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  1. If You Can Interpret by louis gander  
    ...from ants to the mammoth so woolly.

    Can you understand of the rock and the sand -
    a foundation as in white and black?
    If so, you will master the words of your pastor
    and find that you're on the right track.

    So don't be discouraged...

  2. No Other Salvation? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    In ancient Rome all religions were tolerated; only Christianity was bitterly persecuted. Why, do you suppose, is that?

  3. Does God Forgive Sins in Christian Water Baptism? Part 2 by Max Aplin  
    Most evangelicals today seem to have seriously misunderstood what baptism is all about. There is good biblical evidence that GodÔs standard way of doing things is to forgive the sins of a new Christian believer at the time they are baptized. This does not conflict with salvation by faith or with Christian experience.

  4. Does God Forgive Sins in Christian Water Baptism? Part 1 by Max Aplin  
    Most evangelicals today seem to have seriously misunderstood what baptism is all about. There is good biblical evidence that GodÔs standard way of doing things is to forgive the sins of a new Christian believer at the time they are baptized. This does not conflict with salvation by faith or with Christian experience.

    We are being told that all these religions are like spokes in a wheel, they all lead to the hub, to the center. That they are merely different routes to a god. That certainly includes the idolatrous, non-biblical mega religions of today, who pretend to be Christian. Has not Free Masonry been telling you this from the very beginning? But they did not tell you that all these religions lead you only to the god of this world, all of them, and the name of this god is Satan.

  6. Optimal Reception by Toni Babcock  
    The word of the LORD brings each one of us to a point of optimal reception ‚" a time of ‚blossoming‚ when we are most responsive to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  7. Let‚s Make a Deal! by Alan Allegra  
    How many times have you seen those commercials for everything from cars to cable TV to cosmetic cremes that offer you an unbeatable deal? However, a vital part of those deals is the fine print: ‚If you don‚t like it, return it for a full refund (minus shipping, handling, and restocking fees).‚ ‚If you call within the next five minutes, you will get a second Shaft-O-Matic Combination Washer / Dryer / Egg Poacher for free! (Just pay an extra combination-offer fee)!‚
    Big deal! There‚s always a catch. The seller is not going to take a financial dive to make you happy. As the old folks used to say, ‚Nothing in life is free!‚

    Little is ever said about the men that accompanied Saul on his mission to Damascus. However that episode is striking enough to make us wonder about what became of them.

  9. Believing That Regeneration Leads to Faith Is Mistaken and Pointless by Max Aplin  
    Most Calvinists claim that people who come to faith in Christ do so because God has already given them the Holy Spirit in regeneration. This idea that regeneration leads to faith is not only mistaken, but it is not even necessary for Calvinist theology. Part of the gospel message is that coming to Jesus in faith leads to regeneration.

    By contrast, the proud enemies of Christianity are facing an eventual future of indescribable horror, which cannot be even imagined by anybody in this world. Satan does not fool around, neither is he going down alone! Exceedingly important to Satan is to hide the infinite, eternal justice, hide the future, from his followers.

  11. BECOMING HOPELESS FOR THE BETRAYED? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    No sin (evil) can be just arbitrarily forgiven. No church and no PRIEST can forgive sins. They could not forgive a bedbug. Have a billion people have been hoodwinked by dishonest religions? No being can tell God what to do. If God forgives then God Himself does pay the penalty for the sinner.

  12. Rough Around the Edges by Richard L. Provencher  
    The homeless live in sad circumstances. Yet some have fallen so low from good times they need Jesus to raise them up.

    Procrastination is not an unusual thing. It is when one puts-off doing something one should do by a deadline. When deadlines are missed, people just deal with the consequences, and go on with life. However, the consequences of postponing one's Day of Salvation is irreparable--Hell! Call on Jesus today!

  14. THE OPTIONS ARE BEFORE YOU by Olawale Ogunsola  
    To worship any other thing, a creature or any works of men‚s hands is to pursue sorrows. Worship God!

  15. A Question for the Ages by Toni Babcock  
    Before we could present ourselves a living sacrifice to God through the merits and power of Jesus Christ our Lord, what living thing did we have to offer up to God?

  16. The Glory of the Gospel by Toni Babcock  
    The gospel, by virtue of its own power, gives us the ability to respond. I call it our Ô"response-ability"Ô.

