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  1. Growing Into the Clothes by Taylor  
    Our destiny in the LORD provides for us special garments, or clothes. We grow into them, like my student would have to grow into the formal dress I gave her.

  2. Daddy God Cares About Details! by Taylor  
    Our Father God is in the business of restoring to us His kids all that has been stolen, and it will be glorious!

  3. Secure or Not? by Taylor  
    When we cooperate with God, we are secure, knowing we are operating in His true will!

  4. Prayer for America by Taylor  
    "As goes America, so goes the world." Our LORD founded this country so our citizens would have the freedom to worship Him in spirit and truth. It is our responsibility to pray for our country to keep our freedoms and influence and expand them!

  5. It's JOY! by Taylor  
    The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy! says Psalm 126:3. Here is a short piece on how the Spirit of Joy visited my fourth grade class one day!

  6. How To Have A Clean Heart by lareina morgan  
    Why is is necessary to have a clean heart? What does it mean to live for God and how does he make us righteous with a clean heart?

  7. Why Bitterness Equates With Spiritual & Physical Death by lareina morgan  
    There is no bitterness or bitter people in heaven - We need to know how bitterness impacts our lives and why we need to be cleansed from this sinful behavior.

  8. Rivers Are Dividing Lines by Taylor  
    Rivers are boundaries, and the River of Life in Christ Jesus helps us flow on the right side of His will--and experience all the Blessings of the Zoe Life!

  9. Rise and Walk Above the Ordinary - in Covenant Culture! by Taylor  
    We true Believers (whom have been born again) in Christ Jesus the LORD are not from here, but sent from Heaven on a Mission (Phil. 3:20). We are sent to earth to transform this sick and stupid world (Acts 2:40) into Covenant Culture; to establish the rule of King Jesus, with whom we have an eternal Blood Covenant! (Matt. 16:26 and 21:43)

  10. He is Keeping You! by Taylor  
    The LORD our God, our Father (if we are born again by faith in Christ Jesus and what He did for us by dying on the cross), is forever faithful--even when we aren't looking. He never slumbers nor sleeps. He's always got our backs!

  11. Suffer Like This to Expand God's Kingdom by Taylor  
    Children are not just the future--they are leaders now! When they receive Christ, they receive the same Christ adults receive, and can understand spiritual things more than we know. Let us help the children draw near to Christ the LORD!

  12. The Christmas Surprise by Taylor  
    The LORD loves to surprise us with blessings, especially when we are deliberate in blessing others!

  13. Our Faithful God! by Taylor  
    If God ever stopped being faithful, we'd all be destroyed! But our Father, the Creator and Sustainer of Heaven and earth, is forever faithful to love and help us be restored to His wonderful original Ephesians 2:10 Plan!

  14. Clothed With Rich Apparel by Taylor  
    When we believe in Christ, we get the most beautiful apparel of all--the shining Robe of Righteousness!

  15. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO END by Lupie Riley  
    The Spirit of Christmas doesn't have to end on Dec. 31. For those who have Christ in them that Spirit remains in them and we should rejoice in each the day the Lord has made.

    As a believer, we cannot do without revival in our spiritual lives so long as we're on this earth, where our souls face uncountable wars of coldness and worldliness.
    God usually sends down rekindling coals from His throne to set the heart of His people on fire š" once more and again and again, in His graciousness. He understands. That's why we must keep crying out to Him on time anytime His Spirit convicts us of coldness.

    "Without travail, complacency will keep the believer low and empty. There's a level of growth in Christ which can only be achieved through travails and earnestness."

  18. No Doubt! by Taylor  
    Doubt tries to come, but we ask the LORD to help us believe His Word. He will, and we are blessed, because His Word is true! He can never lie!

  19. Sparkle! by Taylor  
    This world is so dark! They MUST see the Light of Life, the LORD Jesus, in us!

  20. Fear For Life by Taylor  
    To "fear" the LORD means to worship and honor Him. He is a wonderful, patient, loving LORD, Who only has our best interest at heart--better than any earthly parent.

  21. Double Glory! by Taylor  
    For all true Believers in Christ, now is the time of the restoration of all things. it's the time for the double Glory of God for us His kids!

  22. Philippians 4:6 - Most Read Verse in 2019 on App by Sim Lee  
    A look at how social media cites like Faithwriters and YouVersio are serving an expanding global church.

  23. It is Written! by Taylor  
    To enjoy and benefit from all that Jesus died to give you as a Believer in Him, you must know what is written in His Word. The Holy Bible is the Christian's Bill of Rights!

  24. The Light Outshines the Darkness -- Every Time! by Taylor  
    The world is in darkness, and any time we are deceived, we need more of the Light of Christ! His Light (the Truth of His Word) is available now!

  25. I'm the Money! by Taylor  
    Our Father God IS our Supply to meet all our needs, in every part of life, and He is very loving and generous!

  26. God Always Rewards! by Taylor  
    The LORD is faithful to His Promises--even if it seems like a long time in coming. Wait on the LORD, and He will come through for you!

  27. Dead or Alive? by Taylor  
    Your words have a great impact on your life and those around you. Are you causing people and things to be dead, or alive?

  28. The Great Temptation by Ken Barnes  
    As a Christian, if you havenāt felt like the people of Malachiās day, at some point you probably will. When evildoers prosper and the righteous are burdened with adversities, there is a great temptation to conclude that serving God is in vain. Take courage, ultimately the righteous and the unrighteous will get their just reward.

  29. Spill Your Guts and Rest! by Taylor  
    Whatever your problem, Jesus can handle it. You're never alone, and He wants you to spill your guts to Him--so He can give you rest!

  30. Who Needs a Man? by Taylor  
    We need Jesus, the God-Man. And to accomplish His will on earth, God needs US!


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