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World Affairs
  1. Who Prayed For Paul? by Abby Kelly  

    Might God dramatically change the trajectory of history if Christians today pray for the persecutors?

  2. Christians Should Take Warnings of Climate Change Very Seriously by Max Aplin  
    Today, the overwhelming majority of climate scientists warn us that continuing to burn huge amounts of coal, oil and gas will lead to an increase in the number and intensity of droughts, floods and storms in the world. Nothing in these warnings or the science behind them seems unchristian, and the warnings should be taken with the utmost seriousness. Because more severe weather events will mean more human suffering and death, especially in the poorer parts of the world, all Christians are under obligation to earnestly seek God's face for insight into how we should respond to this situation.

  3. A Few Comments from a Christian Perspective on the Murders at Charlie Hebdo by Max Aplin  
    Following the horrific murders at the magazine Charlie Hebdo, there has been widespread support for the magazine and for Western values. The civil right to freedom of expression is something that is largely beneficial. However, the idea that people have a human right to say whatever they want to is completely unchristian and denies the sovereignty of God. We should offend people only when it is necessary.

  4. What to Think About the State of Things by Abby Kelly  
    In spite of the dreary facts, the good report is that Christ has won, our eternity is secure, God loves us, He desires that none should perish, He works all things for our good, He never leaves us and every promise He made is sure.

  5. What American Christians Do With Ebola by Abby Kelly  
    If Ebola hadn't singed the edge of my own world, I doubt it would have dramatically altered my prayer life. Late September, I got a call from my husband while I was visiting my sisters several states away. Out of the wild blue, he told me that his unit, the 101st Airborne, had received orders to deploy to Liberia, Africa, with very short notice.

  6. Oh, Woe to Thee Evildoers! by Jennifer Rubino  
    An article on God's promise to take care of those that persecute and murder Christians.

  7. Of Medical Waste and Babies by Terry L. Brown  
    It was discovered that some hospitals in England admitted to burning thousands of "fetal bodies" along with other hospital medical waste. Further, some of these hospitals were burning these "fetal bodies" to use as a source of material to heat the hospitals. Shocking? Yes. But why?

  8. The Arrogance and Hypocrisy of the West by Max Aplin  
    In Western countries today great sins are condoned and widely practised. These include homosexual practice and various types of child abuse. However, despite their sins, Western countries arrogantly and hypocritically judge other parts of the world. We can be sure that those involved in these things are on track for severe punishment from God.

  9. The Countdown . . . . by Ethel Ashe-Frear  
    From my own lack of 'knowledge and understanding' I did not realize that the holocaust to come is a judgment on America. I finished reading the book by Jonathan Cahn, "The Harbinger" in two days. I now knew for sure.

  10. Mandela's Universal Appeal by Dave Walker  
    Mandela's attraction was that he reflected the Christ-like qualities which are so much part of our spiritual DNA and which, deep down, we know are right. Yet he is not the Light.

  11. We Are All under Obligation to Help the Persecuted Church by Max Aplin  
    There are many Christians today who are suffering severe persecution for their faith. They are part of our spiritual family, and when family members are in trouble the others must rally round to help. We are all under obligation to get involved in this way. We can help by praying, providing financial aid and pressurising politicians.

  12. As CHINA Rises by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    China is rising and they say that a rising tide lifts all boats. Here we examine China's rise and what it could mean for humanity and how believers should respond.

  13. As Breezes Blow by louis gander  
    Lightning flashes plunder under
    clouds as thunder comes asunder!
    God's creation has me wonder...

  14. Captive by Lori Dixon  
    Warning: Subject Matter may be disturbing to some readers. Child Sex Slavery in Cambodia . . . but there's hope in Jesus and good people making a difference.

  15. And Now Comes China So Different by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    We should not regard all superpowers as bellicose, scheming, and serving the rich because China is very different as here examined with reference to the Dark Continent.

  16. The genocide continues by Sam Isaacson  
    Abortion is nowhere near as rare as it ought to be.

  17. 'Human Rights': A Major Idol among Christians Today by Max Aplin  
    The Western mindset is saturated with the concept of ‘human rights’. Even if these rights exist, their scope is far narrower than is usually realised, and they pale into insignificance in comparison with God’s rights. Christians should be open and unembarrassed about viewing the world as a place that is full of God’s rights rather than human rights.

  18. Pins and Needles by Donna Wasson  
    Anxiety over the future is the word du jour

  19. Gee, Ya Think? by Donna Wasson  
    The message is about as clear as it can get!

  20. God's Mercy by Donna Wasson  
    By Christmas 2012, you will no longer recognize America. The siege is coming very soon. Are you ready to be rescued?

  21. INSPIRATIONAL REVOLUTION by chuma obum  
    Join this Inspirational Revolution, so that your words can heal, and not wound.

  22. Our Black Swan by Donna Wasson  
    The world will not know what hit them...

  23. An Olympic Sized Warning by Donna Wasson  
    The opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics will be held tomorrow. Will there be a 9/11 level attack?

  24. Unawares!!! by Olawale Ogunsola  
    There's a coming event that will affect part of the world. It has been prophecised centuries ago. It will take place any time from now. What must you do to prepare for it?

  25. Unawares!!! by Olawale Ogunsola  
    There's a coming event that will affect part of the world. It has been prophecised centuries ago. It will take place any time from now. What must you do to prepare for it?

  26. Western 'Freedom': A Major Idol among Christians Today by Max Aplin  
    There is no doubt that the average Westerner is extremely proud of the ‘freedom’ that exists in Western countries. However, this type of freedom actually involves a worldview in which people rather than God are seen as the highest authority, and it is inevitable that in some areas Christian values will continue to deteriorate as long as the Western type of freedom is held in such high esteem. Sadly, many Christians bow down to this idol.

  27. Book Release - Writer Interview: Flinchbaugh by Billie Jo Youmans  
    Heartbreaking truths about North Korea are revealed in C. Hope Flinchbaugh's recently released book. Your heart will be moved to action--and options are provided in this article.

  28. The Will of the People: A Major Idol among Christians Today by Max Aplin  
    It seems clear that the average Westerner regards the will of the majority of the people of a country as something that is very special. It seems clear too that many Christians take a similar view. However, the will of the majority is simply a mixture of good and bad, and no more profound than that. Democracy has a very good track record as a system of government, but it is a mistake always to press for its introduction in those countries where it does not exist.

  29. Pandora's Box by Donna Wasson  
    Thanks alot, Mr. President...

  30. Manly Men by Donna Wasson  
    It takes a real man to gang rape in the name of his religion!


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