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  1. Guard Your Greatest Treasure by Taylor  
    Our hearts --our spirits, the real us--is our greatest treasure on earth. It is there that we receive and commune with Jesus our Savior and LORD, and it is there that decisions are made that affect our lives and those around us. Above all, we must guard our hearts!

  2. God's Wisdom Will Light Your Path by Taylor  
    The world is crazy, and to not only survive but succeed, we must have the Wisdom of God, which is found in His Holy Word, the Bible!

  3. NEW BEGINNING IN 2020 by Lupie Riley  
    What is the best way to spend the next 365 days in the New Year. Here's some suggestion on how that can be constructive and blessed.

  4. Communion Means Remembering Christ on the Cross by Taylor  
    Did you know that, as a born again Believer in Christ, you can take Communion every day in your home? You don't have to wait till it happens at church!

  5. Working and Waiting 2020 by Ken Barnes  
    It was during the 1970s when a book called "The Late Great Planet Earth" by Hal Lindsay was popular. We all expected Lord's return in the next forty years. We were mistaken, but we were only half wrong.

  6. Dead to Sin, Alive to Christ by Taylor  
    The LORD helps us follow Him and recognize and reject sin, and we win!

  7. Intimacy With God by Taylor  
    Being "intimate" with someone means you are very personal. You know much about them--including secrets. God knows everything about us, since before we were sent to earth, but we get to know Him personally through worship, prayer, His Word, and just listening--and there is nothing like that most sublime relationship with the Most High God, Jesus Christ!

  8. It's Time To Celebrate Excitedly The Goodness Of God by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Are you in anyway feeling sad and unfulfilled at this time of the year? You shouldn't be and give the enemy room to rejoice over you. The greater one has done greater things for you. Therefore, this is the time to rejoice and celebrate the goodness of God. This article charges you to let go of all that wants to bring you down and celebrate the Lord who has done great things for you this year.

  9. Resting in Our Destiny by Taylor  
    Writing things down helps us in many ways. It also can bring us rest; when we finally commit to paper what has been in our hearts and minds, for then we have a word picture to help shape our destinies!

  10. About Friends by Taylor  
    True friends are priceless and, Jesus is the only One that will never disappoint. You can count on Him, no matter what!

  11. 7 BAD IDEAS ABOUT GOD by Jeffrey Hagan  
    Bad ideas don't only affect unbelievers, those within the Church also have misconceptions about who God is. This brief articles addresses just a few of those bad ideas.

  12. My Christian Story by Ken Barnes  
    I fashion myself as somewhat of a storyteller. If I had written the story, I might have rendered it differently. I guess that is why I am not God.

  13. Does It Nourish Your Spirit? by Taylor  
    If we don't have peace--or lose our peace--about reading, watching, saying, hearing, having, or doing somethiing, then that is almost always our loving Holy Spirit helping us to get rid of things or stay away from things that would harm or hinder us. Jesus died for us to be free, in every part of life!

  14. JESUS IN THE OLD TESTAMENT by Lupie Riley  
    Jesus is revealed in the Old testament as well in the New. The Bible is a book about the God/man called Jesus.

  15. The Christmas Truce of 1914 by Sim Lee  
    A look back at how singing Christmas carols brought a one dy cease-fire to the trenches of the Western Front during World War One.

  16. "Joy To The World" by Sim Lee  
    A look at the life of Isaac Watts who penned the lyrics of "Joy To The World".

  17. The Picture Behind the Picture by Taylor  
    Wrong spirits can be attached to certain objects. When I had nightmares for a week, I knew there was something in my house that was offending the Holy Spirit.

  18. Follow Me by Taylor  
    We want our little ones to follow us--because we follow Jesus!

  19. God Must Feel This Way! by Taylor  
    Why has it not been easy to listen to and obey God--Who gives us every breath and has only our best interest at heart! LORD, help us listen better today!

  20. The ONLY Good Ghost! by Taylor  
    Many are fascinating with 'ghosts'--which are really demonic spirits that trouble people and can even cause death. But the HOLY Ghost--the Spirit of Christ Jesus--is THE GOOD GHOST!

  21. We Love You El Olam by Taylor  
    One of the wonderful names of God is "El Olam," one of the meanings is "outside of time."

  22. Why God Hates Magic by Taylor  
    Christians should never dabble in magic--it is a cheap and poor copy of the true power of God.

  23. Silver Legacy by Taylor  
    Seek, sow, and savor the Word to grow in Christ and help others know Him!

  24. This Is Christmas by Jeffrey Beeson  
    At the right time Jesus morphed into being, in part, like us. He came to save us and to show us, His glory temporarily shielded from our casual viewing

  25. How to Put Enemy on the Run With Previous Testimonies by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Are you still challenged in any way and has God done anything for you at all? If so, this is the time to engage the weapon of testimonies to put the enemy on the run. Every arrow of testimony sends the devil farther away from you. This article encourages you to launch an attack against the enemy by counting your blessings and also shows you how.

  26. How To Have A Clean Mind by lareina morgan  
    You need to know that the Lord is with you, and you are living your life in confusion and fear, so how can you live with a clean heart and a clean mind?

  27. How To Surrender Your Will To Him by lareina morgan  
    How can you know that your are living the life that the Lord wants you to live? What does it mean to live your life for Christ?

  28. For Dust You Are by Sim Lee  
    A look at one of God's building blocks in us and throughout the universe.

  29. Your Signet Ring by Ken Barnes  
    When God called Zerubbabel to his task, he became like a signet ring on his finger. A signet ring represented authority. If God has called you to a task, God has authorized you to act and speak on his behave.

  30. A Pardon Is A Two-Party Solution by Sim Lee  
    A look at how a pardon has to be a two party acceptance to be granted, legally and spiritually.


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