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  1. TYPING WHISPERS by Marijo Phelps  
    Today I took time to BE STILL and know that HE is GOD....

  2. Loving Thy Neighbor is Getting Harder Each Decade by Rik Charbonneaux  
    A serious look at the effects upon evangelism of a diminishing amount of "neighborly love" and of an increasing amount of anxiety, especially among women.

  3. Education and Worldly Activity coming to an End by Jack Vorster  
    Time is running out and nothing much matters any more, except for the things of God.

  4. Making Goals and Planning in the Midst of Uncertainty by stephanie reck  
    What uncertain times we live in, coronavirus pandemic, racial tensions, and economic upheaval. I donāt believe anyone really knows what is going on, but I believe we are experiencing ābirth painsā before Christ return. We are living in a time like know other, what could be shaken has been shaken.

    All violence and hate would end when Jesus has his way in peoples hearts. What we need now is a Jesus love to end the chaos in the country.

  6. Self-Deliverance by Sue Darling  
    Some people don't want demons to be cast out of them, because they are afraid of them. They don't realise the demons are afraid of them more so, if we know who we are in Jesus Christ.

  7. Pray for Christian Martyrs by Sue Darling  
    God is merciful to those who are merciful themselves. We should be praying for Christian Martyrs out of love for our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. If we find ourselves in that position we will get the help from God that we give others.

  8. Many are called to be Martyrs by Sue Darling  
    I believe the ones that are called to be Martyrs have agreed to it either in this life or before conception took place.

  9. The Latter Rain - Africa by Rik Charbonneaux  
    A refreshing look at Christianity in Africa.

  10. Nabal the Fool by Ken Barnes  
    As his name suggests, Nabal was a fool. Often there is a very-hin line between willful and ignorant behavior. Grace is sometimes better served when we choose to look at people as being ignorant rather than intentional.

  11. Global Covid-19 Lockdown: āYou just donāt get it, do you?ā by Jack Vorster  
    The governments of the world and the news media are completely oblivious of the reality behind their own existence.

  12. Ten Commandments by Sue Darling  
    I am writing down the Ten Commandments as a reminder of we Christians strive to obey on a daily basis.

  13. Deeply Grieved Over George Floyd's Death, Was This An Act of Racism? by stephanie reck  
    I just went on YouTube and watched the 9 minute video from the New York Times that gave a timeline of how George Floyd died in police custody. Even though I had already heard about his death from numerous news reports, I had not watched the video.

  14. REBIRTH by Lupie Riley  
    Jesus told Nicodemus he had to be born again, not a natural rebirth but a spiritual rebirth.

  15. It's time to sell by theburningbushboy Solanke  
    As you go out to sell your oil, God will link you up with buyers. There are people in need of your skills; people that are willing to give what they have to get what you have.

  16. Yesterday I Indulged A Wish by Susan Budensiek  
    Yesterday I indulged a wish I have had for many years ā" to have enough lavender so that I could have a big bouquet in the house and still have enough to make things with. As I indulged this long-time wish, I was reminded of certain principles we find in Godās Word. This is the story of the lavender and the canning jar.

  17. Kneeling before God by Sue Darling  
    Every knee shall bow at the name of Jesus when He shows Himself to the world. Some will kneel out of fear and others will kneel out of complete adoration of Him.

  18. God Our King by Ken Barnes  
    Israel asked Samuel, the Prophet, for a king. God granted them their request even though it was not His first choice. Saul became their King. Whenever we substitute a king or any form of government for God, we always end up disappointed. God is our only King.

  19. You can make life more difficult than need be by Sue Darling  
    We have a choice to make. We can make things harder for ourselves by complaining. When we do every thing in a loving manner it helps our circumstances greatly.

  20. Are You Washing The Feet Of The Others Like Jesus? by Ngozi Nwoke  
    What does it mean to wash the feet of others? How often do you wash the feet of brethren? Jesus gave an example to follow if we are to be blessed. And in this article, I share what that example of Christ means.

    If we realized how majestic is the God we worship we would fall on our knees and ask for mercy.

  22. Serve God His Way by Sue Darling  
    Serving God out of love doesn't mean it is going to be all sweetness and joy. We have to die to our flesh every single day of our life. And that is not easy.

  23. Donkeys to Destiny by Tonja Taylor  
    This was written about 8 years ago, but I believe the truths the LORD showed me are timeless. Blessed be the LORD, and blessed are we, whom He trains in His ways (Isaiah 28:26)!

  24. Not to Idolise Anybody by Sue Darling  
    There are many idols in this world. Anything you treat with affection above God is an idol. We know that but sometimes we have idols in our life and not know it.

  25. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE by Lupie Riley  
    Let your Christ light shine through so others can know Him too.

  26. Our lives are platforms for God by Chilee Ahmed  
    God is a Spirit, he want to use us to achieve his plan and purpose for mankind.

  27. Counselor's Corner: Why What We Speak Matters by stephanie reck  
    Recently my husband and I decided to challenge each other with who could go an entire week without complaining, criticizing or faultfinding. When we started I was so enthusiastic as I proudly got out 2 mason jars, one for him and one for me to fill. Throughout the week we were to put a peanut in the jar if we complained, criticized or found fault with each other, ourselves and other people.

  28. The Key To Strong Faith by lareina morgan  
    What is the key to strong faith? the question that you should be asking yourself is, do i have strong faith?

  29. Is There Anything That Lasts Forever? by lareina morgan  
    It is the Lord who has the real power to make anything last forever, so what does God allow to last forever?

  30. Secret Of A Walk With Christ. by Olawale Ogunsola  
    There are people who have lived all their lives walking with Christ. Yet, there are people now alive who live their lives to walk with Christ. You can also de.


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