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Church Life
  1. INTERCESSION PRAYER by Sue Darling  
    The ministry of intercession prayer is so underrated. People tend to think it is the least important ministry. I feel it is the most important one.

  2. 4 Ways to Serve Your Church by Patricia Coldiron  
    Serving your church involves much more than just listening to the sermon. There are many ways you can serve your church, and not only serve others, but enhance your own spiritual growth.

  3. God and I Like Apples by Bob Valleau  
    How does God feel about us? He drew us perfectly, and He colors our world with people who care.

  4. Is It Wrong for Women to be Church Leaders? by Max Aplin  
    God's standard pattern is for men and not women to be church leaders, and this is a principle that applies to the whole church age. However, it is wrong to take this principle as a cast iron rule that can have no exceptions, and we should not be closed to God acting exceptionally at times by raising up women leaders.

  5. Growing Up in a Dying Church by Matthew Shaner  
    After discovering that his childhood church was closing, the author uses the words of the Apostle Paul to take inventory and ask two important questions about the direction of the modern church. Take the pulse of your house of worship and find out what side you are on.

  6. Why Some Churches Won't Grow! by Segun Olumide  
    Why is our church not growing despite our efforts? What are the keys to healthy church growth? Read on!

  7. How to Raise Money for Ministry by Segun Olumide  
    Money and ministry. You cannot separate the two because money answers all things! But money cannot do all things! This book shows us right and wrong ways of raising money for ministry.

  8. The Ministry of a Pastor by Segun Olumide  
    Who is a true pastor? How can he carry out his responsibility effectively? These questions and many more are answered in this book.

  9. Just Before You Start a Church by Segun Olumide  
    Right and wrong reasons for starting a church. Jesus is closing down some churches soon!

  10. Preachers Enjoying Style Over Substance by Gregory John Monroe  
    The Gospel, they think, isn't strong enough on it's own. So preachers add to it by dressing it in the performing arts.

  11. Laying on of Hands Is a Means, Not Just a Symbol by Max Aplin  
    Some Christians believe that the laying on of hands is a mere symbol of something that takes place spiritually, and that if the hands were omitted, the spiritual event would always take place anyway. In fact, laying on hands is a means by which God does various things, and it makes sense to think that omitting the hands when God wants them to be used will sometimes mean that He does not do the thing that He wants to do. All churches should include the laying on of hands in their practice.

  12. THE JOY IN THE LORD by Sue Darling  
    People of the world are relying on this world to give them lasting joy, which cannot happen, only God can truly satisfy us.

  13. The Relationship Between The Names Of Jesus Christ And His Assignment On Earth by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Names are very significant to the life of any individual. It describes the destiny, purpose and character of the person. It actually dictates his steps or decisions. Therefore, a good name will speak well of an individual while a bad one will speak ill of such a one. In this article, we will consider the names of Jesus Christ and how they relate to His assignment on earth.

  14. Surely In The Beginning Before Abraham Was Jesus Christ Was by Ngozi Nwoke  
    How well do you know Christ? A person you understand is the person you can risk following. And knowing his origin and background makes it easier trust him. Christ's story is well spelt out in the scriptures and we will be exploring it in this article

    This articles deals with the subject of the prophetic ministry and seeks to make a case for its relevance. It has Ghana as its context and may be adapted to suit the global context. This piece promises to be informative and instructive.

  16. How an Idol of Jesus is Stealing All the Worship by Isaac Mwangi  
    Who are Christians worshipping? Many Christians would be taken aback or even offended if they were asked to confirm that they indeed worship the real Jesus. Yet, the apostle Paul pointed out that many believers gladly accept deceptions. Today, the situation is even worse, with Jesus the idol having taken over the lives of many believers, who unknowingly worship a Jesus born of their their own false notions - and centuries of deception.

  17. Analogy of the Lake and Our Christian Life by Donny Wright  
    A beautiful lake was formed from a swamp similar to our lives when we come to understand our Christian lives.

  18. A Morning Talk With Jesus by Donny Wright  
    Making Jesus personal is a unique way to talk to Him, be with Him and allow his words to penetrate your mind and remove any doubt that He can help.

  19. Faithfulness and Church by Grace Tom-Lawyer  
    There are several ways we can show faithfulness in our ies and our church.Hopefully the more faithful we are in church, the more the church will be able to reflect more of God's glory.

  20. Strategy Proposal for Successful Incorporation of New Believers into the Church by Bobby Bruno  
    How I would create a newcomer ministry in any church I pastored. Who is responsible for helping newcomers get plugged into the church to serve?

  21. Assimilation Assumptions by Bobby Bruno  
    Who is responsible for new church members who want to get plugged into the church?

  22. The Structure of the Church by Bobby Bruno  
    The structure of the church according to Gerald W. Stafford. What is his view on the structure of the church at large? What are the challenges the church faces today?

  23. The Biblical Mandate for Missions and Evangelism by Rusty Kuhn  
    Showing the clear biblical mandate and order of missions and evangelism and that every church is responsible to follow this mandate and order.

  24. The Early Church by Bobby Bruno  
    The center of Paul's message.

  25. Fasting and the Work of the Church Go Hand in Hand by Rusty Kuhn  
    Encouraging the church to fast and pray for the progress of the gospel and the work of the church.

    The Church meeting that is void of God's presence is not a fellowship sweet, but just a social club; a cultural gathering and a vain jangling; empty activity for it lacks the divine supply and nourishment, and divine thread that knits the hearts together in one love, passion, worship and focus of Christ the Head.

  27. Why Apostolic Churches Must Look Beyond the Gospels by Isaac Mwangi  
    What does it mean for a church to be apostolic, and what is the place of the gospel teachings in an apostolic church? While Jesus was a revolutionary in his day, a truly apostolic church needs to look beyond his words, and even those of the early apostles.

  28. The Incomplete Disciple by Steve Countryman  
    To leave out the warnings and teachings of the Bible "so as not to offend" is to do a major disservice to today's believer! How can the Sheppard/pastor hope to help guide his flock in the paths of righteousness if he isn't willing to point those paths out to his flock? Those who are unwilling to turn from their sinful lifestyles are the ones who will always be offended at anything or anyone that criticizes their sinfulness.

  29. Intentional Disciplemaking by Louise Lee  
    Disciples are made, not born. Intentional discipleship is required to produce these kinds of followers. In order to achieve these, strategies are required. No one builds a house without a blueprint and know-how. Building effective disciples requires more than just a good intention, but a strategized intention.

  30. The unDefeated Bachelor by Ron Horn  
    Christ made His proposal to mankind He said " I Won." What then should be our response???? a fight of our self will to the finish or raising the white flag saying " I Surrender."


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