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  1. VISIONS OF THE KING - The Secret Place by Tonja Taylor  
    In #3 of this series of visions I have had of King Jesus, I share my experience of being with Him in the blessed Secret Place of deep intimacy with the LORD.

  2. How to Please God - Part 3 by Tonja Taylor  
    The first way anyone can please the LORD is to receive His Son, Jesus Christ, as Savior. That makes you right with God--just by believing and receiving what Jesus did for you on the cross. After that, Jesus, Who is Love, flows through your reborn spirit to help others!

  3. How to Please God - Part 2 by Tonja Taylor  
    Step 1 of truly pleasing God is being born again by receiving Christ Jesus as Savior and LORD. Step 2 is allowing the Spirit of God to inspire and flow through you to do good things for others.

  4. How to Please God by Tonja Taylor  
    The LORD is easy to please. He loves us! No one can please God except by agreeing that they be cleansed of their sin by faith the in pure blood of Christ shed on the cross. Jesus did the work; all we have to do is agree!

  5. Our Father God is the Judge by Tonja Taylor  
    Human nature is to judge others. But there is only One Judge, and it is Yahweh, Jehovah--GOD! And when we receive His Son, Jesus, as Savior and LORD, He judges us righteous and worthy of eternal life in Heaven!

  6. King Jesus Will Soon Return! by Tonja Taylor  
    King Jesus is alive, and He is returning very soon to earth to take all of us in His Royal Family back to Heaven--Paradise. Will you be going?

  7. The King is Waiting to Meet You! by Tonja Taylor  
    The King is waiting for you to become His friend! King Jesus is alive! He is faithful, He is kind, He is good. He wants to help you live the wonderful life He died to give you (John 10:10)!

  8. Jesus Wore Camoflauge by Tonja Taylor  
    Jesus came to earth in disguise! When we become born again through His saving Grace that forgives us of all our sins and brings us into God's Royal Family, then Jesus lives in our hearts and starts revealing Himself through our lives. He will soon return, so the more we look like Him, the more people will want to go with us to Heaven!

  9. Thirsty: Water is Precious by Tonja Taylor  
    We must have water--or our bodies will die. We must have the Living Water of Jesus Christ--or our spirits will die. Let us never take having either for granted!

  10. Forever Faithful by Tonja Taylor  
    Yahweh, Jehovah, God--These are all names for our faithful LORD, the Father of all who believe in Jesus Christ. The LORD is forever faithful--He gives us every breath. He is faithful, and He is good--forever!

  11. The Light by Faith Noles  
    A sinner's journey, coming out of this world into the glorious light of Jesus Christ.

  12. About Your True Father by Tonja Taylor  
    You may not know your earthly father, or you may have a terrible relationship with him. Even if you have a good relationship, the one you can have with your Heavenly Father, God, through His Son Jesus Christ, is far beyond anything you can experience on earth!

  13. Are You Holy or Religious? by Tonja Taylor  
    For years I was confused about the difference between being "holy" vs. being "religious." Here is insight about both--and how Jesus is holy, but not religious, thank goodness!

  14. God Values You by Mark Nickles  
    One of the life-changing facts that we learn from the Bible is that the God of all creation Himself values us immensely. It is not His desire that anyone should go to hell, but that everyone would repent of their sin, and trust Jesus as Savior and Lord.

  15. Free To Make A Choice by Mark Nickles  
    People often have questions about the issue of free will, where salvation in Jesus Christ is concerned. They ask, ‚Would a loving God REALLY send someone to hell?‚ The answer requires more than a ‚yes‚ or ‚no‚, yet is not at all complicated. The Bible makes everything we need to know perfectly clear.

  16. Adopted by a Foreign King by Tonja Taylor  
    The King wants to adopt you!

  17. In the Prison by Tonja Taylor  
    I had to get fingerprinted at a prison, to serve as a substitute teacher. While there, I learned more about the privilege of freedom!

  18. The Difference by Tonja Taylor  
    Many things make a difference in our lives, but there is only One Person Who can make a true difference in our identity!

  19. His Eyes by louis gander  
    Now at the cross
    was greater loss
    with torture and with pain.
    From crown of thorn
    to nails and scorn,
    would someone please explain?

    Though not His fault,
    they would not halt.
    Was this unstoppable?
    I called His name
    so I could blame
    the one responsible...

  20. You Can Become a Blood Brother With the King -- Today! by Tonja Taylor  
    There is only one Way to Heaven--through the LORD Jesus Christ, Who is the King of Heaven! He loves all people, and wants to include YOU in His Covenant Family. All you have to do is tell Him you want in!

  21. Top Ten Reasons I Really Despise Flies by Tonja Taylor  
    About 20 years ago, I wrote this as a catharsis. Then I used the paper to swat these buzzing irritants. Some things never change!

  22. Have You Seen the Ghost? by Tonja Taylor  
    Some people are fascinated with ghosts. But the only Ghost to be fascinated with is the Ghost Who can take us into Heaven--both for eternity and on earth!

  23. About God Who is Love by Tonja Taylor  
    We all want to be loved. Only Christ Jesus, Who is Love, can give us what we need. And He is so easy to know, and so eager to have a relationship with us!

  24. Immortal You by Tonja Taylor  
    The real YOU is immortal--eternal--and you choose where, when your body dies--the real you will spend eternity!

  25. Thank God This is Not All There Is! by Tonja Taylor  
    If you have a blood Covenant with the true God, the LORD Jesus Christ, then you have a new life now, and eternal peace and joy in Heaven for your spirit, after your body dies!

  26. JESUS Felt It! by Tonja Taylor  
    Jesus is the Answer to everything, from healing to eternal freedom from hell, to comfort, to joy, to wonderful relationships, to abundance and more. It's all in Him, because He paid the price on the cross for us to have all these things, when we become His friends!

  27. The Real Meaning of Easter by Tonja Taylor  
    The real meaning of Resurrection Day (That many call "Easter") is FREEDOM--FREEDOM from curse and death and darkness and despair, and a NEW LIFE of GRACE!

  28. Son or Sin? by Tonja Taylor  
    The true God is life--wonderful Life! Without Him--the Life of Jesus Christ--existence on earth is empty.

  29. Forgiven! by Tonja Taylor  
    Humans were made to be free. Trusting in Jesus Christ--The God Who Loves us without us having to perform for Him--is the ONLY Way to true freedom!

  30. It's Available Now! by Tonja Taylor  
    Why wait, when you can start the best life you've ever had--today! That's only possible with Jesus Christ!


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