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  1. The Truth will set you free by Sue Darling  
    Many people know what the teachings of the Bible are and yet choose to water down or change its meaning or even delete them.

  2. Reaching Kids for Christ by Tonja Taylor  
    From public to private schools, to homes and even our churches--kids are hungry for the real Jesus Christ! Here are a few tips to reach them!

  3. CRISIS IN AMERICA by Lupie Riley  
    America's future is at stake this next election. Do we want a socialist, New World Order government or a nation founded on Christian principals.

  4. "Aging Out" Is Not Ending Well For Orphans by Rik Charbonneaux  
    A look at the sad statistics of orphans who "age out" of the system.

  5. Repetitive Prayers by Sue Darling  
    My main goal in this article is to get people to intensively pray. Sometimes we have plenty to pray about, and then there be times we have nothing to say. repetitive prayers come useful during these times.

  6. Many Have Answered the Call to be Martyrs for God by Sue Darling  
    Not everyone will be called to give up their physical lives to God. Many of Gods children will go to safe havens. Those who are called to become martyrs i believe should start getting prepared for the time when they are called now, so as to be ready.

  7. Stunned by Grace by Lorraine Taylor  
    The key to thriving is learning to live in and by Grace!

  8. Life Supplied by Lorraine Taylor  
    The key to thriving in this life is learning to live from the fully supplied life of Christ.

  9. I am Not Doing Anything Wrong! by Tonja Taylor  
    We must learn that, through the Blood of Jesus--and ONLY through our faith in the Blood of Christ--we are right with Him. When others try to make us feel wrong or condemned, we can rest in God and quietly assert ourselves in the righteousness He gives us.

  10. Does Your Christian Life Cost You Anthing? by Mark Nickles  
    What has your walk with Christ cost you? While GodÔs people no longer observe a sacrificial system, the concept of sacrifice is still inherent.

  11. Praying to God is the First Priority by Sue Darling  
    God in His goodness and mercy lets us go our own way. So that we find we do indeed need to rely on God for everything.

  12. The Winds of God Change Things in Our Nation! by Tonja Taylor  
    I have been hearing preaching about "the winds of God," which are God's angels in motion. A few days ago, the LORD revealed Isaiah 40:22-24 to me, which we can pray for this nation!

  13. When God Doesn't Make Sense by Tonja Taylor Him anyway! He is ultimately trustworthy. He gives you every breath! Also, as He revealed to me a few years ago, when we sleep, we trust Him totally--or we would never sleep! He Who never slumbers nor sleeps watches over us!

  14. Never Look Back by Ken Barnes  
    Looking back is never a good thing.

  15. Singing for Freedom by Tonja Taylor  
    The Bible has much to say about singing, and many scholars believe that the LORD sang the universe into existence! This piece discusses how singing is another aspect of our freedom--and how, when we sing, we are excercising that freedom!

  16. Just Keep Walking by Tonja Taylor  
    God will never give up on you, if you really want Him. He is faithful and once you receive Him through Christ, He will never leave you. He will always keep working on your behalf to bring you the best life ever (John 10:10)!"

  17. YOUTH AND SUICIDE by Lupie Riley  
    There are several reason for our youth taking their own lives. The most dangerous one is loss of hope and purpose.

  18. Doing Gods Will fulfills us by Sue Darling  
    We have only one life. Lets not waste it. Serving God is the most fulfilling thing you can do.

  19. Strength and Peace by Tonja Taylor  
    Psalm 29:11 states that the LORD gives us strength and peace. When I was suffering physically and emotionally, just reading this Scripture aloud brought me great comfort. It is an excellent and powerful verse to memorize!

  20. Why Do Missions Have The Lowest Funding? by Rik Charbonneaux  
    A look at how little we are funding Missions compared to other Christian causes donations we make.

  21. Love Yourself as God wants you to by Sue Darling  
    Very few of us love ourselves as we are called to. We listen to, too many lies from the devil ant the proper gander of the world, and not what God is trying to tell us.


  23. A Strong Enemy Of Your Faith by Olawale Ogunsola  
    The just shall live by faith. The enemy of your soul knows this very well and plans always to attack it. One of his offensive weapons is knowledge.

  24. REST FOR THE WEARY by Lupie Riley  
    God gives rest to the weary. Psalms describes it as green pastures and still waters, calming atmosphere for those who are weary and in need of rest.

  25. How To Get God To Work Miracles More Through You by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Do you desire that God should use you to work signs and wonders? If so, know that you have desired a good thing. However, it doesn't just happen by wishing it, but through taking practical spiritual steps. This article gives the four major keys to working signs and wonders.

  26. This Is A Call To Action To A Soul Winner by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Are you ready to answer the call to win souls as a way of life? My earlier posts gave the details on God's heartbeat, which is soul winning. And now, I want to encourage you to take action and win souls for Christ.

  27. ADDICTIONS AND IDOLS by Lupie Riley  
    The covid pandemic has allowed Christians to think about putting God in his rightful place on the throne of their heart and getting rid of any idols they have embraced causing a distraction in their life.

  28. God Dreams or Ours by Ken Barnes  
    David was excited about building the Temple for the Lord, yet he could not build it. The test for David was whether his dream was GodÔs or his.

  29. Jerusalem by Michael Hume  
    Jerusalem is the centre of the nations. It is the place Jesus died, was buried and rose again, and because of Him our sin died and we live eternally with Him starting now on earth.

  30. RECOGNIZING SATAN'S ATTACKS by linzy bruno  
    ".....Cursing has a strange quality; it keeps us upset, but we accept it like it´s an actual coping-mechanism......"


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