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  1. NOW IS NOT THE KINGDOM OF GOD by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Many blame God for what is happening. That is due to a terrible ignorance of the Bible. Adam and Eve believed Satan, not God. Today the will of God is NOT being done and God is not responsible for what happens. They elected Satan to be their God. All mankind became capable of evil.

  2. What Makes The Message Work by Steven Woods  
    It took a while for me to realize that Jesus has been systematically giving me details through the years like giving me pieces to a puzzle.

  3. The Message by Steven Woods  
    The earthÔs expert psychologists have long maintained that human beings utilize approximately ten percent of their brain power at any given time.

  4. Why I Believe That I Am Jesus's Advocate by Steven Woods  
    IÔm not someone who has ever wanted to be in the limelight. In fact, as many old friends and family members will attest to, IÔve never even liked having my picture taken in the past. So, it is now totally contrary to my character to be proclaiming to the world that I believe that I am the Advocate that Jesus described to His Apostles in John 16:7 Ô" 16:15.

  5. Jesus's Manifesto For The Modern World by Steven Woods  
    The world could sure use a miracle right now. So, when I heard that the Advocate had finally arrived, just like Jesus said that he would someday, I was filled with joy.

  6. So Also, Will THE COMING Of The Son Of Man BE by Stan Arney  
    A Powerful Message For All Believers, Looking At What The Scriptures, Tell Us, About ÔThe Coming Of The Son Of Man;Ô ÔBUT, OF THAT DAY AND HOUR, NO ONE KNOWS, NOT Even, The Angels, IN Heaven, NOR THE SON (Jesus Christ); BUT ONLY, THE FATHER (GOD Almighty);Ô ÔBUT Let Us, WATCH AND BE SOBER (Spiritually Alert)!Ô

  7. Emmanuel- God with Us! He is Here! by Rochelle Arnold  
    God is with us. The power of His presence is all that is required. This fact has been resonating within my spirit. There is completeness of fullness in His presence. This is a call to all who will hear. Draw closer. Allow the mist of the Holy Spirit to permeate our hearts. The answers we seek lie within his truth.

  8. The Hour of the Prophet by Rochelle Arnold  
    We are entering into the time when the prophets are raising up a standard against the enemy by the Spirit of the Lord. God has strategies to defeat divination, psychics, people who read tarot cards and necromancy. The Lord wants to raise up prophets who speak LIFE into the dark places.

  9. The Muddy Rivers/Semi-Truck Dreams by Rochelle Arnold  
    Dreamt I was driving a semi-truck (tractor trailer) last night. Dream book says: Large burden: Ministry; powerful and/or large work in the Church! Truck size is often in proportion to the burden or size of the work. For every man shall bear his own burden (drive his own truck, do his own work, natural or spiritual) Galatians 6:5

  10. See! I Told You So! - Jesus by Alan Allegra  
    Harry. Irma. Jos├. Maria. Harold Camping. Joseph Smith. Central Mexico. North Korea. The Middle East. Benjamin Cr├me and Lord Maitreya the World Teacher. Bangladesh. South Sudan. Las Vegas. David Meade and Nibiru (aka Planet X). What do they all have in common?

  11. DEAR GOD: part 4 by linzy bruno  
    My prayer for teachers who have been deceived.......

  12. EVEN THE ELECT: part 3 by linzy bruno  
    "God led me to deeper humility, certain verses, confessions, repentance, weeping and an astounding revelation........."

  13. PEOPLE GET READY! (part 2) by linzy bruno  
    NOTE: THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN UPDATED due to furthered learning and error correction...."Much More then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him.´ (Romans 5:9)

  14. PEOPLE GET READY! (PART 1) by linzy bruno  
    NOTE: THIS ARTICLE AS BEEN UPDATED due to furthered learning and error correction.... "God has several purposes for the sun, moon and stars, one of which is to present His people with signs:..........."

  15. Jesus' Return, Certain and Near by PamFord Davis  
    The time of Jesus├ÔÔ return is drawing near.

  16. THE RETURN OF CHRIST by Jeffrey Hagan  
    In the Olivet Discourse was Jesus speaking to his generation as he claims to have been, or was he misleading his disciples and actually referring to a generation to come 2,000 years later?

  17. Important Warning (end days) by Sue Darling  
    Many people keep hearing that we are in the end days so often they are no longer listening, but we need to be ready at all times.

