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Christian Apologetics
  1. Why Does the New Testament Never Condemn Slavery? by Max Aplin  
    Some non-Christians are put off the Christian faith by what they see as immoral attitudes in the early church towards slavery. Many Christians are also troubled by this issue. However, the persecution that the early Christians experienced made it unrealistic for them to speak out publicly against slavery or to try to reform society in this area. There is one sense in which being a slave is a positive thing: Christians are slaves of God and of Christ.

    Perhaps, you are reading something accursed by God? Reading a "bible" which is not God's Bible? Or listening to a preacher accursed by God? God says, every alteration, addition or subtraction from God's Word (Bible) is accursed. Or do you think that God is just beating His Gums in Gal. 1:8-9?
    By 1997/98 the NIV (New International Bible Version) had 64,000 words taken away; 30,000 changes of what God said. That was now nearly 20 years ago. At the time of the present writing, it's very much worse. This program of corruption is global in scope and continues with every edition and in every language.

  3. The Concept of God (for the unbeliever) by Tony Grater  
    Why do we believe in a God we cannot see? Why do we believe the Bible is God's word? Why does God tolerate sin? Find the answers in this article for the non-believer.

  4. What Is the Christian Faith Really All About? by Max Aplin  
    There are many who think that the Christian faith is basically about treating people well, motivated in part by the fact that Jesus treated people well. Doing good to people is very important, but this is only a small part of what our faith is all about. In reality, the heart of Christianity is about being saved from sin and hell by the cross of Christ.

  5. Talkative by Carl Marshall  
    Our readiness to lead is in the context of our speech. "Yes we can": Barack Obama; "We will make America great again": Donald Trump; How about, 'Opening the hearts of Christ Jesus believers'.

  6. Blessings V Curses by Sue Darling  
    People don't realise the power of either blessings and curses. And many don't realise just how much we all curse and be cursed. The Body of Christ is sick I believe mostly because when we judge others we bring a curse on not only ourselves but on the whole body of Christ.

  7. Two Things about Atheism That Everyone Should Consider by Max Aplin  
    Atheists like Richard Dawkins can often be heard claiming that religion makes good people do bad things. However, in recent history many of the worst atrocities have been committed by atheists, and the fear of God motivates huge numbers of people to do what is right. If the physical universe is all that exists, no human being could ever have made a choice differently than they did, which means that it is illogical to blame anyone for anything. But we have a deep sense that people really are to blame for the evils they commit.

  8. The Problem of Natural Evil by Robert Hawes  
    A look at natural disasters and other aspects of man's environment that cause problems for humanity, and how these things can exist in a world created by a loving God.

  9. "ACCEPT" Jesus by Marijo Phelps  
    Do we really "accept" or reject Jesus? Some thoughts.

  10. About Faith by Gerry Bloemendaal  
    In our life we often have struggles, some small, but others that really drag us down. In Faith however there is always a way out. God is true, He loves us, He cares, He is there also in our darkest moments.

  11. Evil Spirituality by Gerry Bloemendaal  
    We all know that the wicked are spirits but how do they manifest themselves within us? This article endeavours to put some light on the subject.

  12. Humanities Salvation by Gerry Bloemendaal  
    All of humanity has fallen yet Jesus laid down His life to rescue the children of God.

  13. You Must Eat the Flesh of the Son of God and drink His Blood by Roy Francois  
    All are drinking blood, Who's blood are you drinking?

  14. Four Reasons Why I Am Pro-Life by Anthony Weber  
    Four scriptural, historical, biological and philosophical arguments for why unborn children are full members of the human community, and as such deserve our protection.

  15. The Resurrection of Jesus and Probability by Max Aplin  
    There are those who argue that Jesus did not rise from the dead by appealing to probability. They claim that because we have such widespread experience of people who die remaining dead, the probability that Jesus rose from the dead has to be extremely small. In fact, this wrongly assumes that arguing from probability carries a fixed amount of weight regardless of what evidence there might be supporting the resurrection. Tangible evidence for Jesus' resurrection severely weakens the argument from probability.

  16. Who are the Real Myth-Makers of History? by Toni Babcock  
    Why would the apostles, eye witnesses of Jesus Christ and his miracles; men who were singularly subject to stoning, whipping, imprisonments, torture and death, be happy to go to their graves touting a myth?

  17. The Rapture of the Anti-Christ by Roy Francois  
    If Lucifer is to counterfeit the second coming of Christ that will deceive the entire world, then it must include a counterfeit rapture! Know your enemy and know him well!

  18. The Pride that Caused the Fall of Creation by Roy Francois  
    All the evil in the world today is the result of a mighty spirit being's pride its good looks.

  19. Once Saved Always Saved is it Biblical by Roy Francois  
    This doctrine could be called license to live in sin.

    If the Bible can be shown (naturally, shown by lies) as unreliable, then Gods laws tend to weaken and disappear. In fact, the Bible tends to disappear. Then, perhaps, these "dear people" (who advocate incessant Bible criticism) will happily continue to the next step, by declaring that there is no God at all, that every incredible design doesn't need a designer, and that man's main purpose should logically be to enjoy himself at the expense of everybody else! Isn't this really another definition of Satanism, or at least, the beginning of it?

  21. The Gospel, or, "I Did It My Way"? by Abby Kelly  
    We've been told that the Gospel must get from our head into our hearts, but I think it's more truthful that the Gospel must rule in both placesoccupy both head and heart simultaneously to do us any real good. Otherwise, it may affect our destiny but it won't change our day-to-day.

  22. The Reason Mass Shootings Occur by Robert Driskell  
    Can we really blame mass shootings simply on the presence of guns? No!!

  23. How To Stop Mass Shootings by Robert Driskell  
    The increasing number of mass shootings in our world point to a deep problem within the human heart.

  24. CHRIST MAS-JESUS THE FOCUS by Samuel Akinola  
    Christ was born, indeed He was, this is worth remembering and worth celebrating in spirit of godliness

  25. TRUTH VERSUS FACTS by Ramona Cook  
    if we did read and did believe the Book God has provided to us to teach us what we can expect from Him, we would not be so worried and distressed. What we lack is a true knowledge of God and understanding of the reasons we can believe that Book.

  26. Creation and Evolution by Mick Alexander  
    "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Gen. 1:1).

  27. That Faith Thing by Wayne Brooks  
    Talk About Blind Faith!

    NOBODY would willingly die and sacrifice himself FOR HIS OWN LIES!
    Only the opposite would apply man would LIE TO ESCAPE punishment.
    All disciples of Christ did voluntarily sacrifice themselves for their FAITH! Would that be really too much to ask of any Pastor today? How about "Pick up your cross and follow me"? Really, too much to ask any Pastor?

  29. A Very Strong Piece of Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus by Max Aplin  
    In 1 Corinthians 15:3-8 Paul makes a list of occasions on which he says the risen Jesus appeared to various people. This passage provides a historian with very strong evidence for Jesus' resurrection: It is highly plausible that most of the items on this list involved genuine claims to have seen Jesus after his death; it is highly implausible that many of the people who made such claims were lying; it is just as implausible that many of them were mistaken.

  30. What about Those Who Have Never Heard the Gospel? by Robert Driskell  
    What about those people who have never heard the Gospel? Is it fair for them to be sent to Hell? Is there a Biblical answer to this question?


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