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Church Life
  1. The Structure of the Church by Bobby Bruno  
    The structure of the church according to Gerald W. Stafford. What is his view on the structure of the church at large? What are the challenges the church faces today?

  2. The Biblical Mandate for Missions and Evangelism by Rusty Kuhn  
    Showing the clear biblical mandate and order of missions and evangelism and that every church is responsible to follow this mandate and order.

  3. The Early Church by Bobby Bruno  
    The center of Paul's message.

  4. Fasting and the Work of the Church Go Hand in Hand by Rusty Kuhn  
    Encouraging the church to fast and pray for the progress of the gospel and the work of the church.

    The Church meeting that is void of God's presence is not a fellowship sweet, but just a social club; a cultural gathering and a vain jangling; empty activity for it lacks the divine supply and nourishment, and divine thread that knits the hearts together in one love, passion, worship and focus of Christ the Head.

  6. Why Apostolic Churches Must Look Beyond the Gospels by Isaac Mwangi  
    What does it mean for a church to be apostolic, and what is the place of the gospel teachings in an apostolic church? While Jesus was a revolutionary in his day, a truly apostolic church needs to look beyond his words, and even those of the early apostles.

  7. The Incomplete Disciple by Steve Countryman  
    To leave out the warnings and teachings of the Bible "so as not to offend" is to do a major disservice to today's believer! How can the Sheppard/pastor hope to help guide his flock in the paths of righteousness if he isn't willing to point those paths out to his flock? Those who are unwilling to turn from their sinful lifestyles are the ones who will always be offended at anything or anyone that criticizes their sinfulness.

  8. Intentional Disciplemaking by Louise Lee  
    Disciples are made, not born. Intentional discipleship is required to produce these kinds of followers. In order to achieve these, strategies are required. No one builds a house without a blueprint and know-how. Building effective disciples requires more than just a good intention, but a strategized intention.

  9. The unDefeated Bachelor by Ron Horn  
    Christ made His proposal to mankind He said " I Won." What then should be our response???? a fight of our self will to the finish or raising the white flag saying " I Surrender."

  10. unity by Euell White  
    This article is about unity in the church. The fact that the strength of the church is in unity and that each member has a part in the work of the church.

  11. Church versus Fellowship by Wayne Childress  
    All followers of Jesus are a member of His Church whether or not they attend a local congregation or not. Not all followers of Jesus have access to a group of true followers.

  12. God's Church On Fire by Steve Countryman  
    It is what we have all been waiting for. It is what we have all been anticipating since it's foretelling in the scriptures. It is what God wants for His church. It is what today's church is lacking and extremely desperate for. It is what the church body was always supposed to be. It is the prophecies of the Old and New Testaments coming to pass. It is what the world of the lost has been searching for but cannot find. It is God's power displayed and His love revealed. It is God's will fulfilled. It is the mighty outpouring of Holy Spirit FIRE that the world has never seen. It is God's church on fire!

  13. Don't Fall for False Teachers by Alan Allegra  
    The true clergyman will point you to Jesus Christ, "the Shepherd and Overseer [Bishop, KJV] of your souls" (1 Peter 2:25). Christ alone commands the destiny of your soul: "But I will warn you whom to fear: fear him who, after he has killed, has authority to cast into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him!" (Luke 12:5).

  14. Fan or Follower of Christ by Michaelle Bragassa-Holman  
    The word Christian in our modern society has become so versatile, that many individuals who are fans of Jesus, have been fooled into believing they are followers.

  15. 3 Urgent Matters Your Pastor Is Too Scared To Share With You by Pastor QT Nyathi  
    I overheard your beloved pastor hallucinating the other day...

  16. Does Your Church Have A Stage Or An Altar? by Pastor QT Nyathi  
    Do we call the choir to the stage or the altar? Does it matter what we call the front part of the church anyway?

  17. What Is The Perfect Church for You? Final Part by Angel Casiano  
    If we are serious about our Christianity we must be serious about changing!

  18. What Is The Perfect Church for You? Part 3 by Angel Casiano  
    So what is the perfect church for us? I know that very quickly in my Christian walk this thing that we called church and the gathering together on Sundays to do the same thing Sunday after Sunday got very old to me.

  19. What Is The Perfect Church for You? Part 2 by Angel Casiano  
    Is the main purpose of the church is for us to feel comfortable and continue to be who we are?

  20. What Is The Perfect Church for You? by Angel Casiano  
    Well, you may say: "There is nobody perfect, therefore there is no perfect church." But here I am not using the word perfection in the traditional sense of being perfect, but in terms of its perfect purpose.

  21. Beware of Becoming Attached to Church Traditions by Max Aplin  
    All too often churches allow traditions to become entrenched without proper consideration. Everything in a church that is not of first importance should be held loosely, and whenever potential improvements are recognised they should be put into effect without delay. There are times when upsetting some church members is a necessary price to pay for a church to move forward.

  22. How To Connect Cross-culturally And Embrace The Nations by Pastor QT Nyathi  
    Since we now live in a multicultural world, the question is not if we should connect with other cultures but how we should do it. Learn how to do just that using seven simple steps.

  23. 2 of 2 ... Life Worth Living ... 5/12/13 (Mother's Day) by Angela Doreathy Watkins  
    Solomon son of King David shares on the beginning of knowledge, Elders qualifications & responsibilities, Eschatology, Prayer/Worship, Love/Christian Submission & Zeal/Perseverance.

  24. Church: Your Place to "Belong"! by Susan Gurney  
    Eighth in a series of Bible-based articles to help set you thinking: God gave us the church so we could all feel a part of His family!

  25. The Love of Christ Is Lost In Our Churches by aproko .me  
    Church owned schools charges $18911.94 from a country whose citizens daily living is not more than $2

  26. Save Your Soul Now! by Datzy Huchetzton  
    This is a divine call for anyone living in sin to get out as fast as he could.

  27. Sitting On The Fence by Mick Alexander  
    "Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God." (James 4:4 NIV)

  28. 1 of 2 ... The Privilege of Serving ... 3/24/2013 by Angela Doreathy Watkins  
    Sunday School Bible Reading for the week of March 24, 2013 for the Sunday School Lesson on 3/24/2013.

  29. 12 Mother's day Gift Ideas For Church by Lorene Troyer  
    Are you a women's ministry leader or in charge of Mother's Day gifts at your church or organization? This article has 12 gift ideas to help you.

  30. Called For What Purpose? by Gregory John Monroe  
    Suffering for Jesus is mostly what it takes to grow the Christian character.


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