  18. Is It God's Will for There to Be Another Jerusalem Temple? by Max Aplin  
    There are many Christians today who think that the Bible prophesies the existence of another literal temple in Jerusalem. Some are even trying to cause this temple to be built. However, Scripture does not teach that there will be another literal temple. Encouraging Jews to rebuild the temple is to point them towards the Old Testament sacrifices that cannot take away sins. Like Gentiles, Jews need faith in Jesus for salvation.

  19. Every Christian Should Desire the Gift of Prophecy - Part 3, Some Personal Testimony by Max Aplin  
    Some Christians claim that God no longer gives His children the gift of prophecy. They say that all those who claim to be prophets in our day are mistaken or even conscious deceivers. However, there are many Christians alive today whose faith has grown through the use of this gift. In this part of the article I give some of my own experiences of prophecy.

  20. Every Christian Should Desire the Gift of Prophecy - Part 2, Objections Answered by Max Aplin  
    Some Christians claim that God no longer gives His children the gift of prophecy. They say that all those who claim to be prophets today are mistaken or even conscious deceivers. However, the arguments used to support this view are unconvincing.

  21. Every Christian Should Desire the Gift of Prophecy - Part 1, The Biblical Data by Max Aplin  
    Some Christians claim that God no longer gives His children the gift of prophecy. They say that all those who claim to be prophets today are mistaken or even conscious deceivers. However, the Bible most naturally suggests that this gift is one that God will give until Jesus returns.

  22. Prophetic Worship the New Sound by Rochelle Arnold  
    The Word of God speaks of a new sound and a new song that will spring forth from GodÔs people. It will flow from our spirit like rivers of living water. (John 7:38) This sound is fresh and straight from Heaven, a sound that will vibrate and permeate every fiber of our being and rush like a mighty stream into the surrounding atmosphere.

  23. Planet Nibiru by Sue Darling  
    Planet Nibiru is now in front of our Sun. Many people are not aware of this and we need to pray really hard that we are found worthy of being caught up at the Rapture.

  24. The Great Awakening by lareina morgan  
    What does the future hold for the body of christ? If you are a bible reader, you already know the answer to that question, but I also have a word from the Lord about this year, 2017 regarding the great awakening

  25. HOW MUCH LONGER UNTIL RAPTURE? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Many claim that the rupture is imminent, that all prophesies preceding it have been completed. THAT IS NOT TRUE. Rapture cannot approach until, at least, two more prophesies complete.

  26. NO RAPTURE AT ALL? by Eugene Lopatynsky  

    The ´Word of My Patience´ is the Word of God, what we call the Bible. This wording and this definition has been removed by disguised Luciferians in nearly all ´Modern Language Bibles´. Use only the Old King James Bible, or translate from Tx. Receptus (never from Origin´s forgeries), if you are seeking the Truth.

    What does it mean ´to keep Gods Word´? It means to study, know and obey the BIBLE. It means to clean up our life with the Bible. Then teach this to your whole family. Then teach it to everybody you can reach (public: write it on ´on your gates´)

    ´The hour of temptation shall come upon the entire world, upon all´ is a FUTURE, GLOBAL EVENT. God promises to keep his own out of it. This could not possibly occur if "His Own" had to live right through the apocalypse.

  27. Why Prophet Elisha Wept For America! by Bola Olu-Jordan  
    Prophet Elisha wept when he saw the revelation of what the next King of Syria would do to his nation. But prophetically, it is the story of America. What is, has been, and what will be has been. Due diligence with history makes the future predictable.

  28. There's Nothing Like the Real Thing by Alan Allegra  
    "I don't want nice memories! I want my daughter!" I was talking with a coworker who had just lost her young daughter in a tragic car accident the night before. She was telling me about the last time they saw each other. When I suggested those were nice memories, she responded with those tear-stained words.

  29. A Vision of a Burnt Out City by Sue Darling  
    This vision is about hope in times of really desperate circumstances. During the time of Justice there will be mercy, even if our faith is very weak.

  30. SCIENCE AND THE ANTICHRIST. And Man's Approaching Future? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    The birth of science was actually four thousand years ago, at the time of the Tower of Babel. Today, this Tower of Babel is the logo, the symbol and slogan of the new European Union.

    Where lies the incredible, four thousand year old, connection between the two?


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