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Christian Living
  1. GOD IS SOVEREIGN by Sue Darling  
    If we look at God with a healthy fear, it protects us from sliding backwards.

  2. YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD by Sue Darling  
    To love God is to know God. If we seek his face in all humility we will see him.

  3. CAN HELL BE EVIDENCE OF GOD'S LOVE? by Jeffrey Hagan  
    Some people believe that God's love and hell cannot both exist. This is foolish. In fact, properly understood hell is evidence of God's love.

  4. THE INTEGRETY OF A MAN'S WORD by william kelley  
    Are we as Christians people of integrity? Can people depend on what we say? If not, we must make some changes.

  5. The House Guest by Steve Countryman  
    Just being around him has completely changed your life. You enjoy his company, his joy and peace that you experience while you are with him. You find comfort in his words and wisdom to help you through your struggles. Your daily life is now totally different than it used to be because you have developed a "habit of trust". This habit of trust is where you include Him in every day living.

  6. THE JOURNEY OF A SOUL by Rachel Jamerson  
    Natural vs Supernatural A look at life, death, and eternity.

  7. Who Is God by Jerry Ousley  
    There is so much skepticism today about who God is or if He really exists. Maybe some good common sense can help clear that up.

  8. Perseverance by Henry Miranda  
    Perseverance is maintaining your Christian faith through the difficult times of your life. As Christians, we have a very difficult road to travel while in this world. Imagine an old country road that leads to a very high steep hill and on the hill is a cross and your goal is to get to that cross. It can be a very difficult climb. Sometimes, it's easier to give up rather than struggle and maintain your continuous walk to the cross.

  9. Dressed and Ready by J. Rubino  
    Are you ready the Lord's second coming? This article shows what Jesus himself commands of us in order to be ready.

  10. Things God Hates by J. Rubino  
    The bible gives us clear instructions on life and tells us the things God hates most.

  11. IT IS WRITTEN! by Tesh Njokanma  
    Activate your faith with what is written.

  12. The Biblical Principles for Living by J. Rubino  
    This article is a simple approach to the principles for living illustrated in the bible and how we can apply to our life when problems arise.

  13. Just Imagine by Jack Vorster  
    Many Christians aspire to live the abundant life that Jesus talked about, but they need to change their thinking in order to get there.

  14. How To Eternally Leave Your Footprints On Earth by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Do you desire to be remembered long after you have gone? Do you want your name to be reckoned both in heaven and on earth? God's plan is for man to touch heaven and earth by what he had deposited in him. This article gives the greatest way and how to leave your footprints on the seashores of earth.

  15. Rich in the Word 2 by Grace Tom-Lawyer  
    The tendency for us to relegate the word rich to a financial value s an everyday temptation, however we can be rich in sevral areas. Being rich in God's word involves ensuring it takes a priority over other words.

  16. Rich in the Word by Grace Tom-Lawyer  
    More often than not, the word rich connotes some financial value. However there are several ways we can all be rich.One of these areas is to be rich in God's word.

  17. I want to be rich! by Grace Tom-Lawyer  
    More often than not, the word rich connotes some financial value. However ther are several ways we can all be rich.

  18. We Live In a World of Darkness by Henry Miranda  
    The devil comes to steal, kill, and to destroy. Satan is not your friend, but he pretends that he is, and he will do whatever it takes to keep you from God. We once were of this world and a friend with the devil. But now we belong to God and are a friend of God.

  19. THE FEAR OF THE LORD by Sue Darling  
    People love it when we talk about God's unconditional love but..

  20. Judging by Sue Darling  
    We know judging is wrong, we have to learn not to judge if we don't want to be judge ourselves the same way.

  21. LIVE LIFE AS AN EXAMPLE by Jeffrey Hagan  
    As Christ-followers the bible lists several characteristics that our lives should display. This article looks at a few of the more important characteristics that should be evident in the life of a believer.

  22. The Pure Gold of Heaven by Jerry Ousley  
    The last of five precious gems is the pure gold of Heaven. How could it get any better? (answer: Seeing Christ face to face!)

  23. 18 Things To Get Rid Of To Be Happy by Jeffrey Hagan  
    Christians can and should be happy people. Our ultimate focus is on eternity with our Lord, but there's nothing wrong with trying to be happy within a biblical framework. This article gives some advice on things to get rid of in your life in order to be happier.

  24. Contentment where you're at in Life by stephanie reck  
    How many times I have caught myself saying, "I will be happy when" I have waited years for answered prayers and longings of my heart to be fulfilled. Can anyone relate? What happens to some is during the "wait" we become discontented and begin to grumble and complain about our circumstances.

  25. The iceman screameth by Burwell Stark  
    Can the Ice Bucket Challenge teach us about Christian unity? Perhaps it can.

  26. The Second Picture by Jack Vorster  
    Those living in unbelief have a certain picture of God imprinted in their minds and they won't let go of it, but there is a second picture they need to see.

  27. The Blind Man On My Mind (Text: Mark 10:46-52) by Oge Maduka  
    Embracing the faith and vision of the blind Bartimaeus...

  28. Believers Need to Keep Looking Up by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    Sometimes we are in a quandary and really don't know where to look. Truth be told there is no better place to look, when things are as bad as they are, than towards heaven as we shall see.

  29. Understanding The Spiritual Law Of Tithing by Ngozi Nwoke  
    What is tithing? Are we to tithe in this present dispensation? These and many more are the questions bugging the hearts of many Christians. And this article is aimed at answering these questions and throwing some light on this spiritual law of tithing.

  30. God Rewards Diligent Labourers In His Vineyard by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Are there prayer requests that you diligently want God to answer? Do you know that God rewards those that diligently seek Him? Many people are serving God but it seems as if God is not looking their direction to meet their needs. This article gives the reason(s) why they may be hindered from receiving their heart desires from God and the solution.


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