  17. With Life Anew by louis gander  
    Beware of peer pressure and doing things just because everyone else does...

  18. Rev. Billy Graham, The by louis gander  
    From the eyes of a small boy...


    So, who is God? God is the holy Creator of the universe, including both the visible and unseen things. He has ultimate power and wisdom. He owns everything and everybody (see Psalm 24:1), and has the right to do with each person as He chooses. He created man in His own image, so humans have the character of God, and just like God, we are eternal as well as emotional beings. Being emotional, we have the ability to love, hate, forgive, create, and admire beauty.
    When God created man (Adam and Eve), He enjoyed a relationship with them; He visited and talked with them often (see Genesis 3:8), until that relationship was tainted and interrupted by sin, the result of Satan‚s doing and man‚s disobedience. Sin ruined the relationship, not only in the present, but also for the future--eternally, because God is holy and cannot co-exist with sin, in this world or the next. Out of love for us, and the desire to resume an ongoing relationship with us, God put into motion the plans He had since the beginning of time to restore the relationship. The only solution to the problem was for sin to be punished.

  20. COMMUNICATION: A GOD-GIVEN FORCE by linzy bruno  
    ".........It is not a coincidence then, that mankind has been unwittingly perfecting this skill since the day mankind was Created......"

  21. On The Road, TO Emmaus, A TRUE Story by Stan Arney  
    A Powerful Message For All Believers, Looking At What The Scriptures, Tell Us, About ‚The Coming Of The Son Of Man;‚ ‚BUT, OF THAT DAY AND HOUR, NO ONE KNOWS, NOT Even, The Angels, IN Heaven, NOR THE SON (Jesus Christ); BUT ONLY, THE FATHER (GOD Almighty);‚ ‚BUT Let Us, WATCH AND BE SOBER (Spiritually Alert)!‚

  22. Can Anyone Who Has Not Heard the Gospel Be Saved? by Max Aplin  
    Even very conservative Christians can often be heard saying that many people who have never heard the gospel will nevertheless be saved for eternity. However, the Bible leads us to believe that without faith in Jesus either no morally accountable people living in the Christian era will be saved, or no more than a tiny number will be.

  23. Apologizing to God without Faith in Christ Will Not Lead to Forgiveness by Max Aplin  
    There are many people who think that simply believing in God and apologizing to him for what they have done wrong will lead to their sins being forgiven. In fact, for us to receive forgiveness, we need to have faith in Jesus Christ.

  24. Romans 8:29-30 and Apostasy by Max Aplin  
    Romans 8:29-30 is often said to prove that God will never allow a born-again Christian to fall away from the faith and lose salvation. However, this passage seems to fall short of proving this.

  25. Biblical Warnings against Losing Salvation by Max Aplin  
    There are many places in the Bible where genuine, born-again Christians are warned of the danger of falling away from the faith and finally losing salvation. Church leaders today need to point out these warnings when teaching their flocks.

  26. Does God Ever Allow Born-Again Christians to Fall Away and Lose Salvation? by Max Aplin  
    Some biblical passages most naturally seem to suggest that God never allows born-again Christians to fall away from the faith and lose salvation. On the other hand, however, there are many passages which warn of the danger of falling away. On balance it seems probable that God does at times allow Christians to fall away.

  27. Having Done All by Omolara E. Gbadamosi  
    So far, none of man‚s attempts to quench that thirst for happiness seems to satisfy the heart. Folks, they are what they are ‚" vanity upon vanity.
    A discontented soul can never be happy.

  28. The (Sozo) Kind of Salvation by Rochelle Arnold  
    There are many false ideas and wrong doctrines out there concerning salvation. What does being saved really mean? Can we separate eternal life from being saved? What does redeemed mean? Can we lose our salvation? These questions and more are answered in this riveting teaching by prophetic leader and RHEMA graduate, Rochelle Arnold. Learn what it really means to be born-again!

  29. Don't go back to Eden by Emmanuella Ellis  
    There is one thing that we all seek and wish deep within our hearts that we could have forever. But there is no need to go back to Eden to get it.

  30. Bible 23.WHAT GOD SAYS ABOUT SALVATION by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Salvation is only through faith in Christ Jesus. Not by faith in ANYONE else.
    By Faith in Jesus Alone, Jesus PLUS Nothing.
    Acts 4:12
    12. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
    Nobody else paid for your sins, Old Boy. Only Christ Jesus.
    There is also a MISGUIDED FAITH where Jesus will profit you nothing, where you are fallen from grace. Keep reading.


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