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  1. The Fig Tree by Dean Mudenda  
    The fig tree has a variety of uses and is also one of the most commonly referenced trees in Scripture. Its fruit the fig, is prized in many cultures and is added to various delicious dishes. This article looks at some of these applications and also parables, riddles and prophecies associated with "the Queen of Trees."

    THE SAME SYMBOL OF A WOMAN BRINGING FORTH A 'MESSIAH' IS USED BY BOTH OPPOSING SIDES. To some it represents the intervention of God to save humanity from evil. To the Luciferians, a very similar symbol, represents the intervention of Satan to produce the Antichrist and to perpetuate forever institutionalized cruelty and injustice.
    There seem to be interesting similarities between the "modern" apparitions and some very ancient religious traditions. PART ONE.

  3. A Calling to the Prophets - "Come Out"! Concerning World Events by Rochelle Arnold  
    The latest prophetic word from the Field Prophet.

  4. It Is Not God's Will for There to Be Another Jerusalem Temple by Max Aplin  
    There are many Christians today who think that the Bible prophesies the existence of another literal temple in Jerusalem. Some are even trying to cause this temple to be built. However, Scripture does not teach that there will be another literal temple. Encouraging Jews to rebuild the temple is to point them towards the Old Testament sacrifices that cannot take away sins. Like Gentiles, Jews need faith in Jesus for salvation.

  5. I am the LORD that healeth thee by Jacky Julyan  
    Truly the FEAR of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.

  6. Corporate Word for America by Rochelle Arnold  
    Speak Prophet...Speak!
    Do not be surprised at the quickness that has brought forth this time.
    For I have spoken upon it in ages past. Two have come to the birth canal...such a struggle has not man's eyes seen. Blood will be spilled, ...this for the blood that was already spilled.
    And while the usurper seeks to steal the blessing, his hand will withdraw bound in blood.
    Righteousness will breech, stepping upon the head of the second.

  7. DELIVER US lORD by Bruce McKerras  
    The Lord will save His people after He destroys His enemies.

  8. True Prophecies Come To Pass by Olawale Ogunsola  
    True Prophecies come to pass at the appointed time. Many have been fulfilled, many are coming to pass and others are yet to be fulfilled.

  9. APPARITIONS OF WOMAN WITH CHILD? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Giants, Naphalim, Raphalim refers to the genetic offspring of Fallen Angels, Sons of God turned against God, Demons producing hybrid offspring with human women. They have been judged, have neither resurrection nor salvation. Look it up but use King James Bible. All modern Bible versions have been altered by these devil worshipping heroes. The very word GIANTS has been deleted. FOLLY has been rendered meaningless. Why do they change the Bible? Could somebody be strongly preventing YOUR access to essential information?

    WHAT IS MISSING IS THE "PARADIGM SHIFT", MAN BECOMING "GOD", THE "GENETIC QUANTUM LEAP" so hotly expected by all Masonry, Illuminati, Rosicrucian circles and "New Age", using their current terminology. It has indeed happened before the flood, in the day of Noah. Today it is still manifestly missing. According to these brotherhoods this is a great secret. But the Bible explains this "secret" freely to all interested.

    Many claim that the rupture is imminent, that all prophesies preceding it have been completed.


  12. Four Questions For Modern Prophets by Anthony Weber  
    If you believe the gift of prophecy is legitimately exercised today, you should be concerned that most of what is labeled 'prophecy' today does not reflect a biblical position.

  13. Words of Encouragement for 2016: Rebuild, Restore and Refined by stephanie reck  
    Begin speaking life over yourself. It is okay to hope and dream again. You are seeing that this year is starting off differently than last year. Last year you conquered many "giants", fears and worked on being victorious over your thought life and circumstances.

  14. Unholy Seraphim and Cherub the Final Deception by Roy Francois  
    Lucifer's counterfeit return of Christ would have to be one spectacular event to fool even Christians. It will so resemble the real that Lucifer even fill the skies his angels; fallen cherub and seraphim; The Final Deception!

