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Christian Apologetics
    Seventh Day Adventists have long taught that Sabbath was given to Adam in the Garden of Eden. But, the Bible teaches no such thing. The Sabbath law was first given to mankind for observance on Mt. Sinai.

  2. Ceremonial Law | Moral Law | Judicial Law by Fergus Davar  
    A holistic Christian view on the Law of God from the Bible.

  3. Monotheism by Bobby Bruno  
    What is monotheism?

  4. Letter to a Young Pastor by Bobby Bruno  
    I write to you, Samuel, to guide you through the problems you are having with your new congregation and with the doubts about your calling that keeps you from being all that God has called you to be.

  5. Learning from History by Bobby Bruno  
    What was the impact the early Church made on the contemporary Church? A discussion of three influences from the early Church that can benefit the ministry of the contemporary Church.

  6. Sanctification by Bobby Bruno  
    Sanctification is the process by which Christians become more holy every day they walk with Jesus.

  7. The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Apostle Paul's Ministry by Bobby Bruno  
    A short response of the Holy Spirit's role in the ministry of the Apostle Paul.

  8. The Foundation of Paul's Theology by Bobby Bruno  
    A short response on the foundation of the Apostle Paul's theology.

  9. The Center of It All The Theology of the Apostle Paul by Bobby Bruno  
    What was the theology of the Apostle Paul before and after his conversion? Paul's center changed from his Jewish theology to the new theology of Jesus Christ.

  10. Arguments Surrounding Salvation by Bobby Bruno  
    Who or what is the agency of salvation? Are there any tensions or contradictions when Paul writes about fulfilling the law, or being justified by faith, in order to achieve salvation?

  11. The Value of Grace by Bobby Bruno  
    The true grace of God is severely lacking in the church of today, both locally and globally. Why are God's creations showering grace upon each other where only God should be the One who extends it?

  12. Conversion or Call by Bobby Bruno  
    Was the Apostle Paul's salvation a conversion and new birth, or was it a call to preach the Gospel to all people?

  13. Praying Before Witnessing by Bobby Bruno  
    Praying before witnessing is as essential as having the Holy Spirit convince the seeker of their need for Christ.

  14. The Word in Witnessing by Bobby Bruno  
    Sharing principles in sharing the Gospel without fear.

  15. Vital Questions About Witnessing by Bobby Bruno  
    Why do we decided to witness to certain people over others we know?

  16. Providing a Choice by Bobby Bruno  
    When we are witnessing, do we give the seeker a choice to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, or do we try to hurry them up, to make a decision right now?

  17. The Importance of "Oikos" Today by Bobby Bruno  
    What is "oikos"? Oikos is a Greek word that means "household" and includes all members of a household whether they were related or not.

  18. Active Listening by Bobby Bruno  
    When evangelizing, we are actively listening when we are not rehearsing or next question or comment.

  19. Obedience in Proclaiming the Gospel by Bobby Bruno  
    Who is responsible to get people saved -- Jesus or us?

  20. The Holy Spirit in the Christian Experience by Bobby Bruno  
    The role and guidance in the life of a Christian.

  21. The Ekklesia of God by Bobby Bruno  
    What is the Ekklesia of God? Or, better yet, who are the Ekklesia of God and what is their mission on earth?

  22. What we ought to know about Good Friday! by Fergus Davar  
    The significance surrounding Good Friday of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  23. What we ought to know about Good Friday! by Fergus Davar  
    The significance surrounding Good Friday of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  24. Gospel Features by Bobby Bruno  
    The different features of the four Gospels explained.

  25. Cultural Context of the Gospels by Bobby Bruno  
    In what context, culturally, socially, and politically, were the Gospels written?

  26. The Synoptic Problem by Bobby Bruno  
    A discussion of how John's Gospel is different from the Synoptic Gospels. Why John take a different approach to re-counting the life of Christ from the other Gospel writers?

  27. Implications by Bobby Bruno  
    The implications of my faith which I can draw from Jesus' willingness to humble Himself, to suffer rejection, and to be despised and ignored? (Also read John 15:18-16:4.)

  28. The "Story" of Jesus -- Inspiration and Warning by Bobby Bruno  
    Stories are fictional. Testimonies are factual. In the life of Jesus, the facts can inspire us or warn us, both of which we desperately need.

  29. The Trinity Devotional by Bobby Bruno  
    The word "Trinity" does not appear in the bible. This is one explanation of the what this term means.

  30. Did Jesus Really Say Nothing About Homosexuality? by Jim Barringer  
    Unless you've either taken a vow of silence or have never ventured outside the house, you've probably had a talk with a non-Christian about the way we view sexuality. Sooner or later in the course of these discussions, someone will inevitably trot out the line, "Jesus said nothing about homosexuality," the implication being that if he said nothing about an issue, you can do whatever you please. So let's deconstruct that statement in three parts. First, we're going to look at what Jesus actually taught regarding gender and sexuality. Second, we're going to look at the reasons why "Jesus said nothing" is bad logic. Third, we're going to examine the pattern of Jesus' moral teaching to try and answer the question of why he said nothing about this issue.


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