of doing this.

  17. Prayer For The Coming Of Spring by lareina morgan  
    I pray for the coming of spring I wait patiently for its coming and the coming awakening that God will bring this year

  18. Doubt, Temptation and Faith by Sonja Mattison  
    Summary: Doubt is a form of temptation. It separates us from the Lord. Any time we doubt we are losing the faith. So, we must be strong in our faith constantly and not succumb to doubt.

  19. What Jesus Did for Me by Sue Darling  
    This is a meditation piece. I wrote it for myself than thought others might want to use it to really try to look at how closely Jesus loves each and every one individual.

  20. Forgivenss by Sue Darling  
    I watched a YouTube show that got me thinking seriously about people I haven't forgiven that well and wrote out a list and prayed for each one of them the Sacred Heart Prayer that I made up from somebodies else's prayer.

  21. Gives this Ago by Sue Darling  
    I have tried this method of prayer, declaring different names of God and then the request.

  22. In Your Image by louis gander  
    If I could start all over Lord...

  23. Prayer of Repentance and Complete Trust by Sue Darling  
    This prayer has been popular in the past so I thought I would repost it for those who will receive some comfort in it.

  24. Daily Prayers by Sue Darling  
    Prayers that might help you.

  25. Christ's Disciples in Prayer by Francisco Cruz Navarette  
    Prayers of the early church in the Book of Acts and their significance to present-day believers

  26. PRAYER FOR SLEEP by linzy bruno  
    Now that I am in late menopause, sleep has become a huge challenge, therefore, I wrote this prayer. I thought it may be beneficial to share, as I know I am not alone in this problem: "....and thereby accomplish ALL You have for me to do...."

  27. Praying the Scriptures Luke 4&6 by Tai Ikomi  
    The Bible was written within human context and for him to know the mind of God on various subjects.
    This article will help you to pray the mind of God for your life based on Luke chapters 4 and 6. Knowing what to pray for elevates your faith and helps you to harvest God's blessings into your life.

  28. Praying the Scriptures Luke 1 - 3 by Tai Ikomi  
    The Bible is filled with potential prayers that we can garnish for our prayer life. God wants us to come boldly with His Word before His Throne of Grace.

  29. 3 Effects of Prayer On Forgiveness by Tai Ikomi  
    Pray for your enemies? Who prays for their enemies? Only those who have forgiven them can do that! Praying is a great gauge of our forgiveness or the lack thereof. Praying for those who have offended us can be a great litmus test on three levels.

  30. Eyes on the Prize by Nicholas Lewis  
    What should be the biggest requests and intercessions we make? Maybe it should be for the things that last such as the lost people in our own lives.


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