  15. Backsliding Pastor Return to Your First Love by Tesse Wilson  
    An appeal from your Master! His hand of mercy and grace is extended to help you from slipping further

  16. Thunder - Concerning World Events by Rochelle Arnold  
    Soon ...oh so very soon there will come a great and mighty wind and I will thunder...and you will know that I am God and that I am sovereign. The time is come that many things will pass before your eyes and I shall show you the meaning and the timing of these days. The onslaught planned against My people is unprecedented, yet my grace and power shall overcome. Be watchful for the storm clouds and heed My voice as I thunder over My enemies...terror and panic shall envelope them.

  17. Time is Getting Closer by Sue Darling  
    Urgency is in the air, can you feel it. I know Jesus is coming, and I know He is coming like a thief in the night. I believe we must try to be ready from now on. If we humble before Him we will make it.

  18. Do the Seven Churches of Revelation bear any contemporary significance? by Martin De Beer  
    Do the seven letters in the book of Revelation bear any significant meaning to contemporary Christians? Are they worth reading, at all?

  19. Should Christians read the Revelation? by Martin De Beer  
    Does the book of Revelation provide any advantage or benefit to contemporary Christians? Is it actually worth reading?

  20. Who were the Nicolaitans? by Martin De Beer  
    Who were the Nicolaitans and do they still exist? Do etymology, Scripture and commentaries by Biblical scholars assist in identifying this sect, their teachings and deeds? If they are significant at all, why are they only mentioned twice and that in the last book of the Bible, the Revelation?

  21. Where's Your Priorities? by Paul Taylor  
    A synopsis of todays Christian and the final days of Earths History

    What still remains missing of end-time prophecy is DANIELS TEN TOES KINGDOM and the third and final appearance of a mingled humanity, as SATANIC HYBRIDS.
    The Apocalypse consists of only seven years, and only the last three and a half years will contain practically all the action. You cannot construct an Empire or grow Satanic Hybrids in three and a half years. These events have to be in place and functioning BEFORE the mid-tribulation.

    "They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds." - Mexican Proverbs

  24. As It Was In Noah's Day by Dr. Timothy Hoflund  
    A comparative look at the conditions of our contemporary world to the conditions of the world at the time of Noah in light Christ's prophetic warning.

  25. New Beginnings-Change is on the Horizon by stephanie reck  
    For many, you are sensing a change coming, but not sure exactly what that change is. Some things in your life that has not produced fruit and life are being cut away now. This can be a bit scary, removing the comforts in your life, but it is only to make room for what lies ahead. Some things in your life no longer serve a purpose like they once did. Be obedient to what God is showing you to let go

  26. Kingdom reign by julie clark  
    Kingdom reign, kingdom reign
    Jesus is reigning from His kingdom above
    Don't look to the world to bring his reign in
    King Jesus will come and take us home

  27. Christians, Be Prepared for Great Sightings of UFOs by Pappa Joseph  
    The greatest impact of the acknowledgement of UFO existence is on religion. And the major religions are coming to grips with the reality of alien life.

  28. Bible Codes Real or Fake? by Ethel Ashe-Frear  
    Years ago, my Mom sent me a newspaper article written about Eliyahu Rips and Doron Witztum. These two well-known mathematicians using a computer program in 1994 discovered codes in the Hebrew letters of the Old Testament events that already happened in our lifetime written into the Bible 3000 years ago.

    "What kind of make-believe stuff was that?" I thought to myself. I placed the news clipping in my strange information file.

  29. Judgment Coming a Nuclear Holocaust? by Ethel Ashe-Frear  
    From my own lack of 'knowledge and understanding' I did not realize that the holocaust to come is a judgment on America. I finished reading the book by Jonathan Cahn, "The Harbinger" in two days. I now knew for sure.

    Morality in America is at an all time low. Can we honestly say that? Sure, just take a look at what's in the movies, on our television and how many folks disregard God's commandments. Immorality is the name of the game.

  30. Signs of the Return of Christ by Richard McCaw  
    Christ prophesied about spiritual decline, technological advances, worldwide disasters, national conflicts, chaos and lawlessness in the last days, and the restoration of Israel to the Promised Land.These signs help everyone to be prepared for His return.


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