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Christian Living
    "Our God is a jealous God. This is another reason to keep Him first. Why is He jealous? There are several reasons. The Israelites repeatedly went from worshipping God, but then back to worshipping idols. Our idols today translate to......."

  2. Paradise by Steve Countryman  
    Paradise is the word that is used to describe heaven. Heaven is the kingdom of God or as it is known as the kingdom of heaven.

  3. Why it is best sometimes for the Lord to "break your heart" with compassion by lareina morgan  
    What is it like to have your heart "broken" by the Lord for His sake, so that you may have compassion for others!

  4. I AM by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 3 of the 3 part series "The I AM"

  5. You Are The Bride, I Am The King Of Kings by lareina morgan  
    A message from the Kings of Kings to the Bride of Christ, His church

  6. Man with Heart of Thanksgiving is Compared to Job in the Old Testament by Greg Miller  
    A man's friends compare him to the Old Testament character of Job.

  7. MOVING BEYOND SIN by Jeffrey Hagan  
    We often live with unnecessary guilt from sin God has already forgiven. If He forgives us of our sins, how much moreso should we learn to forgive ourselves.

  8. But You Do Have To Love Them by Sim Lee  
    A look at the Body of Christ.

  9. Foundation Shake Down by Stephen Vattimo  
    This is a short poem about faith sustaining a person during hard times.

  10. A Brief And Simple Overview of Father Abraham For those Who Have Never Heard of him: Genesis 12 thru 25 by Sim Lee  
    A brief overview of the call, life and faithfulness of Father Abraham.

  11. Things I Need To Do by Steve Countryman  
    I get started on my list of things to do, notes on phone calls I need to return, things I need to order, special requests, specific things that I need to address but the notes end up disappearing.

  12. It Is Not A Religious Act, It Is An Act Of Fellowship by lareina morgan  
    Communion is an act of fellowship and joy, not an act of religious ritual. Do you know why you take communion, and what does it mean to you?

  13. Can You Hear Him Speaking To You Now? by lareina morgan  
    How do you know that the Lord is speaking to you? I is a discovery that every christian should have, and there is a method to knowing when He is speaking to you and when He is not.

  14. The Great I AM by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 2 of the 3 Part Series "I AM"

  15. THE SCHOOL OF GOD by linzy bruno  
    "This godly principle is meant to stretch our faith; we learn that through the withstanding of difficulty, we grow and we have the revelation that we can make it through most anything......."

  16. Moses, dear Moses - Part 2 by theburningbushboy Solanke  
    With all Pharaoh offered and raised you to be, how come you did not forget your source? I will always respect you for not allowing the life in the palace and having access to wealth and fame change the way Mother told you to always see yourself. I mean, Egypt was the superpower of your time and you were not only next to the king, you were next to being the king. Not forgetting that you were a stranger in a foreign land that offered you so much will surely not cease to amaze me.

  17. The God of Overflow by Steve Countryman  

  18. He Is... by Steve Countryman  
    He is my EVERYTHING!

  19. What by Latosha Wilson  
    Have you ever examined what is behind that talenta God has blessed you with. This is a sample of my latest reflection.

  20. Beware of Overconfidence in Understanding Why God Does What He Does by Max Aplin  
    Much that God does is beyond our ability to understand. Modern Western Christians are often too confident in the explanations they give for why God does what He does. More caution and reserve are needed in this area.

  21. The Importance of Learning All We Can from Sins and Mistakes by Max Aplin  
    Whenever we commit a sin or just make some sort of honest mistake, we will usually want to put that thing to the back of our mind and forget about it as soon as possible. However, as Christians we should try to learn all we can from what we get wrong. We need to take radical steps to keep away from situations that we know are likely to cause temptation.

  22. Believers Are Failing To Be Bold by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    I therefore expect that believers, blood washed, sanctified and totally committed to God would be different. Believers should never be quiet, and spineless, in the face of the most horrid attacks on the principles and teaching of the Holy Bible. Believers are GodÔs ambassadors on earth, and we need to act boldly, day by day, to represent Him.

  23. Will You Be Expecting Him When He Comes? by lareina morgan  
    Are you expecting Him to come? In His word He states that He will come again to take His people from the earth so that the evil ones, the rebels can be judged? Are you aware that He expects you to know that He is coming back for us all?

  24. The Heart Of The Seeker Should Not Have To Wait by Sim Lee  
    Overview of being a Missionary of the Moment

  25. Insight by Don Pedal  
    Are you tired of the daily battle of life? As you look at your weaknesses and sins, does the load seem unbearable? I did too, and it was at that moment that I had the insight that changed my view of life.

  26. The Great God I AM by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 1 of a 3 Part Series titled "I AM"

  27. Word of Encouragement: Counselor‚s Corner Progress Not Perfection by stephanie reck  
    Making progress in your life does not equal perfection! Making progress means moving forward step by step, day by day, and never giving up

  28. Getting the Look by Martha Kinney  
    Everyone wants to look great and the Bible gives its view on what makes a well dressed individual regardless of your budget constraints

  29. Graceful Maturity by lareina morgan  
    There is a reason why you are going through what you are going through right now, and it starts with your faith and dependence on Jesus Christ, for He will do whatever it takes to mold your and transform you into His image, for His name's sake!

  30. Hugs by Steve Countryman  
    The hugs have a way of conveying comfort, caring and a sense of belonging.


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