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  1. Grief by veronica cressey  
    I lost my husband in January 2019 and I have been experiencing grief. This is how I tried to explain the heartache, using grief as a separate entity.

  2. Do We Really ‚Get Our Wings‚? by Mark Nickles  
    Over the years, I‚ve ministered at many funerals. One statement that I‚ve often heard is this: ‚Heaven has another angel.‚ I know this can be comforting to loved ones, but it is based on a false premise, while the truth is much more encouraging.

  3. Street Where You Live by PamFord Davis  
    It has been six months since PatÔs unexpected death.

    Though my sorrow has lessened, it still hurts.

  4. The Man in the Roadway by Sim Lee  
    A look at how cruelly indifferent people cn be to one another when given a choice.

  5. Medical Science - The State Of Conciousness At Death by Sim Lee  
    A look at the findings of the latest medical research study concerning death and beyond.

  6. Epitaph of a Writer who could not envision Eternity by Sim Lee  
    A look at the sad life and death of John Keats, a famous writer who could not envision an eternity for himself.

  7. Why Am I Still Here? by carmela snelbaker  
    Each Life has a path and a purpose only they will be able to fulfill. Wisdom is not always passed on easily. Quite possibly the wisdom our own life possesses may not even be apparent to us while we are living.

  8. Here! by PamFord Davis  
    ‚When the Roll is Called Up Yonder‚ [James M. Black, 1893/Public Domain]

  9. Shadow of Death by Joy Chiasson  
    Shadow of Death proven in my life.
    In 1990, I was having a baby and I blacked out for 30 minutes. I tell you this because, this is truly what I went through back then. My life was in danger so was my baby's.

  10. Our Loss, Their Gain by Donna Wittlif  
    We lose much when death takes a loved one, but the one who dies in the Lord has much to gain.

  11. Two forces one universe. by Toni Rittenhouse  
    Is there a God? Is there evil? According to Newtons law the answer has to be yes.

  12. AT DEATHS OPEN DOOR by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    The penalty for sin is death. This provided Satan with the sense of invincibility. To save mankind GOD WOULD HAVE TO DIE. Impossible! Not to mention that God would have to become a Kinsman, a man. Satan‚s self-assurance lasted until the Cross.

  13. Act of Violence by PamFord Davis  
    Once again our nation mourns the shedding of innocent blood.

  14. Why the Delay? by PamFord Davis  
    With failing health, Alma has wondered why she has to wait so long to go to her eternal home.

  15. Dearly Departed by PamFord Davis  
    Memories of the dearly departed often surface with melancholy.

  16. Life and Legacy of Tuck Roberts by PamFord Davis  
    Words penned by Paul serve as a fitting tribute to the life and legacy of Reverend √‚ňTuck√‚‚ Roberts√‚¬

  17. testing with preview by fredie auditor  

  18. Why Wait? by PamFord Davis  
    Why wait until people die?

  19. The Eulogy by PamFord Davis  
    What might clergy say about you at your funeral?

  20. Mrs Howard, She Knew How by PamFord Davis  
    Mrs. Eloise Howard knew how to live life to the fullest...

  21. Daffodils for Tammy by PamFord Davis  
    'In times of suffering and sorrow, I find solace in cherished memories and hope for the future.'

  22. In God I Trust by louis gander  
    I thank you Jesus, for my birth
    and all this beauty on Your earth -
    for me to see.
    Oh thank you Jesus, for these eyes -
    though tears run down my cheeks from cries -
    in thanks to thee.

  23. Pain of Loss by Katy Curry  
    When you are a caretaker of a loved one a grief can eclipse your very being. This is an attempt to explain that grief and why a person cannot reach out but needs others to reach in to him or her. This is not for the faint of heart.

  24. Sorrowful Sisters by PamFord Davis  
    'Sorrow is a healthy emotion.
    Therefore, in a key scripture passage, the sorrow of two sisters was to be expected'

  25. Pillars in the Pews by PamFord Davis  
    'Many of our old Southern plantation homes feature stately white pillars on the edifice. They are impressive. Far more impressive are tributes to men and women who were pillars in their churches.'

  26. Is Planet Earth Actually Hell? by Jim Schicatano  
    Hell on Earth? What if planet Earth is actually hell itself? It might answer many age-old questions.

  27. The Pretty Purple Blossom by louis gander  
    The pretty purple blossom bloomed one sunny springtime day
    and as the others grumbled, this is what she had to say...

  28. Life Is Like a Football Game by Irvin Rozier  
    Football games are is life.

  29. Streets of Gold, for Priscilla by Deborah Rampona Oliver  
    The writer lost a friend to ALS. This article explores grief, support, and hope during degenerative illness. Priscilla for whom this was written is now walking the Streets of Gold.

  30. Seven Words by louis gander  
    Now friends and fam'ly waited for
    her son with eager ears -
    as he concluded all his thoughts
    while holding back his tears.

    (based on a true story. I know because I am "her son".)


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