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  1. THE BEST IS YET TO COME by Lupie Riley  
    The world when Jesus rules as King of Kings will be glorious.

  2. The Two Great Commandments by Ken Barnes  
    We are commanded in this portion of Scripture to love God and our neighbor. The second commandment may be the more difficult of the two to keep. Whatās not to love about God, yet concerning our neighbor, most of us can think of a few things.

  3. The Silence of the Lamb of God by Jack Vorster  
    The Coronavirus silence in the world will soon make way for a far greater silence.

  4. Power Over Fear by Mark Nickles  
    Fear. It can keep us from acting in our best interests, or the interests of others. It can keep us from taking risks which lead to better understanding of ourselves, our friends and family, and most importantly, God. Fear can immobilize us. And, right now, we are vulnerable to this immobilization, due to the Covid-19 virus.

  5. Seated in Heavenly Places by Jack Vorster  
    The Church should do what it is supposed to do - and that is to get rid of the Coronavirus once and for all.

  6. The Effects Of Spirituality In The Life Of A Man by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Do you wonder why you have no peace and your life seems to be crashing down? Then, one area I will suggest you check is your spirituality. This is because your spirituality determines what happens to you physically. This article relates your success in life to your spirituality in Christ.

  7. Will It Profit You To Gain The World And Lose Your Soul? by Ngozi Nwoke  
    What shall it profit you if you gain the whole world and lose your soul? Every action, thought or word of yours determines the line you are towing. And your time on earth is too short to make wrong choices. This article encourages you to focus on gaining your soul.

  8. God is Still on the Throne by Ken Barnes  
    Human nature craves certainty and predictability, but Covid-19 has the world anxious because we are uncertain and unable to predict the future. God is the only one with whom we can have absolute certainty that he holds the future. In times of global crisis, there is a God in heaven who is still on the throne.

  9. An Attitude Shared By Too Many by Sim Lee  
    Are we being thankful to God for his blessings bestowed upon us in these times?

  10. The Significance of the Coronavirus Crisis by Jack Vorster  
    It seems there could be more to the Covid-19 outbreak than meets the eye.

  11. BLESSINGS IN A CRISIS by Lupie Riley  
    Good can come out of bad if we look for it.

  12. VISIONS OF THE KING - His Love Makes Us One by Tonja Taylor  
    The LORD Yahweh has given me several wonderful visions of The King over the years. He has impressed me to share them with you. May they inspire you to know He is ever near, and totally in love with you, His precious child!

  13. HOW TO WAIT ON GOD'S PROMISES by Simon Tembo  
    Brethren, we can not perfectly wait on God if we don't pray. Waiting needs communication. When we pray we get the guidance, and he gives us the grace and strength that keeps us going without getting weary

  14. Watered-Down Sermons, USA Pastors Top Concern by Sim Lee  
    A look at the top concerns of USA pastors for their churches in 2020 for what has been happening over the last ten years.

  15. IMMORTALITY by Lupie Riley  
    Fear has no place in the born again Christians life. The Lord says I have not given you a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.

  16. Smiles Big Part of Couple's Lives by Greg Miller  
    A Christian couple become known throughout the community for their smiles.

  17. The God Who Provides by Ken Barnes  
    Corvid-19 is upon us, and stores everywhere have empty shelves. People are seeking wipes and disinfectant sprays like they are precious jewels. The problem is not about supply but demand. We can learn a lot from the Bible in how God taught his people to deal with supply and demand.

  18. How to Conquer the Spirit of Death by Henry Duodu Appiah-korang  
    Secret divine keys to conquer pre mature death and live life according to the will of God.

  19. The Mysteries of the Midnight Hour by Henry Duodu Appiah-korang  
    Understanding the operations in the midnight hour and how the devil and his minions operate.

  20. The Mirror Of God Is The Reflector Of Your True Image by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Who do you see when you look at the mirror? This is because who you see determines what you think, say or do and what comes to you. However, the mirror you are using is what dictates the reflection you see. And the best mirror to use is the mirror of the word. This article charges you to see yourself as the word of God sees you.

  21. How Important Is A Good Testimony From God To You by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Do you know what God thinks of you? The testimony of the Lord goes a long way to determine what is allowed to come to you. So, the occurrences around you, to a great extent, depict what He testifies of you. Therefore, it is important to consider God's testimony of you for a more fruitful and peaceful life. This article gives the importance of having a good testimony from the Lord.

  22. 7 Scriptures That Changed My Life by Ogaga Eruteya  
    What scriptures have made the most profound impact on you? Do you have favourite bible verses? Find out if any of these resonates with you.

  23. USA Adults Warming Up To Other Religions by Sim Lee  
    A look at how increases in USA religious hate crimes are somewhat offset by adult Christians reaching out more to non-Christians

  24. Thank You LORD for All Good Things! by Tonja Taylor  
    Every good thing in our lives is from our good, good God! Let us be thankful. And here's a secret: When you're thankful, you're much happier!

  25. The Coronavirus Pandemic; Shifting the Focus of Attention by Jack Vorster  
    A new plague has hit the world causing great concern for the lives it might put in danger, but no such concern is displayed for the carnage and deliberate waste of lives in the killing fields of the Middle East and elsewhere on our plant.

  26. Our Spiritual Equation by Ken Barnes  
    A common mission statement among many churches and Christian organizations is to know God and make him known. You canāt make God known if you donāt know him. Likewise, you cannot fully know him without making him known.

  27. U.S. Children Respond Best To Evangelizing by Sim Lee  
    A look at how children are the ones who respond best to evangelizing in the USA.

  28. The Healing God by lareina morgan  
    Is the coronavirus a judgement against the world? How should believers deal with their fears and anxieties and what can the Lord do for you?

  29. On Being An Heir by Tonja Taylor  
    When you receive Christ Jesus as your Savior and LORD, you will come into the Covenant inheritance--the benefits of which are out of this world!

  30. FEAR AND ANXIETY by Lupie Riley  
    We live in a stressful world having to make decisions everyday. Do those decisions help us to stand strong with our faith firmly planted in the Lord?


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