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  1. Why Wait? by PamFord Davis  
    Why wait until people die?

  2. The Eulogy by PamFord Davis  
    What might clergy say about you at your funeral?

  3. Mrs Howard, She Knew How by PamFord Davis  
    Mrs. Eloise Howard knew how to live life to the fullest...

  4. Daffodils for Tammy by PamFord Davis  
    'In times of suffering and sorrow, I find solace in cherished memories and hope for the future.'

  5. In God I Trust by louis gander  
    I thank you Jesus, for my birth
    and all this beauty on Your earth -
    for me to see.
    Oh thank you Jesus, for these eyes -
    though tears run down my cheeks from cries -
    in thanks to thee.

  6. Pain of Loss by Katy Curry  
    When you are a caretaker of a loved one a grief can eclipse your very being. This is an attempt to explain that grief and why a person cannot reach out but needs others to reach in to him or her. This is not for the faint of heart.

  7. Sorrowful Sisters by PamFord Davis  
    'Sorrow is a healthy emotion.
    Therefore, in a key scripture passage, the sorrow of two sisters was to be expected'

  8. Pillars in the Pews by PamFord Davis  
    'Many of our old Southern plantation homes feature stately white pillars on the edifice. They are impressive. Far more impressive are tributes to men and women who were pillars in their churches.'

  9. Is Planet Earth Actually Hell? by Jim Schicatano  
    Hell on Earth? What if planet Earth is actually hell itself? It might answer many age-old questions.

  10. The Pretty Purple Blossom by louis gander  
    The pretty purple blossom bloomed one sunny springtime day
    and as the others grumbled, this is what she had to say...

  11. Life Is Like a Football Game by Irvin Rozier  
    Football games are is life.

  12. Streets of Gold, for Priscilla by Deborah Rampona Oliver  
    The writer lost a friend to ALS. This article explores grief, support, and hope during degenerative illness. Priscilla for whom this was written is now walking the Streets of Gold.

  13. Seven Words by louis gander  
    Now friends and fam'ly waited for
    her son with eager ears -
    as he concluded all his thoughts
    while holding back his tears.

    (based on a true story. I know because I am "her son".)

  14. How Beautiful! by louis gander  
    How beautiful, the autumn day!
    How beautiful, the trees!
    How beautiful, the up-stretched limbs!
    How beautiful, their leaves!
    How beautiful, the sunlit skies!
    How beautiful, the rays!
    How beautiful, creation's peace!
    How beautiful, the days!

    So beautiful, the season's end
    when I breathe my last breath.
    Because, when I'm at Heaven's door,
    how beautiful, earth's death!
    You see, this earth was all I knew.
    Earth died so I'd arrive
    to dreams too unbelievable -
    in Heaven's world, alive!

    How beautiful when Winter's past!
    How beautiful the Spring!
    How beautiful the Angels are!
    How beautiful they sing!
    How beautiful my Jesus is!
    How beautiful His face!
    How beautiful His perfect love!
    How beautiful His grace!

  15. Experiencing God's Grace at the Funeral by Tai Ikomi  
    In a single day, Tai Ikomi lost her husband and three children to a drunk driver. On the funeral day, the Lord visited her in an usual way as she took a step of faith to praise God. She recounts how the grace of God took her through the bitterest day of her life. You will end up shouting the victory.

  16. Now, about the future by Ramona Cook  
    We think of death as the end. It is the end, for awhile of activities as we know them, on the earth; but the truth is that we have nothing ahead of us but future, unending future.

  17. Now, about the future by Ramona Cook  
    We consider death to end all things when death only ends the earth life and we have nothing ahead of us but future; forever future.

  18. The Battle, The Victory by PamFord Davis  
    'A loved one or close friend loses the battle with disease.'

  19. Brave Ones by Rachel Northey  
    Do you need strength from Christ to be brave in the face of a loved one dying? Christ offers hope for this life on earth and in life eternal. Read a testimony of some very brave ones indeed.

  20. Four Angels Took Him Home to Heaven by Jan Hughes  
    Angels do take believers in God through Jesus Christ home to heaven. Jesus told us to love even our enemies in this life. Jesus will reward us for everything He places in our hearts to do for Him. This man did. He also brought me closer to Jesus, and he changed my life through his life.

  21. Hope & Healing: When Your Spouse Dies by Theresa Vogel Millward  
    What do you do when your spouse dies? Whether it is suddenly or gradually, death of a spouse can leave you shocked, devastated, and lost. There are no cookie cutter solutions for grief and loss, but there is hope, help, and healing.

  22. The Mind, Body, and Soul Connection by Jim Schicatano  
    The human soul and the physical body are mysteriously intertwined. Affect one and it will affect the other.

  23. As Darkness Falls by louis gander  
    Some say that no
    one's perfect so,
    "it doesn't matter much".
    But that's not what the Savior said with cross and thorns and such.

  24. Souls by louis gander  
    Although their minds are thinking,
    although their bodies fed,
    although their hearts are beating -
    their souls? Completely dead.

  25. Slips Away by louis gander  
    We think we have life figured out.
    We give opinions, argue, shout -
    but step back from that vast array
    when all we held just slips away.

  26. There is Hope! by Ramona Cook  
    We need Hope for living and for dying. God has made provision for both of those experiences.

  27. Late... by Olawale Ogunsola  
    To obtain a title involves lots of preparations. How ready are you to obtain the title "Late..."? This comes after death.

  28. Leaping Bound by PamFord Davis  
    "We are kindred through new birth; each member is a part of the body of Christ."

  29. With His Remaining Breath by louis gander  
    I pity such a person who
    has no room in his heart -
    for God or love or charity -
    who fin'lly falls apart.

  30. Refined Southern Quilter by PamFord Davis  
    "A cherished friend who enjoyed quilting recently passed from death to life everlasting."


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