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Christian Living
  1. Hope by Sue Darling  
    Hope is more important than imaginable when you are going through a crisis.

  2. Jehovah Hasn't Changed A Bit by Tesse Wilson  
    God remains consistent with his word...

  3. Go For It President Trump Go Go Go by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    It seems that President Trump is about to take the axe to the root of a lot of liberal (ungodly) trees polluting the world, and truth be told, I cannot wait to see how thorough, and effective a job he will do.

  4. Delayed Obedience by Ken Barnes  
    AbrahamÔs servant had traveled to his masterÔs homeland to find a wife for his son, Isaac. The question at hand was not if she should go, but when. Delayed obedience is always disobedience.

  5. On the Outside Looking Up by Toni Babcock  
    There's no better place than living with Jesus outside the camp.

  6. It Is Vital To Stand Firm by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    If Christianity survived the murderous external assault of the Muslims, the wretched, blood-spattered warfare of the Crusades, the internecine battles for doctrinal orthodoxy, and the enormous rupture caused by The Reformation, then it must have done so because of something beyond humanÔs ability to destroy.

  7. The Cost of Fear by Rick King  
    I live out in the country. I see many critters and so enjoy the variety that seem to frequent my yard. I especially enjoy the deer as they seem to be amazing and beautiful animals. The weather here has been very cold and we have had snow this year.

  8. The Battle is the Lord's by Rochelle Arnold  
    The Lord is implementing many of His strategies right now. We are entering a new season; a time in which the Father is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh. He will do this by infusing His Spirit into Christian artists, writers, producers, leaders and ministers of all kinds. This new move of His Spirit will be unlike anything we have ever seen. God is going mainstream! His Spirit will move like a river and everywhere the river flows there will be life. (Ezekiel 47:9) Life in the form of healing, deliverance and creative miracles. All we have to do is step into the river.

  9. What Made Caleb So Young At Eighty-Five by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 3 of the 3 part series "Joshua and Caleb"

  10. Reaching Canaan by Ken Barnes  
    Abram, who would become Abraham, the father of many nations, set out with his father, Terah, to travel to Canaan. They settled in Harran, about halfway to Canaan. A delay in your calling that God has given you does not necessarily mean that the Lord has changed his mind.

  11. RESET BUTTON by linzy bruno  
    ".... I have recently had to give up my website, move to a new state I've never even visited and face some hard cold facts about the life I had been living. I am definitely starting my life over at 55. At first, I thought I would die....."

    ".....BUT if there is any chance whatsoever that it could help even 1 woman.........I decided to write about this remarkable, unexpected blessing from our Lord....."

  13. Is Jesus optional? by Tim Underwood  
    Our country is filled with decent, upstanding people who seem to be doing fine without any commitment to following Jesus. They feel no need of "salvation".

  14. Biblical Balance by Tim Underwood  
    All the Bible truths are meant to hold each other in proper alignment. Emphasizing one truth to the neglect of others creates distortions. We need biblical balance.

  15. Do you hate religion? by Tim Underwood  
    The word "religion" has become a Christian cuss-word today. Lots of evangelicals say they don't have "religion", they have a relationship and that religion is "man-made". I think that this use of the word, though well-intended, is unfortunate.

  16. City On A Hill Or Candle In The Wind by Shoba Sadler  
    Whose light are you shining? When we yield to God and let His light shine through us instead of trying to shine our own light through our own efforts, we stop striving and begin to walk in harmony with God. Therein lies our peace.

  17. A New Year Is Here; Let Us Continue In Faith and Prayer by Tesse Wilson  
    Not just faith and prayer alone.. We must also act upon God's word

  18. PURSUIT by Stephen J. Kimball  
    A real life example revealing the keys to success: Loving God and loving others.

  19. Eighty-Five Years Young by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 2 of a series about Joshua and Caleb

  20. Watch Your Mouth by Steve Countryman  
    Watching your mouth is not an easy task. I have learned the hard way that it is better to keep my mouth shut then to say something that I will end up regretting later. It's like that old saying... "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt."

  21. Knowing the End from the Beginning by Georgina Tennant  
    Like children watching scary films, we often want to 'know the end from the beginning.' We can't, but God does.

  22. Paul's Experience with Divine Revelation by Manuel Vargas  
    We are going to learn how Paul experienced his Divine Revelation.

  23. Beware of Slipping Away from Believing in the Authority of the Bible by Max Aplin  
    There are things about Christian fundamentalism that are misguided and unhelpful. Nevertheless, fundamentalists are right to point out that many Christians today are slipping away from believing in the authority of the Bible. Those of us who are not fundamentalists need to be very careful not to do this.

  24. Extraordinary Obedience by Dinora Garza  
    Why we Christians don't see more wonders in our lives? We lack something essential in our relationship with God that Moses and Aaron had. Discover what it is...

  25. Weak or Willful Sinners by Ken Barnes  
    In the Book of Jude, we are given instruction on dealing with people who are straying from the truth. We are to show mercy to all, but it appears that with ones departing from the righteousness, there are different methods in responding to them. One size does not seem to fit all.

  26. The fruit that should never have been eaten by Jack Vorster  
    The consequences of the two trees in the middle of the Garden of Eden meant far more than a life and death struggle.

  27. We are called to Love Everybody by Sue Darling  
    We must be seriously obey God. And love people even the ones we think are not the people we think they should be.

  28. Should I Stay Or Should I Go by Stephen Vattimo  
    When you are a Christian , a place of employment is more then a place to earn you keep, it's a mission field.

  29. Caleb and Joshua by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 1 of a 3 part series about Caleb and Joshua

  30. God is a Jealous God by Sue Darling  
    Many people are having statures of other religions for decoration in their homes and don't realise they are inviting trouble to themselves by doing this.


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