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Christian Living
  1. Friendship With God by lareina morgan  
    why would God want to be friends with us? Because He loves us and He cherishes us, and most importantly, He believes in us and we are important to Him. Praise Him and let Him come into your life and be your friend!

  2. The God Chronicles - Part 4 Give All That You Can To God by lareina morgan  
    The times are getting darker, but there is not better time or circumstance for the Lord to show His Grace and to use His power and authority in the world and in your life; give Him everything that you have, and He will show you what He can do to transform your life!

  3. A Disaster Christian by Steve Countryman  
    To stand on God's Word, to stand on God's truth, to stand on God's principles, to stand on God's righteousness. Stand! If you can't stand then you can't advance and move forward in the things of God.

  4. Initiation by Jimmy Hacker  
    This is an article about being initiated. I also give my own personal testimony of how satan wanted to initiate me. Also, I list the 5 d's of sin. What are they?

  5. The Dilemma of Darius - Part 2 - Sorrow, Repentance and Helplessness by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 2 of the 3 Part Series "The Dilemma of Darius"

  6. FORGIVEN FOREVER by Jeffrey Hagan  
    Stop worrying whether or not you are "still" saved. The gift of salvation is eternally secure once it has been received by grace through faith.

  7. The God Chronicles - Part 3 My Name Is Victory! by lareina morgan  
    I know who I am, My Name Is Victory!

  8. Scriptures To Declare Out Loudā by Steve Countryman  

  9. Word of Encouragement from the Counselorās Corner: When Carrying the Burdens of Others Becomes Heavy Ā by stephanie reck  
    Most are familiar with the scripture from Galatians 6:2,āBear one anotherās burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. āBut what happens when this is out of balance, or you have a very tender heart and carrying otherās burdens makes you feel heavy?

  10. Power by Jimmy Hacker  
    This is an article about power. Every body wants it. But only one source of power will out do all powers on earth. Do you have that power?

  11. I Will Praise The Lord by lareina morgan  
    I give thanks to the Lord for is ever loving presence in my life, and He has brought me from a mighty long way, I will Praise the Lord!

  12. Listen To Your Heart by lareina morgan  
    we cant take God's word for granted, and we should always listen to the promptings of God,s spirit He will enable us to live peaceful and joyful lives

  13. The Treaty of Peace by lareina morgan  
    whether you aware of it or not, there is war going on on planet earth, a spiritual war, good vs evil, that is playing itself out in our world, and good has overcome the evil; the good news is, God has a made a treaty of peace with all of humanity, but we must be willing to accept His gift of salvation

  14. Seeing By Fai by Ken Barnes  
    God often gives his servants vision that he does not let them complete. In the case of Moses, the Lord allowed him to see the Promised Land from a distance, as it were, by faith.

  15. Powerful Victory by Steve Countryman  
    Is there ANYTHING too big or too difficult for God to do?

  16. Change Is Good In God's Kingdom by lareina morgan  
    we become christians because He loved us so much that He died for us, and we stay christians because we have faith in Him, so be prepared to change for Him so that your walk in Christ is righteous and Holy.

  17. Faith Is The Substance Of Your Heart by lareina morgan  
    you need faith to live a christian's life, and with the power of the Holy Spirit, your faith will grow and you walk in Christ shall be perfected.

  18. The God Chronicles -Part 2 The Peace You Need For Salvation by lareina morgan  
    the peace for salvation comes from within, given to us by the Holy Spirit; when we seek Him with all of our hearts, we will rest in Him and we will receive His peace!

  19. The God Chronicles - Part 1 What You See Is What You Get by lareina morgan  
    we need to look beyond our own thoughts and needs to seek His face and His guidance in our lives, for what you seek is in Him, and what you see is what is get!

  20. God Provides by Kathleen Angell  
    God is our very present hellp.

  21. The Harvest Field Around Us by Kathleen Angell  
    The fields are white to harvest.
    Going out to the harvest all around us.

  22. The funeral home. by Jimmy Hacker  
    This is an article about living for God. It lists an exhausted list of worldly things that are sin. We look at what He did after He died on the cross.

  23. Getting ready for the rapture. by Jimmy Hacker  
    This article informs you to get ready for the rapture cause it can happen at any time.

  24. The Peace of Christ by lareina morgan  
    when you have the peace of Christ, circumstances become easier to bear, His love and providence will cover youl

  25. LIVING THE HIGH LIFE! by linzy bruno  
    If you would like to know God for yourself, to know a life that can provide a joy that cannot be explained in the natural, to have victory over your problems and your enemies; to live life as God has it---the Zoe life, then all you have to do is accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior by saying this simple prayer and repent of your sins

  26. A HIGH VOLTAGE LOVE by Sim Lee  
    Witnessing to others in the workplace by using existing examples of technology that are already understood by them.

    Season films and soap operas have a way of bringing new and different twists to their stories. This keeps viewers glued to them, wanting more and more. The creator, who is the superintendent over such ingenuity has more of himself to reveal to us. All we need do is to be desirous from the outset, and we will see ourselves wanting more and more of Him.

  28. Pride and Power by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 1 of the 3 Part Series "The Dilemma of Darius"

  29. EVERETT'S CHOICE by Sim Lee  
    A man chooses between fulfilling his worldly bucket list and ministering to encourage the dying during his final days of battling pancreatic cancer.

  30. Real Truth by Ken Barnes  
    In Godās infinite wisdom he has information known only to him. The Lord loves for us to use our intellect to seek out wisdom from him, but if the pursuit becomes to obtain knowledge just for the sake of knowing, it becomes meaningless.


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