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  1. 'Today' Becomes an Important Word for Couple in New Year by Greg Miller  
    Today becomes an important word for couple in the new year.

  2. Has your Church Compromised? by BGW   
    Many of churches has gone to an entertainment based and have soften the gospel to fill seats. Has yours?

  3. God or Mammon by Ken Barnes  
    The Bible does not say we ‚should not‚ or ‚must not‚ but we cannot serve God and mammon. You will always end up loving one and despising the other. It must be God or mammon.

  4. BEHOLD HE COMES by Lupie Riley  
    The prophetic clock is ticking and time is short. World events are all indicators that the Lord is coming soon.

  5. The Spiritual Life of Lot by Susan Budensiek  
    The story of Lot is well-known but how could Lot be called ‚righteous‚ in 2 Peter when Genesis 19 records him doing what appears to be some pretty bad things?

  6. Smile by Sim Lee  
    A brief look at the awesome power of a smile and God's peace.

  7. A NEW BEGINNING by Lupie Riley  
    We have 365 fresh new days ahead of us. What will it hold in 2019. Could it be the return of our Lord in the rapture?

  8. Surrender To God's Plan A Or Our Plan B? by Susan Budensiek  
    Surrender to God‚s Plan A or our Plan B? Now that sounds like one of those ‚no-brainer‚ questions to any professing Christian! Of course God‚s way is best ‚"

  9. Living Waters or Broken Cisterns by Rochelle Arnold  
    The Lord requires us to be filled in our vessel or cistern a reservoir of living water that comes from Him. When we do this, we will then be able to overflow with His presence which will lead to signs, wonders and miracles. This is where we become like Jesus and do even greater works.

  10. Man Aims for Success in New Year's Resolutions by Greg Miller  
    A man takes aim for greater success with his New Year's resolutions.

  11. Voices For Christ by Sim Lee  
    A look at our voices for Christ

  12. Character and Reputation by Ken Barnes  
    We often worry about our reputation more than we should, rather than being concerned with a clean conscience which produces godly character.

  13. Find Your Own Calcutta by Sim Lee  
    A challenge to find your own "Calcutta".

  14. Amen! Come, Lord Jesus! by Ken Barnes  
    As we look forward to 2019, what does it tell us at the end of the Book? It reveals to us that Jesus is coming soon and what our response should be.

  15. Should Christians Try to Make the World a Better Place? by Max Aplin  
    Some Christians put too much emphasis on making the world a better place, but this is at the price of downplaying people‚s need for salvation. Other Christians put too little emphasis on making the world a better place, but this is at the price of lacking love and hindering evangelism.

  16. CHRISTMAS EVERY DAY by Lupie Riley  
    We can have Christmas every day if we have Christ in our lives.

  17. God's Word Will Never Fail If You Believe by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Have you received any promise from God or His word and you are yet to see the fulfillment of it? Don't be discouraged for it shall surely come to pass, though it tarries be rest assured that it will be fulfilled in your life. However, you need to believe till you receive it. This article emphasizes the truth that God's word will never fail if you will choose to believe Him.

  18. What Are You Running With-An Ambition or a Vision? by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Do you desire to excel, succeed and prosper in what you are doing by the end of this year? Is your quest to fulfill your own desire hindering the fulfillment of God's desire in your life? Many times we put our ambitions ahead of our God given vision or assignment. Unfortunately, you will never be your best pursuing your desires, nor will they be accepted by God. This article encourages you to pursue God's plan for you rather than your ambition because of your love for Him.

  19. Turn Those Prayer Request To Thanksgiving by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Have you been praying and it's as if your prayers are not being answered? This can depress or discourage one if one is not grounded in God's love and word. It's time to switch to thanksgiving and praise for a change of story. This article encourages you to switch over to thanksgiving in anticipation for speedy answers to your prayer requests.

  20. Citizens of Heaven by Ken Barnes  
    Paul wrote these words from a Roman prison. He found a way of framing all his life experiences, good or bad, by his vision for heaven that furthered the Gospel of Christ.

  21. REASON FOR THE SEASON by Lupie Riley  
    The gift of Salvation came into the world by the baby named Jesus one Christmas morning 2,000 years ago.

  22. Dross by Ken Barnes  
    For every Christian, there is a testing process. Similar to the purification of silver the process involves fire, expressed in our lives as trials. Though the process is never pleasant, in the end, it produces the ‚peaceful fruit of righteousness‚ (Hebrews 12:11).

  23. "I've Been Robbed" by Steve Countryman  

  24. Having Done All, Stand by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Do you feel you've done all and you want to quit? No, it's not time to quit but time to stand. When you have done all, the next thing to do is to remain standing. As long as you are standing, you will not be defeated. This article urges you to keep standing when you have done all you know to do.

  25. If You Love Me‚ by Susan Budensiek  
    Several years ago there seemed to be a rash of blogs, sermons, devotionals and articles appearing just about everywhere in relation to the seemingly harmless things we enjoy that can easily become idols in our hearts. This was a good thing because most of us tend to overlook such things ‚" at least in ourselves. After all, we‚re not hurting anyone are we? Maybe not, but we are undermining our relationship with God.

    Something else, equally as serious as idols in our hearts, has come to my attention many times recently in various settings. This is the story of the most severe of these encounters from just last month.

  26. GIFT OF LOVE by Lupie Riley  
    Love came into the world that Christmas eve wrapped in a blanket. This child grew up to be the worlds, Savior and coming King. His name is Jesus.

  27. God Is Still on the Throne by Ken Barnes  
    Many things happen in this life that seems to be incomprehensible. Christian die seemingly too young in what appears to be in the midst of their usefulness. Occurrences transpire that do not look to fulfill God‚s purposes, yet God is still on the throne.

  28. Is It Cheese? by Sarah Fehr  
    Sometimes even a hunk of moldy cheese can convict our spirit.

  29. The Fear of Death by Ken Barnes  
    Many of us live in bondage to many things in this life. Ultimately, there is one great fear owned and propagated by the devil. There is no greater slavery than the fear of death.

  30. IDOL'S by Lupie Riley  
    Do we have idol's in our life. When obsessions take the place of God they become idol's.


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