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  1. The Line is Drawn by jacky julyan  
    The line has been drawn in the sand. My distinction of what is holy is set, it has always been set from the foundation of the world.

  2. My Love My Bride by jacky julyan  
    The time is short

    I love you

    I long to hear from you


  3. My Love My Bride by jacky julyan  
    The time is short

    I love you

    I long to hear from you


  4. Persecution by jacky julyan  
    Persecution is just starting, all peoples shall be scattered in different directions. The True Church of Jesus Christ will come together in suffering.

  5. I am Your Strength by jacky julyan  
    I did not choose you because you are strong. I did not choose you because you are wise. I chose you because I love you. I chose you before the foundation of the world. I chose you because I decided in my heart that you are the one to bring honor to My Name, My Glory, My Mercy, My Grace.

    This article shows that the Prophet Joel had the same vision as Prophet John. However they are slightly different due to them both having different views of the said event. Joel received his vision whilst being upon the earth and therefore seeing it from a ground level point of view, whilst John was shown the very same event but from above.

  7. Christ And The Feasts of Israel - Part One by Sim Lee  
    A look at how Christ has fulfilled the first four Feasts of Israel.

  8. Christ And The Feasts Of Israel - Part Two by Sim Lee  
    A look at how Christ will fulfill the last three Feasts of Israel.

  9. Time to Wake Up! by Kerryn Jones  
    Revival is coming! God is calling His church to wake up and get serious about Him. God is preparing His church for revival. We need to stop hiding in our comfortable place we have created in the world. This next revival is going to be the Final Harvest before Jesus comes back!

  10. ETERNAL VISION‚"DAYS OF TRAVAILS by Samuel Akinola  
    The Great Wedding feast is coming. the Lord of Host will sup with His saints. Blessed are those that will partake in the feast!

  11. Does God Speak through Dreams Today? by Max Aplin  
    There are good reasons to believe that God speaks through dreams today. The Bible most naturally suggests that He chooses to speak in this way throughout the Christian era. And there is plausible testimony from Christians who claim to have had a revelation in a dream.

  12. Is It True That Every Genuine Prophecy Has Become Part of the Bible? by Max Aplin  
    Some Christians claim that every genuine prophecy that God has ever given has become part of the Bible, whether explicitly or implicitly. And they say that this means that He does not give the gift of prophecy today. However, it is a big mistake to think that every prophecy has become part of the Bible.

  13. Calamity Calamity Calamity by jacky julyan  
    I tell you the truth the countdown of My appearing is DAYS not weeks!

    Behold! I am coming soon and I say who can stand My Wrath?

  14. Prepare ye the way of the LORD by jacky julyan  
    The Day is at hand
    The night is closing in
    Repent ....repent....repent...

  15. Does Ephesians 2:19-20 Prove That God No Longer Gives the Gift of Prophecy? by Max Aplin  
    Ephesians 2:19-20 is a passage that is often said to prove that God no longer gives Christians the gift of prophecy. However, there are several reasons why it fails to prove this.

  16. The Future of Norway - One Woman's Prophesy by Sim Lee  
    A distrubing look at Norway's future through the eyes and prophesy of a ninety year old woman.

    Read the 6th chapter of Revelations carefully. It appears to cover a time period from inception of Catholicism (4th century AD) to the casting of demons (stars) unto the Earth, followed by the Lords Day. The result is an entirely different timing for RAPTURE.

  18. Beware of Interpreting Bible Prophecies Too Literally by Max Aplin  
    There are many Christians who think that every biblical prophecy should be interpreted as literally as possible. However, the Bible contains many prophecies that cannot be interpreted literally. Unless it is immediately obvious how to interpret a given prophecy, we should start by being open to interpreting it purely literally, or purely non-literally, or both literally and non-literally.

  19. The Importance of Being Cautious in End-Times Matters by Max Aplin  
    Many Christians spend too much time and effort studying end-times issues. Those who take a particular view often make the mistake of becoming hostile to those who disagree with them. Overconfident predictions of the future are harmful and frequently show a lack of humility.

  20. NO RAPTURE AT ALL? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Today, as the second coming is clearly approaching, again there are strong differences contained within the same prophecy. Two different events, if you please. One is the calling of the church out of this world (rapture, snatching away). Does God clearly say, that He will snatch away all who love and obey Him? Take a look. The other colossal event is the coming of Christ Jesus as King of Kings for the complete and uttermost destruction of Satan‚s rule, globally.

  21. NOW IS NOT THE KINGDOM OF GOD by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Many blame God for what is happening. That is due to a terrible ignorance of the Bible. Adam and Eve believed Satan, not God. Today the will of God is NOT being done and God is not responsible for what happens. They elected Satan to be their God. All mankind became capable of evil.

  22. What Makes The Message Work by Steven Woods  
    It took a while for me to realize that Jesus has been systematically giving me details through the years like giving me pieces to a puzzle.

  23. The Message by Steven Woods  
    The earth‚s expert psychologists have long maintained that human beings utilize approximately ten percent of their brain power at any given time.

  24. Why I Believe That I Am Jesus's Advocate by Steven Woods  
    I‚m not someone who has ever wanted to be in the limelight. In fact, as many old friends and family members will attest to, I‚ve never even liked having my picture taken in the past. So, it is now totally contrary to my character to be proclaiming to the world that I believe that I am the Advocate that Jesus described to His Apostles in John 16:7 ‚" 16:15.

  25. Jesus's Manifesto For The Modern World by Steven Woods  
    The world could sure use a miracle right now. So, when I heard that the Advocate had finally arrived, just like Jesus said that he would someday, I was filled with joy.

  26. So Also, Will THE COMING Of The Son Of Man BE by Stan Arney  
    A Powerful Message For All Believers, Looking At What The Scriptures, Tell Us, About ‚The Coming Of The Son Of Man;‚ ‚BUT, OF THAT DAY AND HOUR, NO ONE KNOWS, NOT Even, The Angels, IN Heaven, NOR THE SON (Jesus Christ); BUT ONLY, THE FATHER (GOD Almighty);‚ ‚BUT Let Us, WATCH AND BE SOBER (Spiritually Alert)!‚

  27. Emmanuel- God with Us! He is Here! by Rochelle Arnold  
    God is with us. The power of His presence is all that is required. This fact has been resonating within my spirit. There is completeness of fullness in His presence. This is a call to all who will hear. Draw closer. Allow the mist of the Holy Spirit to permeate our hearts. The answers we seek lie within his truth.

  28. The Hour of the Prophet by Rochelle Arnold  
    We are entering into the time when the prophets are raising up a standard against the enemy by the Spirit of the Lord. God has strategies to defeat divination, psychics, people who read tarot cards and necromancy. The Lord wants to raise up prophets who speak LIFE into the dark places.

  29. The Muddy Rivers/Semi-Truck Dreams by Rochelle Arnold  
    Dreamt I was driving a semi-truck (tractor trailer) last night. Dream book says: Large burden: Ministry; powerful and/or large work in the Church! Truck size is often in proportion to the burden or size of the work. For every man shall bear his own burden (drive his own truck, do his own work, natural or spiritual) Galatians 6:5

  30. See! I Told You So! - Jesus by Alan Allegra  
    Harry. Irma. Jos√. Maria. Harold Camping. Joseph Smith. Central Mexico. North Korea. The Middle East. Benjamin Cr√me and Lord Maitreya the World Teacher. Bangladesh. South Sudan. Las Vegas. David Meade and Nibiru (aka Planet X). What do they all have in common?


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