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Christian Living
  1. AGING IS BEAUTIFUL! by Jerry Smith  
    Among the myriad of processes that the Lord has ordained in His creation is that of AGING.

    What kind of music can a Christian listen to? Based on what the Bible says directly about it, the question that comes to my mind is 'CAN' a Christian listen to secular music?

  3. My Happiest Times have also been My Sadest Times by Sue Darling  
    Many people think it is not possible to have sad times mixed with good times, but it can.

  4. God has Good Taste by Sue Darling  
    Good taste come from God, bad taste comes from the devil as I see it.

  5. Prayer by Sue Darling  
    Sometimes we pray for things that are not good for us and later we wish we hadn't prayed for it, because it was answered.

  6. Time Is In His Hands by Steve Countryman  

    Christians don't always act like Christians, especially to other Christians. How are we to act toward our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ?

  8. Avoid a Misplaced Trust by Toni Babcock  
    Mere association with Jesus was no guarantee of being a part of His kingdom.

  9. GRACE FOR THE DESPISED by Jeffrey Hagan  
    Too many Christians do not understand the depth of God's grace. Hopefully this brief article will help believers catch just a glimpse of the true grace of God.

  10. Cast Your Cares Upon Him by lareina morgan  
    what does it mean to be a child of God? It means peace, hope, love, and everlasting fellowship - it also means help to live in this world, for I know I can cast my cares upon Him!

  11. Fighting The Good Fight by lareina morgan  
    I love to seek His face, for in His presence I feel love, hope, trust, and fellowship - He is my greatest Hero! He helps me to fight the good fight

  12. The Willingness To Love by lareina morgan  
    Love is not something that can be expressed in the dark, all alone; we must be willing to give of ourselves and to show that we care.

  13. Can Love Make A Difference? by lareina morgan  
    What would you to show love to someone, would you open your heart even though you might get hurt? Can love make a difference?

  14. Unstoppable Love by lareina morgan  
    when i need help in my life, i look to the Lord who strengthens me and He fills me with His unstoppable love

  15. He Knew That You Could Handle It by lareina morgan  
    We all go through times of pain, testing, and sorrow; why does God allow this to happen?

  16. The Breakfast of Champions 2 - Faith by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 2 of a 5 Part Series

  17. WHAT'S YOUR AGENDA? by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    We all need to have an agenda. Some have good ones, others, well....... Since mine is not hidden, I will gladly share it with you.

  18. A Pastor's Reflection On An Unexpected Heart Attack by Anthony Weber  
    When I was 47, I had a massive heart attack - a Widomaker, with 100% blockage. Here are some thoughts as an individual and a pastor on on the event and the aftermath.

  19. Aliens and Strangers by Anthony Weber  
    How are we to life as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven while also living as citizens of the countries of earth?

  20. Just As One Speaks With A Friend by Ken Barnes  
    Moses and his people had to get it right before he could go into the Tent of Meeting. God was pleased with their offerings and spoke to Moses face to face. Through our sacrificial lamb, Jesus Christ, we can talk to God just one speaks with a friend.

  21. Mow The Lawn by Steve Countryman  

  22. From Pain To Purpose by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    Pain is a key ingredient to discovering your purpose. Discover how to turn trial into triumph, disaster into destiny and pain into purpose!

  23. Keys To Discovering Purpose by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    The discovery of purpose is like a treasure hunt, the excitement is in the pursuit and the fulfilment is in the use or spending of the treasure. The pursuit of pur purpose is an incredible journey and it starts here.

  24. PURPOSE: The Fuel For Life! by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    Feel drained all the time? Do you always need an energy boost and a good shot of motivation to wake up? Purpose is the remedy to your sluggishness in life. Purpose is the fuel for life, the motivation to hit the floor each morning. Read on!

  25. Dangers Of Purposeless Living by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    If you are not living a life of purpose, you are living the wrong life! Strange as it sounds, it's true. There are certain dangers of not living in your purpose that we Will walk through. They are also indicators of whether or not you are living in your purpose.

  26. PURPOSE: Live Your Best Life Now! by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? The meaning of life is mot a one size fits all answer. The answer to the two questions above is as unique as we are, yet there are similar threads that lead us to the answers.

  27. True Humility is Knowing One's Identity in Christ by Robert Hawes  
    True, biblical humility is not thinking less of yourself. On the contrary; it is thinking better of yourself.

  28. God Will Supply by lareina morgan  
    my Jesus will supply. He will supply all our your needs, seek Him with all our your heart, and He will supply!

  29. Kindness Is King by lareina morgan  
    we need to show kindness to everyone in our lives, so that we may be examples of Jesus Christ,s love

  30. Success Is Not What You Think by lareina morgan  
    How have you judged yourself, according to God's standards - what do you believe God sees when He looks at you, do you believe He sees a successful life?


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