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  1. A SWEET SMELLING FRAGRANCE by Tesh Njokanma  
    Has your prayer altar been broken down? Has it been damaged? Does it give out a stench or is the fragrance of Christ all over it?

  2. Establishing a Family Altar by Tesh Njokanma  
    Private or personal devotion is great, but it can't take the place of family devotion.

  3. It Is Finished! by Olawale Ogunsola  
    When Jesus said "It Is Finished." on the cross, do you believe He had finished the required work to redeem mankind? So He will finish what He is doing about your life.

    When we lose our hunger for Jesus, we have actually lost our source of drawing closer to Him and growing stronger in Him.
    We would stop progressing and advancing in our walk with Him.

  5. Is Prayer Over? Four Things Next. by Olawale Ogunsola  
    The Lord answers prayers. Have taken your time to ask yourself "What do I do after I have prayed?" Consider these four things.

    "The coming and richly dwelling of the Holy Spirit, that great and sweet Comforter of God is the hope of the Church's relevance on earth. To this end we pray with burden. And right now, the Church needs revival, the Great awakening that she slumbers no more.
    O Come Spirit, Great and Holy! Come and make the dead alive.
    O come, and Your Church revive

  7. Help with my acting career by Temitope Owosela  
    Asking God to please help me with my acting career. Timing is essential

  8. Some Thoughts on Prayer by Irvin Boudreaux  
    A few thoughts on the Lord's Prayer

  9. A Worthy Prayer by Abby Kelly  
    God doesn't need His ego stroked. He does not bend His ear to earth because we are radically devoted to Him. God bends low to hear us because of His love for us, his unwarranted, unprecedented, deadly, life-giving love.

    "Nothing moves the hand of God like the love of God."

  10. The Importance of Prayers In Maintaining Your Peace Of Mind by Ngozi Nwoke  
    The role of prayers in securing and maintaining your peace cannot be over-emphasized. A life without prayers is one full of troubles and that will soon be terminated. A prayerful person knows better not to play with his prayer time since experience has taught him that he rules over the devil on his knees. This article emphasizes the importance of prayer in maintaining your peace of mind.

  11. When You Don't Know What To Say by Abby Kelly  
    Most of the time, true to my female gender, I'm quite well supplied with things to say. However, there are those moments in prayer when I'm uncomfortably tongue-tied.

    Inappropriate behaviour can spring out of any of us when put under immense pressure or tempted. This adapted Psalm shows how to deal with it before or after we act inappropriately.

  13. A MOTHER'S PLEA by linzy bruno  
    ...please heal my beloved son.....

  14. Last Prayer by Jan Hughes  
    If you were in your last moments before death, with an unsaved friend by your side, what would be your last prayer? Would you pray for the truth of Jesus Christ to be revealed to your friend?

  15. The Unanswered prayers of a 10 year old by Jennifer Cardinal  
    Why God does not answer our prayers

  16. An Intimate Walk With God In 2014 by Tesh Njokanma  
    Are you a bossom friend of God or a mere acquaintance?

  17. It's Time To Pray by Irma Green  
    Pray this prayer in the power and authority God has given you.

  18. When you talk to God tell Him I said Hi by Jennifer Cardinal  
    Don't leave a message for God, talk to him personally.

  19. Every Christian Should Be a Prayer Information Hub by Max Aplin  
    The Bible encourages us to be frequently giving and receiving information about how we can best pray for each other. Let us all get into the habit of doing this.

  20. The Forgotten Prayer - Part 2 by Deborah Brunt  
    We who call God "Father" have the greatest ability to honor his name - and the greatest ability to trash it. What does God do when his children do not hallow, but rather profane, his name?

  21. The Forgotten Prayer - Part 1 by Deborah Brunt  
    The petition we have forgotten - but Jesus said to pray first - unlocks an entire kingdom our Father has prepared for his own.

  22. Praying for God - Part 2 by Deborah Brunt  
    Long before Jesus walked the earth, King Asa of Judah demonstrated the kind of praying Jesus taught in the Lord's Prayer. Facing a dire situation, Asa prayed to God, for God.

  23. Praying for God - Part 1 by Deborah Brunt  
    In the Lord's Prayer, Jesus teaches us key petitions to pray for people. But first, he teaches us key petitions to pray for God.

  24. An Alphabetical Prayer For A New School Year by Kim Hubbard  
    An alphabetical list of ideas for praying for the students and teachers as a new school year begins.

  25. What Does the Bible Teach About Praying For The Unsaved? by Angeline Williams  
    We all desire to see our loved ones come to know Jesus and be saved. God already made salvation available to everyone who will accept it. How should we pray for them?

  26. God answers prayer by Michael Hume  
    God answers when we pray. If we don't pray, He may not act at all.

  27. Just because by Andrea Ogunba  
    Just because you prayed, you thought everything would suddenly change

    Just because you declared the word once, twice, or even thrice

  28. I miss my time with you by Andrea Ogunba  
    Sheila stared impatiently at the car in front of her.

    The intersection was busy and it seemed like it was taking forever for the lights to turn green. She only had a few minutes to pick the kids up, drop them off with the baby sitter and head back to work. 'I should never have turned off at this exit; Exit 9 wouldn't have been this busy'.

  29. My House Shall be Called The "House of Prayer" for All Nations! by Margaret (Peggy) Kannaday (Henderson)  
    Learning how to pray the Korean way.

  30. 2 of 2 ... Sure Source of Hope ... 4/28/2013 by Angela Doreathy Watkins  
    The apostle Paul instructions and prayer for the Christians of Thessalonica. The apostle Paul instruction to Titus concerning things he should teach, and not teach.


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