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Christian Apologetics
  1. Why I Pray There is a Hell by Jim Schicatano  
    It is only in an afterlife that we can truly assess the nature and character of God. For true justice to exist there must be a hell as well as a heaven.

  2. The Reality of Jesus and the Hope of the Resurrection by Anthony Weber  
    In a time where the historicity of Christ is increasingly under fire, it's important to remember that the life, death and Resurrection of Christ was a part of history.

  3. What shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ? by Alan Allegra  
    When Jesus was brought before Pilate, the governor gave the people the choice of whom to release,
    Barabbas or Jesus. The crowd demanded that Jesus die. Baffled, "Pilate said to them, 'Then what shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ?'" We all know the answer.

  4. Fundamentalist Christians and the "Anti-Science" Label by Jim Schicatano  
    Fundamentalist Christians are increasingly labeled anti-science because they believe in a young Earth, deny evolution, or are Creationists. But aren't all faiths also anti-science?

  5. The All-knowing God! by Mike Stockwell  
    One of the greatest testaments to Biblical accuracy and proof that God Himself wrote this wondrous book through His prophets is fulfilled prophecy!

  6. The future of our nation is in God's hands by Robert Driskell  
    America needs to realize its dependence on God

  7. Legislating Immorality by Robert Driskell  
    Lawmakers often believe their laws to be more important than God's laws.

  8. The Most Important Book in the Universe by Robert Driskell  
    No other book contains such an important message as the Bible

  9. No God, No Purpose by Robert Driskell  
    Note to atheists: If there is no God, life has no purpose.

  10. Atheist Arguments Part 2 by Robert Driskell  
    More atheist arguments presented with Christian response.

  11. Atheist Arguments Part 1 by Robert Driskell  
    Some atheist arguments against Christianity are presentd along with a Christian response.

  12. How To Get "In" With God by Abby Kelly  
    By and large, the modern Christian pins their hope on a futuristic heaven, even "pie in the sky" imagery that really doesn't translate well into daily life.

  13. More Things We Should Acknowledge About God by Jim Schicatano  
    I continue to consider what may or may not be true about our understanding of God. Does He answer all prayers? Is it wrong to question His Existence? Is it okay to be angry at Him? Does He want us to be happy?

  14. The Mormon Manuscripts by Ed Decker  
    5-chapter study of the Mormon Church from its inception to the present day. It offers a very concise picture at the group and gives a solid understanding of its heretical doctrines and rituals. It gives you a sound look at Mormonism.

  15. test by Michael Edwards  

  16. Observations Regarding Christianity & Fantasy by Frederick Meekins  
    Observations Regarding Christianity & Fantasy

  17. One Baptism! by Fergus Davar  
    An attempt to theologically explain "One Baptism", which is Biblical, and represent Christ' Baptism of Spirit and fire, from the Bible. All this, to clear the air of the Spirit Baptism, indoctrinated by the Apostate Charismatics.

  18. God Never Says, "Oops" by Alan Allegra  
    Mankind has an urge to know what the future holds. We call psychic friends, read horoscopes, follow election polls years in advance, and study racing forms. Some simply say, "Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be." Aside from the linguistic tautology, this reflects an unrealistic submission to a non-existent blind fate.

    There are issues more vital than weather systems and White House selectionsmatters of life and death. There is only one source for 100% accurate visions of the future: The bible.

  19. The Wrong Way to Magnify God by Abby Kelly  
    As we are taught by the Holy Spirit within us, let us be careful not pull God into our laboratory, to attempt to magnify pieces of Him, to worship Him on our own terms.

  20. The Christian's defense in the court of Heresy by Rev. George Pryor  
    We are in court everyday at our door, at work, on the TV and on the internet. If you have the knowledge you can lead unbelievers to a saving faith in Jesus and defend yourself against the errors and false teachings

  21. The interaction of The Trinity with mankind by Rev. George Pryor  
    Evangelical Christians believe in One(1) God that is Triune in nature. He is Father, Son and Holy Spirit/Ghost. The three equal the One being known as GOD

    Christ did it, He is the reason of this season

  23. Never Assume You Can Explain A Tragedy by Jim Schicatano  
    Mankind has always attempted to explain unexpected or undeserved suffering. But sometimes it is best not to make assumptions.

  24. The Letter by Hassan abrams  
    In the beginning, I am He, and He am I. The vowel, I; has been misspoken and misused. Lord, I want to apologize for the misunderstanding between us and you.

  25. The Nature of Good and Evil by Jim Schicatano  
    There is no greater question facing humanity than the nature of good and evil.

    "But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her." (Luke 10:42).

  27. The Myth That Humanity Is Making Moral Progress by Max Aplin  
    There are many today who believe that human beings are progressing morally. However, those who take this view have failed to properly take account of recent history or what goes on in the world at the present time. Placing hope in the moral progress of humanity is an exercise in futility. All people are sinners under the power of sin, and repentance and faith in Jesus Christ are the only solution for this.

  28. What Do We Want From God? by Jim Schicatano  
    What are our expectations of God?

  29. Scientific Challenges to Genesis 1, A Creation Day by Jim Schicatano  
    The word for day in Genesis 1 can represent time periods longer than twenty-four hours.

  30. Is There a Seven Year Curse on America? by Jim Schicatano  
    There is evidence that America is experiencing God's judgment every seven years.


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