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  1. We're All Born Slaves by Krystle Foster  
    Like Moses we don't realize that we're all born slaves to sin because of Adam's and Eve's fall back in the garden of Eden. Because Adam and Eve sinned they broke up their fellowship with God and were forever separated from Him. The day they ate the fruit they died a spiritual death. And were eternally separated from God and His Love. So every child born after Adam and Eve their children which we all are, no matter what color our skin is, were all born as slaves to sin.

  2. Praise His Light by Carlton Steele  
    Jesus Christ,
    God in the Flesh,
    My Father, My Creator,
    Have mercy on me in my mess

  3. Sun Worship by Deborah Brunt  
    We can't hear it, but the sun is singing. More accurately, it's strumming. It's playing acoustic guitar. It's sending thunderous organ music into space. So what purpose does the music serve?

  4. A Man with a Plan by Ramona Cook  
    It is difficult to separate Worship from Salvation. Salvation is provided by the One we worship; and Worship is stirred in our hearts because of His provision of Salvation and because of Who He is that provides it.

  5. Always in My thoughts by Andrea Ogunba  
    Always in My thoughts

  6. With God All Things Are Possible by Eric Huntley  
    What are your thoughts of God? Are they high and lifted up about a God Who can do anything or are they low looking to man for your needs?

  7. The Beauty of Gratefulness by Dorcas Graham  
    Gratefulness opens and expands our capacity to see God's goodness and receive it when it comes. It helps us to forget what hasn't materialized because we are centered on what is present. It is gratefulness that opens the hand of God.

  8. LAY IT DOWN by Florence Simmons  
    Song Lyrics,
    For Sale

  9. THE GREAT I AM written by Tim Horne by TIM HORNE

    This is a Christian Song that is Uplifting

  10. A Concert From the Throne by Gregory John Monroe  
    A possible scenario of what it could be like having God sing to you.

  11. Breathe - The Rhythm of Life by Anthea Van Der Pluym  
    Breath - the very substance of God that gives us life - the rhythm of our lives...

  12. Worship Encounter by Anthea Van Der Pluym  
    Where is the place of encounter? Our Father desires us to worship in spirit and truth....

  13. Lord, Are You Talking To Me? by Audrey Bryant  
    We must take responsibility for our own spiritual healing and growth. In order to grow we may need to discard many Christian beliefs as we learn how to die to self.

  14. Happy Father's Day by Aprill Goodlow  
    God the Father, The Father of Jesus.

  15. "Up. Daddy" by Winnie Kaetzel  
    On the tape, my pastor friend illustrated his sermon with a story about a father walking with his very small daughter who had recently learned to walk. En route she took a tumble. While still on the ground, and without tearing up, she lifted her hands to her father and said, "Up, Daddy."

  16. Give Thanks by KATHY BROCKS  
    We are coming together to give thanks to our heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Ghost for all the Lord has done for us. Jesus is our headship. In Hebrews 1:1-3 explains Jesus' position and the victory of freedom Jesus achieved for us.
    This is our Lord Jesus, who knows His position. But what do we as man, Christians understand who Jesus is at all.

  17. Feeding the Birds by   
    Gaining Faith Through Feeding the Birds

  18. Interview: Martin Jean, Director, Yale Institute of Sacred Music talks about his department by Peter Menkin by Peter Menkin  
    In an effort to discover in what singular way this Religion Writer could uncover the work of Yale Institute of Sacred Music, to discover what the Institute does, and even take a look at how the Institute of Sacred Music explores Christianity, these two interviews were developed. The first is with Martin Jean, Director of the Institute. He speaks directly with the reader about the Institute. The second interview is with new Fellow of the Institute for Sacred Music, David Stowe. He exemplifies one aspect of exploring Christianity and looking at Sacred Music.

  19. When we worship God, is it this God or a little god of our imagination? by Faith C  
    God is giving us a chance to change...

  20. The Cross at Calvary by Richard L. Provencher  
    they tormented Him, our Jesus
    shamed Him, scourged
    and defiled His kindness

  21. VIA DOLOROSA by Paul Curtis  
    The path that Jesus walked
    Carrying his cross with him

  22. CRUCIFIX by Paul Curtis  
    You were the love
    Of the world
    And we nailed you to a cross

  23. ON A HILL IN CALVARY by Paul Curtis  
    On a hill in Calvary
    In a savage unenlightened time

  24. THE SHADOW OF GOLGOTHA by Paul Curtis  
    Our lord beaten and bloody
    Sent to die like a criminal
    To add insult upon injury

  25. Is Our Worship Pleasing to God? by Faith C  
    I thought it was but God corrected me...

  26. Come Let Us Sing to God Together by Faith C  
    Come and join the Body of Christ singing to God. Hear is a wonderful website to hear and sing along..

  27. A GOOD TIME GIRL by Paul Curtis  
    If it's a fallen angel you require
    If it's a good time girl you desire

  28. A Royal Waste of Time by Alan Allegra  
    To many, going to church, reading an ancient book, praying, singing about and to Jesus, dropping coins into the collection plate, and going to the mission field seem like nice but useless exercises. There generally are no immediate results or benefits, other than temporary good religious feelings--a royal waste of time.

  29. Joy During Times of Tribulation by Michelle Goodwine Lawson  
    Going through trials and tribulations? Be encouraged. Even during hard times, we must trust God's faithfulness. Don't despair. God is with us. And because of that, we should be joyful while going through our times of tribulation.

  30. Excerpts from Who Do We Worship? (Oneness/Jesus-only Worship Songs) by Karl Kemp  
    The motivation behind this article is the desire that we (all true Christians) would come to believe the balanced truth of what the Bible teaches about God and to worship Him in TRUTH (which includes living in the truth, righteousness, and holiness of God [cf. Eph. 4:24]), with an emphasis on the words of the worship songs we sing. If you are interested in this article, you will want to read the 3 part article titled, "Who Do We Worship? (Oneness/Jesus Only Worship Songs)" under Bible Studies.


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