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  1. PMS- Shouldn't Stress You out by Dawn Lucy  
    When I write P.M.S., I am not talking about Pre-menstrual syndrome, but rather Premarital Sex. We live in a culture that advocates pre-marital sex today not just for single adults whether divorced or widowed but for teens as well. When I was a teenager in the 80s, the age of AIDS awareness began and many people feared pre-marital sex but often did not take the necessary precautions. We had to become a culture that needed to be smart and have safe sex through the use of condoms. Abstinence was rarely mentioned as an option. However, the advice I was given by a couple who used to keep me during my elementary school years after school, encouraged me to remain a virgin until I married. In fact, they told me to beware of guys who told me that they loved me because this was often a ploy to get one into bed.

  2. Sex and Purity in the Beginning by BILL HUNT  
    Joseph paid a dear price for his faithfulness to God. First, he was betrayed by his brothers and sold into slavery. Then, betrayed by the sexual seduction of Potipher's wife, he spent fourteen years in prison. Finally, Pharaoh rewarded him with the position of Prime Minister of Egypt, proving God's oversight.

  3. Relationship Principles From Jane Austin's Sense and Sensibility by Angie Lewis  
    Marianne falls head over heels for dashing Willoughby, whom seems to love Marianne but knows that he cannot marry her because he is engaged to another woman of wealth. Willoughby loves money more than Marrianne.

  4. How to Know If You Have Met the Right Christian Person For Marriage by Angie Lewis  

    During the "getting to know one another" stage of the relationship do they care more about what they can receive from you than getting to know you? Do they care more about what you have, how you look, or what you do for a living than the person within? These things are all very superficial and do not matter for having a loving and stable marriage.

  5. Why Most Young People Today Are Not Prepared For Marriage by Angie Lewis  
    Many times, because the husband does not truly know what his role is in the marriage, the wife in her disappointment becomes bossy and critical of her husband, but she does not know what his role is either, or hers for that matter. Then because of the lack of positive attention from his wife, the husband becomes bored and thinks he is not in love anymore.

  6. Is She Marriage Material? Essential Qualities of a Christian Wife by Angie Lewis  
    When we read about the ideal woman and wife in Proverbs we see she has many accomplishments. But I believe that we are only looking at all of the things the Proverbs 31 woman does and not see how she isher demeanor and inner qualities that make her the ideal wife to her husband

  7. Is He Marriage Material? Essential Qualities of a Christian Husband by Angie Lewis  
    Appearances mean a lot for people today. And sadly is the main reason for rising divorce statistics. We're so captivated by good looks, clothing and how it is worn, nice sounding words, and fancy cars that we completely sidestep character traits of a person.

  8. Sue takes George in hand by   
    George was really shy, and needed lessons in how to date. So Sue took him in hand.

  9. Beauty in Humility by Leah Nichols  
    How do you define beauty? How does God define beauty? What's so great about humility? Some thoughts. [Originally written for single Christian women.]

  10. Of Being Real by Leah Nichols  
    Not perfect? No worries....lots of us struggle with the same thing. God uses us in our weakness - there's no need to hide. [Originally written for single Christian women.]

  11. Excelling in Excellence by Leah Nichols  
    Every Christian woman hates being compared with the "Proverbs 31 Woman" - no one else can measure up! A new take on an old subject. [Originally written for single Christian women.]

  12. Maintaining Clear Boundaries by Leah Nichols  
    Boundaries can be either easy or hard to cross. It all depends on how well they are guarded. How well-guarded are your boundaries? [Originally written for single Christian women.]

  13. Can I Mess Up God's Will For My Life? by Leah Nichols  
    We've all made choices, both good and bad. How do we know when we're in God's will, especially when things are not going well? Can we completely mess up our own life? [Originally written for single Christian women.]

  14. Ah! The Confusing Smell of Opinion Soup by Leah Nichols  
    Everyone's got an opinion. Especially when it comes to your love life, or lack thereof. Who are you listening to? [Originally written for single Christian women.]

  15. What To Do On A Friday Night by Leah Nichols  
    Single? Bored? There's GOT to be something to do, even if you're not dating. Some tips on having fun. [Originally written for single Christian women.]

  16. Self-Hatred Is NOT Attractive by Leah Nichols  
    Stumped as to why you're not getting dates? Feel terrible about yourself? Maybe there's a link. [Originally written for single Christian women.]

  17. Source of Encouragement by Leah Nichols  
    Where does our encouragement come from? Is it flattery, or something real? Tips for seeking the right source. [Originally written for single Christian women.]

  18. How to Find Mr. Darcy by Leah Nichols  
    The perfect man....maybe not. What is so attractive about a brooding, handsome character? And what does God really have in mind for us? [Originally written for single Christian women.]

  19. Quit the Charades! by Leah Nichols  
    Body language. Who understands it? It's always ten times worse when you're talking about single guys and can you tell what the other is REALLY thinking? Here's an idea - let's be real. [Originally written for single Christian women.]

  20. In Defense of Lame Religious Advice by Leah Nichols  
    Everyone has an opinion about why you're not yet dating or married. Religious answers are the worst - they sound so trite, but are lamer than lame. Yet we can look at them in the light of Scripture to find a hint of truth.... [Originally written for single Christian women.]

  21. Hollywood Romance or Real Relationship? by Leah Nichols  
    Where will you find your true love? Will it be just like the movies? Or is there something to be said for the plans God makes for our lives? [Originally written for single Christian women.]

  22. A Thankful Heart by Leah Nichols  
    How do you react at another's wedding? Valentine's Day? A gorgeous sunset? How can you find thankfulness when you're tired of being single? [Originally written for single Christian women.]

  23. Setting Appropriate Emotional Boundaries While Dating by Ronali dela Cruz  
    We keep hearing about avoiding premature sexual intimacy while dating. But did you know that adult singles should also stay away from too much emotional intimacy?

  24. Don't Date Naked - A Healthy View on Intimacy by Ronali dela Cruz  
    When it comes to dating, are you willing to delay sexual gratification? This article tells us why it's wise to do so.

  25. How Long Should You Wait Before Getting Married? by Greg Baker  
    So, you're dating. How long should you wait until you're married? There are several things that you ought to consider before making that decision. This article explores those factors.

  26. How Dating Deceives Christians by Angie Lewis  
    A few days ago a Christian woman told me that she was tricked into marrying her husband. He portrayed himself as a Christian to her during the dating period. Do you know why this happens? It happens because she did not really get to know him on the inside. He talked a good talk and impressed her with false words and once they were married he became a different person to her.

  27. Five Hours of Sleep a Night Outrageous Ideas on Sex Before Marriage Series by Marijo Phelps  
    More on Biblical relationships

  28. Downspout Drama Outrageous Ideas on Sex Before Marriage Series by Marijo Phelps  
    Courting snapshot with relationship guidelines part of a series,.

  29. East Texas Weather Outrageous Ideas on Sex Before Marriage Series by Marijo Phelps  
    Another part in this series on Biblical dating/courtship.

  30. All in One Package Outrageous Thoughts on Sex Before Marriage Series by Marijo Phelps  
    You mean that a relationship leading to marriage can and should have physical attraction along with being attracted to character etc.


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