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  1. God's Holy Name by Donna Wittlif  
    Christians will lose their souls if they allow themselves to take God's name in vain.

  2. Justice and Mercy by Ken Barnes  
    Have you ever tried to be just and yet kind and merciful at the same time? Humanly speaking, it is a tall task. In the Cross of Christ, God has found a way of being just and merciful at the same time.

    One person dies another is born. Life goes on. Jesus valued the life of a child and blessed them. Today abortion does not look at a fetus as a baby and rids themselves of the inconvenience. There is a way of forgiveness through Jesus shed blood.

  4. Full Assurance by Ken Barnes  
    There are times in our Christian walk that we can just get tired and spiritually lazy. Paul reminds us that the good works we did, in the beginning, should continue to the end. Diligence ensures the full assurance of our hope until the end.

  5. Thinking through the Storm by Dr. Arvis Murrell  
    Storms of life can frighten us and get us to doubt. Yet during these times of uncertainty, we need to throw doubt aside and be determined to endure until the end.

  6. OUR CHAMPION by Dudley Anderson  
    Our Champion, Jesus, had conquered the enemy of Life. Jesus fought a duel and won the fight. You and I, in the ranks and files of His army, have not raised a sword in this battle, yet through Jesus, we have gained the victory. Jesus is the conqueror, while through Christ, we are more than conquerors.

  7. Spiritual Groupies by Ken Barnes  
    Paul had planted the Church in the great city of Corinth. He got reports that they had started to divide into groups based on the preference for leadership. If your fondness for a spiritual leader separates you from the rest of the Body of Christ, you may be on the path to becoming a spiritual groupie.

  8. WE'LL SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE by Lupie Riley  
    In the rapture we'll soar like an eagle. Enoch was transported to another dimension because God took him. Phillip was transported to another town when he completed his mission with the eunuch. Jesus floated up into the sky and disappeared in the clouds. We'll be able to do the same when the trumpet sounds.

  9. My Halloween Awakening by John Owens  
    At 2AM Halloween morning, a terrifying vision gripped this writer. God wouldn't let go till it was all written down.

  10. What Pride Is and Isn't by Ken Barnes  
    The Devil is called the accuser of the brethren.¬¬Those who struggle with pride are the first to charge others of this offense.¬¬The Enemy is very skillful in¬accusing us of sin generally that we may not be guilty of specifically.¬¬

  11. AMAZING GRACE by Lupie Riley  
    What is the meaning of the word GRACE. It can have several but the one that counts is from God.

  12. Flames Of Love by Steve Countryman  
    The flames of love is the manifested unquenchable fire of the Holy Spirit!

  13. Peace of God Restored by Susan Budensiek  
    As much as I have agonized, cried, examined myself for disobedience to God, felt like I was of no use to God or anyone else, and in general thought almost constantly about this current longest, darkest, gloomiest valley I have ever walked through, I have not completely lost faith in God. Although, I confess that I have come very close to it and even felt like He had abandoned me. I had no peace, no joy, and no incentive to do anything.

  14. Heaven's Court by Ken Barnes  
    There is a chief justice of heaven‚s court, and his name is the God of Justice. The judges and magistrates on this earth wield enormous power and influence. When those who administer justice in this world walk in darkness and dispense injustice, there is still a God who rules and reigns. He fights for the rights of the poor and needy. He brings judgment on the judges.

  15. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT by Lupie Riley  
    Our Christian youth need to Stand out, Stand up and Stand firm in the faith. I'm a opinionated politically incorrect grandma

  16. It's All About Balance by Susan Budensiek  
    We all know that life is like a teeter-totter, having ups and downs throughout its entirety. And many of us are challenged by the juggling of everything we are involved in, struggling for balance. The well-known passage in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 lays out plainly that all of life is meant to be balanced. But this isn‚t exactly what I have been thinking about concerning balance...

  17. The Sum of God's Word by Ken Barnes  
    All of God‚s word is true, yet taking one part of it without considering the other parts, will not lead you to the truth.

  18. C.S. Lewis - On The Way To The Whipsnade Zoo by Sim Lee  
    A look at the circumstances of the conversion of C.S. Lewis to Christianity.

  19. Are You Biased by Don Pedal  
    Let me start out by saying we are all biased. Christians are more biased than many other groups. Before you throw me under the nearest bus, let me explain. Bias may be good or bad depending how it is used. Are You Biased will help you understand what the Bible has to say about this subject.

  20. WORDS THAT HURT by Lupie Riley  
    The gospel of James tells us that the tongue is a small member of the body but out of it can come blessings and cursings.

  21. THANKSGIVING, ONLY A MOCKERY NOW? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Our HOLY-days, once holy, are disappearing?

  22. Joy Gone Missing by Susan Budensiek  
    I wallowed in my faulty mindset of feeling forgotten, of no value to anyone, etc. for nearly three years, and in time added to it, ‚so and so has stolen my joy‚ ...

  23. Use It or Lose It by Ken Barnes  
    It is apparent how Jesus dealt with the Devil. He said, ‚it is written,‚ yet If we do not know the Word, and continually use it, we will lose it.

  24. Applying Wisdom In Practical Ways by Tesse Wilson  
    Wisdom comes from God, he gives it and we apply it

  25. An Upside-down Kingdom by Ken Barnes  
    Hey Bob, I wrote a blog about the Road to Emmaus. I was thinking about you and I thought you might like to read it. Here is the link.

  26. Be Obedient to What He is Saying to Us by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 5 of the series "Christ in the Book of John

  27. Because You Are, I am! by Steve Countryman  
    It is the hardest thing for Christians to wrap their minds around. An epiphany that is earth shaking, power busting, chain breaking and freedom delivering!

  28. A TRUE PLACE OF WORSHIP by Dudley Anderson  
    ‚The true place of worship, therefore, is a pure and contrite heart totally surrendered to the Lord God Almighty. It is here that the real experience of the presence of God is found.‚

  29. Living Experiences with God by Joseph LaValley  
    Which is better, a description of an ice cream cone or eating one? Even so, our God wants His children to taste and see that He is good!

  30. Come and have Breakfast by Ken Barnes  
    After the resurrection, Jesus manifested himself to his disciples on the Sea of Tiberias. When the disciples, including Peter who had failed him so miserably, came into shore from fishing, Jesus said, ‚Come and have breakfast.‚


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