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Christian Apologetics
  1. Providing a Choice by Bobby Bruno  
    When we are witnessing, do we give the seeker a choice to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, or do we try to hurry them up, to make a decision right now?

  2. The Importance of "Oikos" Today by Bobby Bruno  
    What is "oikos"? Oikos is a Greek word that means "household" and includes all members of a household whether they were related or not.

  3. Active Listening by Bobby Bruno  
    When evangelizing, we are actively listening when we are not rehearsing or next question or comment.

  4. Obedience in Proclaiming the Gospel by Bobby Bruno  
    Who is responsible to get people saved -- Jesus or us?

  5. The Holy Spirit in the Christian Experience by Bobby Bruno  
    The role and guidance in the life of a Christian.

  6. The Ekklesia of God by Bobby Bruno  
    What is the Ekklesia of God? Or, better yet, who are the Ekklesia of God and what is their mission on earth?

  7. What we ought to know about Good Friday! by Fergus Davar  
    The significance surrounding Good Friday of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  8. What we ought to know about Good Friday! by Fergus Davar  
    The significance surrounding Good Friday of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  9. Gospel Features by Bobby Bruno  
    The different features of the four Gospels explained.

  10. Cultural Context of the Gospels by Bobby Bruno  
    In what context, culturally, socially, and politically, were the Gospels written?

  11. The Synoptic Problem by Bobby Bruno  
    A discussion of how John's Gospel is different from the Synoptic Gospels. Why John take a different approach to re-counting the life of Christ from the other Gospel writers?

  12. Implications by Bobby Bruno  
    The implications of my faith which I can draw from Jesus' willingness to humble Himself, to suffer rejection, and to be despised and ignored? (Also read John 15:18-16:4.)

  13. The "Story" of Jesus -- Inspiration and Warning by Bobby Bruno  
    Stories are fictional. Testimonies are factual. In the life of Jesus, the facts can inspire us or warn us, both of which we desperately need.

  14. The Trinity Devotional by Bobby Bruno  
    The word "Trinity" does not appear in the bible. This is one explanation of the what this term means.

  15. Did Jesus Really Say Nothing About Homosexuality? by Jim Barringer  
    Unless you've either taken a vow of silence or have never ventured outside the house, you've probably had a talk with a non-Christian about the way we view sexuality. Sooner or later in the course of these discussions, someone will inevitably trot out the line, "Jesus said nothing about homosexuality," the implication being that if he said nothing about an issue, you can do whatever you please. So let's deconstruct that statement in three parts. First, we're going to look at what Jesus actually taught regarding gender and sexuality. Second, we're going to look at the reasons why "Jesus said nothing" is bad logic. Third, we're going to examine the pattern of Jesus' moral teaching to try and answer the question of why he said nothing about this issue.

  16. Paul's Trials by Bobby Bruno  
    What advantages did the Apostle Paul have in spreading the Gospel while imprisoned or on trial?

  17. The Ending of Acts by Bobby Bruno  
    Paul must have continued to preach the Gospel even after the Book of Acts ended. Why did Luke end the Book of Acts the way he did?

  18. Arrested! But Not Untested by Bobby Bruno  
    Being arrested for a crime usually brings sorrow and regret. But the Apostle Paul gladly accepted his sentence as a blessing from the Lord to spread His Name among the leaders of the day.

  19. Favorable Factors in the Separation between the Jews and Christianity by Bobby Bruno  
    Did Christianity truly hinder the Jews from following the Law? What was favorable about these hindrances that allowed a Jew to come to Christ yet still be a Jew?

  20. The Work in Ephesus by Bobby Bruno  
    How was the initiation of Christians in Ephesus different from the initiation of Christians in other cities? What made their way into salvation different from the rest?

  21. To Worship the Unknown God by Bobby Bruno  
    A survey of the three arguments the Apostle Paul used to convince the people of Athens that the Unknown God they were worshipping was in fact the one, true God of the universe.

  22. Lydia's Ministry by Bobby Bruno  
    What made Lydia's ministry so important to the Apostle Paul and his partner, Silas?

  23. Agabus' Advice by Bobby Bruno  
    Why did Agabus tie up Paul with Paul's own belt? What point was he Agabus trying to make?

  24. The Influence of Rome on Christianity by Bobby Bruno  
    How much was Christianity influenced by the Roman world and culture that dominated the land around the Jewish nation of Israel?

  25. Peter's Rooftop Vision by Bobby Bruno  
    Why did the Holy Spirit include Peter's vision in the Bible?

  26. Cornelius and Divine Coincidence by Bobby Bruno  
    The divine coincidence of the meeting between Cornelius and Peter.

  27. Barnabas' Influence by Bobby Bruno  
    Barnabas' influence in the spread of the Gospel.

  28. In Stephen's Defense by Bobby Bruno  
    Stephen spoke the truth that no one wanted to hear.

  29. The Gift of Tongues by Bobby Bruno  
    What was the Holy Spirit's role in the gifting of tongues at Pentecost?

  30. Luke's Role in the Writing of Acts by Bobby Bruno  
    What roles did Luke play as the writer of the Book of Acts?


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