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Skits and Plays


  1. Good News in Bethlehem by Tim Pickl  
    It's only a few days before Christmas, and Bob and Marcia finally have some time to relax. It's been a harrowing month of shopping, wrapping and preparing for all 24 grandchildren who will be coming over tomorrow.

  2. BLESSED REDEEMER a short play by Richard L. Provencher  
    Having fun and laughing is the right of all Christians. God wants us to encourage each other as well as the world so they may wish to learn the source of our attitude; Jesus Christ and His saving grace.

  3. WWI Christmas Drama - A Silent Night by Ken John  
    Written for a Christmas performance by and for a smallish group of English Philology students at a teacher training college in Poland.

    The emphasis in these nativity scenes is to highlight some of the results of Christ's coming into the world.

    The idea is to take a contemporary and multimedia approach, deconstructing the hype of Christmas and presenting the essence of what really counts in this season.

    The form is something of a collage of different representations of the elements of the Christmas story, to illuminate the essence of Christmas.

    The WWI events which inspired much of the action are true. It is hoped that the cause of reconciliation and fresh dialogue between historical enemies will be encouraged through this production.

  4. Bible Skit for Kids from Numbers 12 by Jessica Gerald  
    The story of Miriam and Aaron criticizing Moses and being punished for it is not one of the well-known Bible stories. So when we needed a skit on this passage for a Sunday School lesson, we couldn't find one. So I wrote this little play.

  5. Please--Read Cousin George's Story by Jan Ackerson  
    A writer finds herself in the company of her written characters after her death.

  6. Alone in the Spotlight by Jan Ackerson  
    This play without words has a non-Christian who has built a wall around herself. You'll be surprised at who is able to take down the wall--and who is not.

  7. Thumbelina Also Politely Declined by Jan Ackerson  
    When a pastor in fairy tale land wants to start up small home groups, the fairy talke characters all come up with reasons to say "no."

  8. PRACTICAL CANOE SAFETY TIPS essay by Richard L. Provencher  
    A summer with canoeing is well worth learning skills and safety, along with knowing how to swim. Play it safe and insist ALL persons don safety vests and properly buckled up.

  9. Princess School by Shari Armstrong  
    Four of the fairy tale princesses, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel get some lessons from the new princess at school, Hope. She teaches them that they have to be a daughter of The King of Kings to be a true princess.

  10. The Two Gospels, A Comic Tragedy by gonzodave coulon  
    "Life is a short airplane flight."

    5.31.08: Post Note #1

  11. The First Sermon of Reverend Michael Spooner by Jan Ackerson  
    A distant relative of Rev. William Spooner finds himself plagued by the same tricks of the tongue. He gives his fitst sermon, laced with spoonerisms, but finds grace and acceptance in his congregation.

  12. 'Retro' Christmas Play by Ken John  
    Getting in the mood for Christmas, a short skit for use with a nominal christian audience. The idea is to challenge people to see Christmas in a new and personal light, as relevant to them as individuals. Used two songs. The first is by 'Mary, Mary' "Shackles(Praise You)" the second by 'Third Day' "King of Glory"

  13. The Wonderful Witness of Uz by Tim Pickl  
    The Wonderful Witness of Uz is a "3 Acts" Apostolic Christian play, based on the 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz", and the first 3 chapters of the Book of Acts, in the Bible.
    In this all-new version, we meet Dorothy Gale of Kansas who, like so many Christians her age, dreams of what will happen after The Rapture. One day a twister hits her farm and carries her away to another world--the world to come.
    Updated songs include:
    Somewhere After the Rapture
    Ding Dong the Wicked Wretch is Dead
    Follow the Yellow Brick Gold
    We're off to see The Witness
    Join Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman, the Cowardly Lion, Toto and the many colorful inhabitants of the Land of Uz as they journey toward The Golden City.
    Through her many adventures, Dorothy grows in her appreciation of her God--Jesus--and her family and friends. She finally realizes that there's no place like home!

  14. Confessions of the Confused by Terry R A Eissfeldt  
    Confusion between God's ways and ours

  15. Sammy's In The god House by Lynda Schultz  
    How might Samson's story ended if he had not allowed himself to be distracted? A good lesson for life delivered lightly.

  16. On the Forty-First Day: A Comedy in One Act by Jan Ackerson  
    Noah and his sons discover the pleasures of fishing.

  17. Intelligent Designs by Kaylee Blake  
    A skit about creation vs. evolution. Perfect for a youth group.

  18. A Big Bang Theory by Kaylee Blake  
    One Christian on a secular college campus challenges a professor's Evolutionist ideas.

  19. "Salvation: A Gift from God", a Christmas skit by Cheryl Rogers  
    A foster family is a bit surprised to find gifts marked "life" and "health" under their Christmas tree, but they learn about the most important gift of all - salvation. Join them for an unusual Christmas celebration!
    The skit is easily adapted for five or more actors.

  20. The Registrar of Prophecies by geoff anderson  
    Isaiah comes to register his prophecy. In the process we learn the difference between foretelling and forthtelling, and Isaiah forthtells the Word of God for today. The Registrar is the ignorant stooge who provides light relief and the prompt for Isaiah's teaching.

  21. Relatives by geoff anderson  
    An aunt and her niece reveal their prejudices about age.

  22. Cover Version by geoff anderson  
    Two girls misjudge a young man by his appearance.

  23. The Spiceman Cometh by geoff anderson  
    God visits Abraham, 99, and Sarah, 90, to tell them to expect a child as a fulfilment of God's promise that Abraham will father a nation. The problem for Sarah is that this is the fifth time God has promised this over 25 years. The problem for Abraham is that the news excites him, and when he gets excited he's always suffered from short-term memory loss...

  24. In Jennifer's Mansion by Jan Ackerson  
    Jennifer finds out what is in her heavenly mansion.

  25. First Class to Emmaus by geoff anderson  
    Modern re-telling of the resurrection appearance on the road to Emmaus. Two girls believe their rock star hero has betrayed them by issuing a country and western album. Then they meet a stranger with a guitar...

  26. 'Jesus is pleased to invite you...' by geoff anderson  
    The End Days are here. Jesus has sent out over 6 billion invitations. Trevor and Anne turn up, but they've only come to offer their apologies. Then a great crowd of bishops arrives, and they are furious...

  27. Eureka! by Debbie Sickler  
    Approximat run time: 5-10 min.

    Man: Eureka! Iíve found whatís been missing in my life! At last, Iíll have true happiness and total inner peace. Every moment will be filled with blissful joy. My satellite dish now has an additional three hundred and ninety two channels!


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