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Christian Living
  1. Pew Sitters by Steve Countryman  
    Pew sitters shows up for church and go through the motions and routines of church but their lives never change. When they leave church they leave behind any life lessons and life changing grace. The rest of their week just falls back into the normal life that they have grown accustom to.

  2. Enmities effects by michael elies  
    enmity's effects have ruled in causing great damage to the body and its members.

  3. 12 Years a Slave or more by Grace Tom-Lawyer  
    Christmas comes once a year and in the midst of the season, it is important not to miss the reason.Christ came to save the world and to set us free.

  4. A Thankful Heart by Jerry Ousley  
    The sixth step in being a successful Christian is to have a thankful heart.

  5. Understanding Mental and Emotional Stability by stephanie reck  
    Spiritual maturity and emotional maturity go hand-in-hand; you cannot have one without the other. Emotional health involves knowing your limits, and not reacting act of emotions to circumstances. Everyone has limits, and it is wise to know yours.

  6. The World's Savior's Birthday by Leonard Granger  
    Our Lord's Birthday has a purpuse to save the World. God's Son Jesus Christ knew his reason to be on the earth.

  7. Spiritual Growth by Henry Miranda  
    Spiritual growth is a process that begins with the act of faith and is by faith we must study God's word, we must pray, and we must fellowship with other Christians. Most important, we must keep our fellowship with Christ, which will help us to reach out to others.

  8. God Controls Outcomes by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    David was extremely bold when he said that he did not care what man could do to him. Is this the kind of trust believers need to have in God's overall control?

  9. All Will Be Well by Bob Valleau  
    In life's most difficult circumstances, we can still hear our heavenly father say, "All will be well."

  10. Please, You Must Read This! by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Things happen on the earth. So also things happen in heaven. On happenings here, you choose to read what interest you. You must let this also interest you because it affects you.

  11. Hearing is One Thing but Believing Is another Thing by Henry Miranda  
    Some people tell us things that are too hard for us to believe. It's one thing to hear about something and another to believe it. It's one thing to hear the gospel another to choose to reject it.

  12. Three Triumphant Truths for These End Times by John Owens  
    Here are 3 incredibly powerful promises from God to the believer who has invested their trust in Jesus Christ. Supporting Biblical verses are listed and recommended for memorization.

  13. Teamwork by Jerry Ousley  
    The fifth Thing that makes us a successful Christian is learning a simple thing called "Teamwork" ...

  14. DECLARING THE END by Andre Lee  
    Since that day, I have seen many similar things happen. But nothing as scary as what God has been drilling into me over the last couple of years.

  15. Overcoming Fear in Doing God's Will by Joseph Glosenger  
    God expects his children to follow his leading, doing his will in helping people in need. We are called to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to spread the gospel about God and Jesus. This is pure religion in the eyes God. But, believers can be limited by their fear of doing God's will. In this article, I instruct on how to completely overcome the fear of doing God's will, with practical advice I've learned in my own walk with God.

  16. When Carrying the Burdens of Others Becomes Heavy by stephanie reck  
    Most are familiar with the scripture from Galatians 6:2,"Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. "But what happens when this is out of balance, or you have a very tender heart and carrying other's burdens makes you feel heavy?

  17. It Can Liberate You Also. by Olawale Ogunsola  
    God's instructions are for the benefits of His people. Anyone who follows them will never regret. This is one of them, no matter what anyone has against it.

  18. You Are Not under Condemnation by Henry Miranda  
    As Christians, we must understand that our justification is found in Christ alone in His finished work on the cross and not in what we do or don't do.

  19. The Lord Hears Our Prayers by Leonard Granger  
    Healing Power if it is the Lords will. Answer to prayer can be quick.

  20. The Lord Hears Our Prayers by Leonard Granger  
    We need to look to the Lord for answers. The Lord hears us and if his will answers.

  21. The Lord Heals His Way by Leonard Granger  
    The Lord may heal us his way. It may not be a doctors help.

  22. Physical Blessings by Leonard Granger  
    Our Lord answers our cry for help and may answer our prayer for healing. The Lord controls our life here on the earth.

  23. AFTER YOU DIE by Sue Darling  
    when we die, what are people going to say about us.

  24. SEEKING TRUE HUMILITY by Sue Darling  
    The secret in serving God is to remain humble in times of great successes and in failures.

  25. Being Cheerful by Jerry Ousley  
    There are several steps we need to take in order to become a successful Christian. The fourth in this series is "Being Cheerful."

  26. CRUMBLING COOKIES! by olive Ngoe  
    A culinary perspective on patience and waiting on God!

  27. God is faithful to fullfil what He has promised to you... by susan Finny Daniel  
    sometimes we forgot God promise in our life.He is faithful to fulfill what he said to us.

  28. Forgiveness : The Key to Freedom! by susan Finny Daniel  
    Jesus showed forgiveness through his life but in our life we can't give forgiveness to those who hurt us.if we let go our anger, bitterness God will bless us.

    How often in life I lose faith and hold onto things and experiences that are negative and debilitating.

    Life is not easy by all means and we all have quirks in our makeup that need to be changed. In fact to be honest we really need to realize the full extent of our broken and fallen nature.


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