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  1. Coming Out by Jennifer Champion  
    I had become a recluse of sorts during the pandemic but I'm coming out.

  2. Tips for Better Writing by Tonja Taylor  
    Whether you're writing a novel, an article, a business letter, or something else, these quick tips will help you be a better writer.

  3. Equipment You Need to Teach Online by Tonja Taylor  
    It doesn't cost much to start teaching online. Here's a list of equipment and supplies you can obtain to get started as a freelance tutor very soon!

  4. Seven Secrets for Successful Speakers by Tonja Taylor  
    God has given you a message to share with the world, so go for it! Here are proven strategies and tips that Tonja has used for decades to succeed in speaking. (The main thing, however, is to yield yourself to the LORD and let Him take over, and use these natural things infused with His Spirit to draw your audience!)

  5. 8 Tips to Help You Get the Job You Want by Tonja Taylor  
    These tips have helped me secure jobs through the decades. I believe they will help you.

  6. Prepare for Change With Interviews by Tonja Taylor  
    These tips will help keep you better prepared for upcoming career changes.

  7. Teenager Loves Warm and Hot Weather by Greg Miller  
    Teenager Loves Warm and Hot Weather

  8. sample here 2 by fredie auditor  
    sample h

  9. JOB PROBLEMS and PROTECTING YOURSELF by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Much of private industry and enterprise will provide practically nothing towards your retirement. Believe me, this retirement will come and you will need financial help. Similar default applies to any real sense of job security.
    One of the "disciplining" procedures involves "writing you up", with two of the lackeys confronting you with written accusations and asking you to sign it.

  10. Rainbow Colored Dreams by louis gander  
    When I was younger I was told
    that I'd be better off when old -
    if I would always persevere -
    not give up and never fear.

  11. The Place Of Preparation In The Pursuit Of Your Dream Job by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    Preparation is critical for success in virtually every field of human endeavor. This article demonstrates the need for continual preparation while job hunting.

  12. SKILL TRUMPS POWER: Life Lessons From The Woodcutter Pt3 by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    DANGER: You may become obsolete!

  13. THE LABAN SYSTEM by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    The Laban system is a system that has enslaved many unwittingly. This system stifles and kills creativity and thus limiting your productivity in life. Break free from this system and break into a new, more productive life!

  14. Peanuts, Pay and Productivity by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    No one likes being paid peanuts, unless of course you are an elephant! But on a serious note, your sweat and time have to count for something in life. Question is, "How do I make my blood, sweat and tears produce fruit in MY life!"

  15. test fred by Ike Silver  
    test test

  16. This Work Ethic Will Make Every Employer Smile by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    This article tells the true story of a Christian gentleman (known to the writer) who adopted a work ethic consistent with his Christian values.

  17. 8 Kinds Of Jobs You Should Avoid At All Cost by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    Many scramble for all kinds of jobs without giving thought to the potential hazards associated with such jobs and many other undesirable factors.
    This article explores eight kind of jobs that ought be avoided at all cost.

  18. Remaining Godly in Your Success by Vanessa Grossett  
    Tools to help you remain godly!

    This article is intended to explore viable free advertising options available to individuals and business start-up that may be low on cash and consequently cannot afford conventional paid for advertising options. It promises to be enlightening.

  20. ARE YOU A SQUARE PEG IN A ROUND HOLE? by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    An inspiring, enlightening and thought-provoking piece intended for the working class; this has a specific focus on the career person who just landed a new job or a promotion at work. It is intended to assist persons in this category adjust to their new role and excel in the discharge of their duties.

  21. Hindrances To Your Securing Gainful Employment (2) by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Every good thing has its enemy. So it is with employment. There are some hindrances to securing a gainful employment. Here are more points.

  22. Hindrances To Your Securing Gainful Employment (1) by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Every good thing has its enemy. So it is with employment. There are some hindrances to securing a gainful employment. Here are some of them.

  23. THE 3 P'S FOR SUCCESS by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    This article is essentially an inspirational piece that seeks to place in the hands of workers / professionals vital information that when actualized, have the capacity to ensure success.

  24. THE CEO OF YOU INCORPORATED by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    This article deals with the subject of personal branding for success in the corporate world.

    This articles seeks to encourage the culture of customer care in the corporate world and in every work environment for that matter.

    This article is principally born out of my personal experiences and lessons learn`t during a long period of job hunting.

  27. Laying Bricks by louis gander  
    Story Poem:
    My life, I'd built with heavy bricks -
    each day set on another.
    When mortared in with selfishness
    I stacked them with another.
    So proud I was of what I'd built,
    a life of great success -
    that I had so convinced myself
    that God would surely bless.

  28. A necessary Survival Skill by Grace Tom-Lawyer  
    is it possible that survival of the fittest is causing some people to be unnecessary displaced because they have not made te necessary changes to the current changes

  29. Faithful at work by Grace Tom-Lawyer  
    Sometimes we do not recognize that God also demands we represent Him properly to the people we meet daily

  30. New Year Considerations by Ramona Cook  
    We all have a career of some type. The word speaks to going headlong and full speed toward something.

    that something is the object of our pursuit, whatever that may be, work, education, or learning a new sport.

    But, how exactly do we get it going?


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