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  1. To Him the porter openeth by Daryl Thies  
    God, throughout His word, has established and then defined the term porter. He set in order angelic porters in the heavens, and later made His first man Adam, the porter, or keeper of the earth. From angels to man and even in the animal kingdom, God has set in place the porter ministry. This teaching describes how His church redefine the porter ministry then resubmit to Gods original plan.

  2. FREE BIBLICAL RECIPE BOOK! by Divine Akorli  

  3. A LIFE TRANSFORMED by sana edoja  
    This book will give you a clear understanding of how God has revealed His Son, Jesus, to me, an imperfect human being. God took me from the mud, cleansed me and restored me to a place of significance.

  4. Muslims, Jews, and The Messiah by Dinora Garza  
    Isn't incredible that so many people ignore the truth in an era in which we can discover it by typing on a computer? Discover the truth about Islam, and the reason behind the hatred of Jews toward Christians by reading these excellent books.

  5. "America's Blessings: How Religion Benefits Everyone, Including Atheists" by Anthony Weber  
    Christopher Hitchens claimed religion poisoned everything; Dawkins has compared a religious upbringing to child abuse. Are they right? Are religious groups really such a threat that these kinds of measures should be taken? Sociologist Rodney Stark draws from an impressive range of studies to make the case that the opposite is true. Religion specifically evangelicalism helps everything it touches to flourish.

  6. Come off the Reservation by Wayne Brooks  
    What does it mean for a Christian to come off the reservation?

  7. An Epilogue to the Book, "The Names of the Believers in the Bible in Types and Symbols" by Dr Surya Kumar Daimari  
    The names of believers are exceptionally rich and prolific in meaning. As I have researched these names through the Bible, I have been awe-inspiringly taken aback to see that a believer's life is eternally value oriented. A value which is eternal and non-perishing cannot be measured in terms of money and wealth, gold and silver. The symbolical terms such as special treasure, pearls, precious stones used for believers suggest how precious we are in the presence of God. The goodly pearls in the famous parable of Jesus are referred to non other than the believers. Jesus had to give away his own life as ransom to get these valuable pearls for himself.

  8. A Prologue to "The Names of the Believers in the Bible in Types and Symbols" by Dr Surya Kumar Daimari  
    What is more fascinating, thrilling and exciting is that believers also have many wonderful names. It is really amazing to think that many of the names of believers are identical to Christ's names. They speak of believers' status, nature and attributes on this earth and their wonderful heritages in heaven.

  9. Yawning At Tigers (Book Review) by Wayne Davies  
    Drew Dyck has written a compelling book about the character of God. Required reading for all evangelicals!

  10. Will Review For Free Read by Dee Kyalo  
    Did you know that one can read free books? Yes! These are newer Christian releases that normally sell for up to $10 for free! You only need to sign up to be notified as new books enter the program. Then you can request for them and read them for free in exchange for a review. This Free Reads for Reviews is a wonderful program offered by Revelation Books that will leave you saying, "Will review for free read."

  11. Book Review: The Holiness of God By R.C. Sproul by Chris Gambrell  
    In my pursuit of reformed theology and the covenant of Grace, I was encouraged to pick up this book by a few online friends. While I admit that I was never really a big fan of R.C. Sproul, I really enjoyed this book. This book is enlightening to what it means for God to be holy.

  12. Jesus Is Coming Back Tomorrow (Book Review) by Wayne Davies  
    I give Wes Ireton's new book two thumbs up. Read on to find out why I like "Jesus Is Coming Back Tomorrow".

  13. Inspired Writings of Prophet for Jesus the Christ by Gregory Booker  
    The book contains a variety of inspired settings capturing the season we live as moved by the Spirit of Truth. It especially highlights a prophet's concern and message to his own nation the United States of America. It's primary purpose is to forewarn and yet forearm us as Christians to be alert and in faith looking for His return.

  14. Last Days Madness by Chris Gambrell  
    In his book, Last Days Madness: Obsession of the Modern Church, Gary DeMar presents a powerful analysis of today's "end-times" authors.

  15. That Hideous Strength by Chris Gambrell  
    Finally finishing my reviews of C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy with "That Hideous Strength."

  16. Perelandra by Chris Gambrell  
    Perelandra by C.S. Lewis is the second book of Lewis' Space Trilogy. After Ransom's journey to Malacandra, the planet we call Mars, Perelandra is fitting second book.

  17. Out of the Silent Planet by Chris Gambrell  
    Out of the Silent Planet is C.S. Lewis' brilliant first novel, the first of a science fiction trilogy that has been called Space Trilogy, Cosmic Trilogy, and Ransom Trilogy.

  18. Serverpoint Test by Ike Silver  
    Serverpoint Test

  19. An Exquisite Melding of History, Imagination and Insight by Abby Kelly  
    I would read this book again 100 times over, and I've already book marked Marlow's other works on my Kindle. If you like excellent writing, imaginative, historical fiction and prose that inspire and inform a life-well-lived, you must read A Life Apart.

  20. Book Review: Impervious by Abby Kelly  
    The best reference I can give for this book is Hunger Games meets the Gospel. Letto never throws religion in the reader's face, but the subplot is unmistakable.

  21. Against the Gates of Hell by Abby Kelly  
    Overall, Against the Gates of Hell, has a lot of potential. The plot is good. If one is willing to read less discriminatorily, simply for the entertainment value, it would be an enjoyable book. However, the things I mentioned here diluted that pleasure for me.

  22. Most Challenging and Enlightening Book Since the Works of C.S. Lewis by Abby Kelly  
    "God is HUMAN"-Walter Wink
    If we are called as Christians to meditate on God's Word day and night, Wink's final work is an excellent resource to inform that pondering.

  23. Book Review: Passion Pursuit by Abby Kelly  
    Passion Pursuit does differ in a couple very effective ways. First, authors Linda Dillow and Julie Slattery, focus exclusively on the sexual aspect of marriage. They do not deviate into communication issues, parenting or even spend much time on the headship-submission debacle. (The time they do spend on that topic reveals that it's not really a debacle at all.)

  24. Peace-Inducing by Abby Kelly  
    So, I tried searching the online concordance for, "pursue". This time, I got about a dozen hits, but not one of them says to pursue God.

  25. Book Review: 'Don't Miss the Boat' by Paul Taylor by Robert Driskell  
    Evidence the historicity of Noah's flood.

  26. Book Review 'Six Days' by Ken Ham by Robert Driskell  
    Ken Ham shows how the Christians compromise with the secular theory of evolution has undermined trust in the Bible.

  27. More than Expected by Abby Kelly  
    Some pleas for help seem to conjure up the same response as I might have to pictures of abused puppies and beached whales. Relentless is different.

  28. Whispers of Hope, A Book Review by Abby Kelly  
    Two aspects of my own prayer life, Acknowledgement and Intercession, were particularly strengthened by this book.

  29. Getting To The Root Of Your Problem: 365 Days Of Inspirational Thinking ... Book Review by Angela Doreathy Watkins  
    Inspirational Thoughts and Scriptures for each day of the week in a year. Christian - God - Jesus Christ - Salvation - Wedding Feast - Godly Husband - Proverbs 31 Wife.

  30. Bread & Wine a love letter to life around the table with recipes - Book Review by Angela Doreathy Watkins  
    Family friendly. Enjoyable. This book will remind you to slow down and enjoy your family and loved ones. There is nothing like sitting around the kitchen and or dining table with family, friends and loved ones. One day the chain will be broken.


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