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  1. New Beginnings-Change is on the Horizon by stephanie reck  
    For many, you are sensing a change coming, but not sure exactly what that change is. Some things in your life that has not produced fruit and life are being cut away now. This can be a bit scary, removing the comforts in your life, but it is only to make room for what lies ahead. Some things in your life no longer serve a purpose like they once did. Be obedient to what God is showing you to let go

  2. Kingdom reign by julie clark  
    Kingdom reign, kingdom reign
    Jesus is reigning from His kingdom above
    Don't look to the world to bring his reign in
    King Jesus will come and take us home

  3. Christians, Be Prepared for Great Sightings of UFOs by Pappa Joseph  
    The greatest impact of the acknowledgement of UFO existence is on religion. And the major religions are coming to grips with the reality of alien life.

  4. Bible Codes Real or Fake? by Ethel Ashe-Frear  
    Years ago, my Mom sent me a newspaper article written about Eliyahu Rips and Doron Witztum. These two well-known mathematicians using a computer program in 1994 discovered codes in the Hebrew letters of the Old Testament events that already happened in our lifetime written into the Bible 3000 years ago.

    "What kind of make-believe stuff was that?" I thought to myself. I placed the news clipping in my strange information file.

  5. Judgment Coming a Nuclear Holocaust? by Ethel Ashe-Frear  
    From my own lack of 'knowledge and understanding' I did not realize that the holocaust to come is a judgment on America. I finished reading the book by Jonathan Cahn, "The Harbinger" in two days. I now knew for sure.

    Morality in America is at an all time low. Can we honestly say that? Sure, just take a look at what's in the movies, on our television and how many folks disregard God's commandments. Immorality is the name of the game.

  6. Signs of the Return of Christ by Richard McCaw  
    Christ prophesied about spiritual decline, technological advances, worldwide disasters, national conflicts, chaos and lawlessness in the last days, and the restoration of Israel to the Promised Land.These signs help everyone to be prepared for His return.

  7. From the blue eyed baby by Adam Haage  

  8. From the blue eyed baby by Adam Haage  

  9. The Ministry of a Prophet by Segun Olumide  
    Who is a prophet? What are the signs of a true prophet? How can a prophet carry out his responsibilities effectively? Read on!

  10. When Will Nigeria Manifest Her Glory? by Segun Olumide  
    Is there hope for Nigeria? What has God spoken about this great nation? But when and how will it come to pass? Read on!

  11. The End of the World As We Know It? by Dennis Miranda  
    ISIS, Ebola, Blood Moons, oh my!

  12. From the Blue eye'd baby by Adam Haage  
    Erodent: [ih-rohd-nt] Adjective. 1. eroding; erosive: "the erodent power of wind"

  13. Growing in Grace by Deborah Ann Belka  
    Each day let grace grow!

    Daniel 2 contains a clear overview of world history. This history was written by Daniel the prophet thousands of years before this history took place. But this timeline seems frozen history does not seem to be marching on. Todays scholars explanations of this do not seem to explain it satisfactorily. We have laid out an unexplored explanation of this.

  15. Every Christian Should Desire the Gift of Prophecy by Max Aplin  
    There are some Christians, known as cessationists, who claim that the gifts of the Holy Spirit referred to in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10, including the gift of prophecy, are no longer available today. This article lists the main arguments that cessationists use regarding the gift of prophecy, and explains why these arguments fail to convince. It then provides some testimony of how I have seen God use the gift of prophecy.

  16. Messianic Prophecies by Bobby Bruno  
    Ten Messianic prophecies in the book of Isaiah.

  17. WHITE TOXIC BOW RIDER (Revelation 6:1-2) by Wade Nye  
    In this article we will study two fascinating verses in Revelation 6. Could this be discussing a place right here in the United States? A place will undergo a metamorphosis? From a place that is a hub of world trade to one known as the center for Christianity on earth and then again to a world power bent on conquest?

  18. Hagar at the Well the Conversion of Islam by Wade Nye  
    The beginnings of a relationship between a man and a woman at a well is a common Old Testament theme, Isaac, Jacob and Moses relationships with their wives all began with an at the well experience. It is no coincidence that Jesus had a spiritual encounter with a women at Jacob's well. This scripture(John 4) is a prophetic allegory of the upcoming conversion of the entire Arabic Sunni Islamic Religion to Christ and to be a powerful community of Christians.

  19. . . . 997 KA by Beth LaBuff  
    During the Millennium a youth named Jezreel asked the King's servant what it was like in the previous age, just before Christ returned. Here is their discussion. The year is 997 KA (Kingdom Age).

  20. Are You Worthy by Paul Taylor  
    A synopsis of todays world, and you as an individual in the eyes of God

  21. Now is the Time of the unveiling of the sons of Belial by   
    "Now the sons of Eli were sons of Belial; they knew not the LORD".1 Samuel Chapter 1 v 13

    In the first chapter of Samuel two families set the scene. The first is Elkanah's family consisting of the division between his two wives Hannah and Peninnah and her sons and daughters. Then there is the family of Eli and his sons Hophni and Phinehas. Upon research into the names of Hophni and Phinehas it is interesting to note that they are Egyptian names but more importantly the Holy Scriptures refers to these two sons as the sons of Belial. So not only were they sons of Eli but spiritually they were sons of Belial.

  22. Who or What is the "Restrainer"? A Look at II Thessalonians 2 by Robert Hawes  
    A study of II Thessalonians 2 in regard to the identity of the "restrainer" referenced by the Apostle Paul.

  23. An Argument Supporting Amillennialism by Max Aplin  
    In Revelation 20:1-10 we are told that during the millennium Satan will be bound and unable to deceive the nations. Because Satan is active in his deceptive work today, many believe that the millennium cannot represent the church age (minus the very last part of the church age), as in amillennialism. However, the New Testament contains a lot of exaggerated language, and it is not in fact difficult to reconcile what this passage says about Satan with amillennialism.

  24. A Word for Someone by Rick King  
    A Word for someone

    John the Apostle, whilst in vision was taken through seven true churches throughout human history right up to the second coming of Jesus. These messages were aimed in particular to the followers of Jesus

  26. Redemption of the Kingdom by wade jones  
    "As never see or experienced before," are words I heard as this message was received, all having to do with the the Lord and the inheritance He has yet to receive...The promises of the afther

  27. The Seasons are Changing, Arise to Your New Destiny by stephanie reck  
    What a "season" this has been spiritually. It has been a time for planting in the harvest, a time of refinement, a time of cutting away from the former things of the past for many true followers of Christ. It has been a long and difficult season, and so many people of God are ready for change and transition into their new season.

  28. What Awaits - WWIII, Devastation, FEMA Camps by Christopher Parker  
    Upon looking at the signs around me, I had to write the words in my heart concerning what is coming upon us as a nation and to ready the body of Christ.

  29. Dream of Money by Angeline Williams  
    On Monday, December 6, 2009 I dreamed of a couple of people I know. It was as if I was off in a distance watching several incidents take place. One person was a friend of mine who works at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. When she arrived at work, she was told by the security guard that the bank was shut down for good. The people around were all shocked and talking about their jobs, the economy and what was everyone going to do.

  30. Peace Over You by Angeline Williams  
    At the risk of sounding dramatic - I really love you! I have learned so much as I seek God in what to say and how to pray for the Body of Christ. As I was praying one morning all I could really pray was "Peace" over you. In the name of Jesus Christ I speak peace to you


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