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Church Life


  1. Returning to My Roots: A Sincere Apology by Jennie Malcolmmm  
    Modern life brings us a lot of problems. How to solve them? Why solve them? And who can help us with this?

  2. There Is No Such Thing as a Christian Half-Brother or Half-Sister by Max Aplin  
    There are some Christians who tend to view believers outside their own denomination as kind of half-brothers and half-sisters in Christ. However, we must avoid being too intolerant of the views of other Christians. We should regard people who profess Christian faith as full brothers and sisters, unless they do or say something intolerable, in which case we should treat them as false Christians. There is no halfway house.

  3. Christians Need to Be Careful Who They Have Fellowship With by Max Aplin  
    The Bible teaches that Christians should not normally associate closely with people who call themselves Christians but are unrepentant of serious sin, including the sin of teaching heresy. If we do, it is likely that we will be badly influenced and that our Christian ministry will become less effective.

  4. Discouraged by the State of Our Churches by Jennifer Rubino Champion  
    People are falling away from churches while others are growing but maybe not in the right direction. Are you discouraged by the state of our churches? You are not alone.

  5. AND THERE, LIGHT THE CANDLE by Ogaga Eruteya  
    As the light of the world, we are to shine in the darkness of the world. In order to shine, we would need to be scattered all over, rather than cluster in a place.

  6. You Are A Ministry by Joseph LaValley  
    If you are a born-again son or daughter of God then you are qualified and empowered to bring Christ's presence into all of life's situations. You are a ministry!

    Barnabas lived an exemplary life believers can take after. Though not popular in church history, at strategic times, he played crucial roles that helped the growth and sustenance of the church. By such actions, he consistently demonstrated his commitment to the Lord and His body.

  8. Should Christians Treat One Day of the Week as a Special Day? Part 2 by Max Aplin  
    Christians do not have to treat any day of the week as a special day. However, it is not wrong to do this, and there are good reasons for believing that many early Christians treated a day as special. There are potential dangers with observing a special day and with not observing one.

  9. Should Christians Treat One Day of the Week as a Special Day? Part 1 by Max Aplin  
    Christians do not have to treat any day of the week as a special day. However, it is not wrong to do this, and there are good reasons for believing that many early Christians treated a day as special. There are potential dangers with observing a special day and with not observing one.

  10. Special Event for Dogs Becomes Extra Church Fellowship Dinner by Greg Miller  
    A party to reward two dogs for their patrolling efforts evolves into an extra church fellowship dinner.

  11. How Often Should Christians Eat the Lord's Supper? by Max Aplin  
    The Bible suggests that it was normal for the early Christians to eat the Lord's Supper at least once a week. Churches today should ordinarily aim to follow the practice of the early church in this respect. The Supper is best understood as more than just a symbolic way for us to focus our minds on Jesus' death.

  12. Couple Discuss Church They Attend with Best Friends by Greg Miller  
    A couple discuss their church with their best friends.

  13. New Christians Should Be Baptized Immediately by Max Aplin  
    Today there is usually a significant time interval between a person coming to Christian faith and being baptized. Part of the reason for this is so that people can arrange to be present to witness the baptism. In the early church, however, new Christians were typically baptized as soon as they became believers. We should follow the lead of the early church in this area.


  15. A Time to Avoid Speaking in Tongues by Max Aplin  
    In 1 Corinthians 14 Paul tells his readers not to speak out loud in tongues during church services unless they aim to have the words interpreted into intelligible language. This teaching applies just as much today. When it is not followed, people can be put off the Christian faith and there can be disorder.

  16. Vacation Bible School (Book 1) by Richard L. Provencher  
    This Christian program is one of 5 different themes written by Esther and Richard L. Provencher for five consecutive Vacation Bible School summers at Abundant Life Victory Church in Bible Hill, Nova Scotia, Canada. They are now available at no charge for use by any interested group, and posted on site. Have fun.

  17. Four Reasons Not to Use the King James Version by Max Aplin  
    There are various problems with using the King James Version of the Bible today. The old-fashioned language can often give the impression that the Christian faith is rather out of date and irrelevant. Changes in the English language over the last 400 years mean that modern readers often misinterpret what is being said. The translators made numerous significant mistakes. And the New Testament is based on a poor Greek text.

  18. Beware of Becoming Attached to Church Traditions by Max Aplin  
    All too often churches allow traditions to become entrenched without proper consideration. Everything in a church that is not of first importance should be held loosely, and whenever potential improvements are recognised they should be put into effect without delay. There are times when upsetting some church members is a necessary price to pay for a church to move forward.

  19. Man Learns to Use God-Given Singing Ability by Greg Miller  
    A man begins the educational process so he can use his God-given ability to sing.

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  21. When is the church not "The Church"? by Alan Allegra  
    Let‚s focus on a word that is foundational to Christianity: the word, ‚church.‚ Interestingly, it was not a ‚religious‚ word for thousands of years. It comes from a word that simply means, ‚assembly.‚ It has taken on a Christian connotation that is generally misused.

  22. Speaking In Tongues ‚" General Comments by Mick Alexander  
    Comments on various points about speaking in tongues.

  23. Are You 'Good' or Righteous? by lareina morgan  
    How do we know that we are righteous? The word of God states that everyone that believes in the Lord Jesus Christ is counted as righteous in His eyes; being 'good' does not make you righteous

  24. Do you Trust God? by Rev. Dr. Gerald J Olseski,Jr.  
    Please read the the article to find out.
    I trust God with all my heart.

  25. OOPS! Did I Say that? NO! God said that! by Ramona Cook  
    Why are we willing to be silent on certain issues when God has not been silent on those issues?

  26. Cooperating in all God's Gifts of the Spirit by Sue Darling  
    I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit but truthful it doesn't matter how nice people are at church I don't see God's gifts are always welcomed like it should.

  27. expression of church by guy miller  
    We all read the same book,
    Yet strain for an image or a look.
    From Uganda to Britannia,
    We all fall for the religious propaganda

  28. 7 Ways to Ho-Ho-Hold Your Volunteers Close this Christmas by Janet Wortel  
    It may be a busy time of year but don't let your valued volunteers feel forgotten. Here are tips for for simple gifts of gratitude this Christmas.

  29. Let your women keep silence in church by Greg Robbins  
    The Apostle Paul taught that women are to keep silence in church. Women are not to teach or usurp authority over a man. Is this really what we are to obey today?

  30. The Characteristics of the Two Churches by Bola Olu-Jordan  
    The difference between the church built by Jesus and the Church built by men.


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