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  1. Why Wont You Believe? by lareina morgan  
    It seems like everyone is willing to believe in anything but the truth, and the price for that type of blindness is death and destruction - why will you not believe?

  2. The Eve Of Time by lareina morgan  
    we are living in the last days, the eve of time, when this world's system is destroyed and defeated and Jesus Christ will come and establish His rule in our world when we will enter a time of peace and prosperity, are you ready for the new kingdom that will come?

  3. Salt and Light or Dregs and Darkness, Which One Will You Choose? by lareina morgan  
    There comes a time in everyone's life when they make the choice, do i go with God or do I walk this life alone? Our choices make us who we are, and If you choose Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then you have already won the war, even if you lose the battles, take heart and trust in Him!

  4. The Gift Of Righteousness by lareina morgan  
    we have been given a precious gift, the gift of righteousness, if you believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as your Lord and Savior, you are righteous in God's eyes!

  5. When You Are Beyond Despair by lareina morgan  
    when you are beyond despair, nothing seems to help but the blood of Jesus!

  6. Happy Because I Love Him by lareina morgan  
    where does happiness come from? the world says power, money and success, but they have underestimated the power of love

  7. Harden Not Your Heart by lareina morgan  
    Where can you find deliverance in a world full of confusion and strife? Look to Jesus for wisdom, revelation, and restoration. Seek Him with all of your heart, for when you seek Him, He will be found, and harden not your heart.

  8. The Power Of God by lareina morgan  
    When living in this world, you need a partner, someone you can trust and believe in; that man is Jesus Christ, and He died on the cross for you and me to atone for our sins, and the power of God resurrected Him from the grave. You need the power of God in your life.

  9. Why I Love The Lord by lareina morgan  
    i would like to declare that I love the Lord, and this is why He means so much to me

  10. I call My people righteous by lareina morgan  
    the Lord loves you, because you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are now a citizen of the Kingdom of God and He calls you righteous

  11. How to come into His rest by lareina morgan  
    Do you feel tired and lonely? Just put your faith in Him and He will give you rest

  12. Why did Jesus come to the earth? by lareina morgan  
    The Lord Jesus was willing to come into the world and to show what God is like and to bring healing and salvation to the lost; why did Jesus have to die on the cross to do so?

  13. The Sweetness Of God by lareina morgan  
    He fills me with His presence and His love, and gives of His heart to comfort me and guide, O The Sweetness of the Lord!

  14. Why I Need Jesus by lareina morgan  
    This is why I love Him, because He cares, He cared so much that He died on a cross for me! that is why I need Jesus.....

  15. The Providence of God by lareina morgan  
    What is the Providence of God?

  16. My People, God Fakers, God Haters, Which One Are You? by lareina morgan  
    In this day and age, it is hard to tell who are the people of God and who are the fakers, the wheat and the tares have grown together; the real question is, which one are you?

  17. As It Was In The Days Of Noah.................... by lareina morgan  
    These are the end times, and did you know that what happened in the days of Noah is being repeated in these last days?

  18. Passed Quietly, the Waters By by louis gander  
    The river stones were gathered 'round.
    Their speeches and their words profound.
    They thought they were the best on earth -
    had much more value, much more worth.

    Passed quietly, the waters by.
    Most stones just laughed and wondered why...

  19. The Choice To Love by lareina morgan  
    Giving of yourself is the definition of the choice to love, and when you choose to love God, He gives you everything you need to survive, to hope, and to soar!

  20. The Rest of God by lareina morgan  
    If your are in need, seek Him out with all your heart, believe in Him, trust Him, and He will provide the rest you need to heal, live, and survive!

  21. In The Communion With God by lareina morgan  
    we love him and that's why we celebrate communion, for it is the promise and the covenant of rich communication and communion with Him forever and ever

  22. Forgiveness Undeserved by louis gander  
    I don't deserve forgiveness and
    I don't deserve His love.
    I don't deserve His blessings that
    He showers from above.

    My greatest deeds have missed His mark.
    My works were just my will.
    My life appears so very dark.
    Guilt haunts me even still.

    Except for Jesus on the cross,
    except for loving grace,
    except forgiveness undeserved -
    a hope? No, not a trace.

  23. In Order To Love You Must Be Bold by lareina morgan  
    How can you say you love your fellow man if you are not willing to give of yourself, to express that love boldly, expecting nothing in return? Learn how to love boldly for God!

  24. There Is No Place Left In Your Heart For God by lareina morgan  
    You live your live, posing as a 'good' person who does good deeds, not realizing that all your efforts to be 'good' are wasted if you don't have Jesus Christ in your heart. The question is, will you make room for Him in your heart?

  25. The Kings And Queens Of God Part One by lareina morgan  
    How do we know that God loves us? Because He sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins, and He considers us His family, if we believe in His son, and He has declared us the Kings And Queens of God In Christ

  26. The Kings And Queens Of God Part Two by lareina morgan  
    part two of the article the kings and queens of god, why does He love us?

  27. Writing For Love by lareina morgan  
    writing for love is my tribute to God for blessing me with His love and to give a reason why I am writing my blog for Him

  28. A FAITHFUL SAYING by Jerry Smith  
    If you are a sinner, then Christ died for you and me - it is that simple.

  29. Our Gifts To God by lareina morgan  
    I praise the God of heaven that He loves me, and I love to give Him all that I have to offer; what does God expect from us?

  30. The Road To Destruction by lareina morgan  
    It is the road taken by most people, and it leads to destruction. Why do so many choose to die alone and separated from God? What is the appeal of the road to destruction?


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