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  1. By the Bushel by louis gander  
    Two weeks and a day since mom passed away.
    Tomorrow will be yet another.
    Tears run down my cheeks each time someone speaks
    and mentions my dear ol' mother.

  2. Perfect Mom (in Heaven), The by louis gander  
    The vivid 'reds' are deeper and the 'yellows' brighter still.
    The roses, and the daffodils and other flowers fill -
    the contours of the garden knolls with colored trees of fall.
    The sunshine brightens everything ...and now I see it all.

  3. The Mighty Ship by louis gander  
    Oh, the contrast between the physical and the spiritual...
    The brand new car, the hand-held game
    or other things we chose,
    the TV set, the picture frame
    or nice designer clothes,

  4. Calling all Preachers, Teachers and Writers by Ramona Cook  
    Death is not the thing we like to think about. It is however, a reality we cannot escape.

  5. GOODBYE MANDELA and THANK YOU by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    Not too often in history along comes a man that really makes a difference. Even if you are unacquainted with Nelson Mandela the fact that he lived mattered to humanity.

  6. Where Do We Go When We Die? by Wayne Childress  
    We should be wary of those who contend on issues that are not central to our following Jesus; but, that does not mean we should discussing such issues. Death will come to us all so it is natural to ponder such things.

  7. Grandpa's Wisdom by louis gander  
    Before the jets, before the planes,
    before the cars and traffic lanes,
    before genetics changed our corn,
    before the IRS was even born,
    before CD's and movie stars,
    before the rover got to mars -
    was born a man, a little tot,
    who endured much, but learned a lot.

  8. One More Day by louis gander  
    Excellent sermon poem. (my poems are packed with thought-provoking information, so please read it slowly).

  9. Know It All by louis gander  
    Do you know what? Our minds are shut,
    when we hear Jesus call.
    A life of ease - and then Hades.
    We think we know it all.

  10. The Human Machine by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Maintenance is important to increase the lifespan of any machine. So it is with man. However, every man will expire no matter the rate or extent of his maintenance.

  11. Grief and Art of Motorcycle Racing by Anthony Weber  
    What do we do when the road of life gets really hard? Some counterintuitive lessons from motorcycle riding.

  12. If My Father Had Been Here by Anthony Weber  
    After the death of a loved one, even the most ordinary moments can take you back into their presence in an instant.

  13. Hello, Grief, My Old Friend by Anthony Weber  
    Grief is an odd emotion. When it's painfully present, I hate it. When it's gone, I sometimes miss it.

  14. The Testimony of the Repaired by Anthony Weber  
    Sometimes, the very experiences that threaten to drown us enable us to bring hope to others in the midst of life's storms.

  15. The Imprint of the Past by Anthony Weber  
    There is a cycle to grief. There are times we laugh, yes, but let's not overlook the times we mourn.

  16. 7 Scriptural Reasons Why The Psychic Lied To You About Your Dead Relative by Pastor QT Nyathi  
    Who did the psychic bring up for you the other day?

  17. Are Demons Spirits Of Dead People? by Pastor QT Nyathi  
    Was that your late relative you saw in a dream the other night? Read on to find out the answer...

  18. Random Thoughts Of My Bride by Donald Mehl  
    My dear wife of 49+ years was recently called Home after a long illness. I penned these thoughts as a way of healing, and with the hope that they might be a help to others who are struggling with the loss of a loved one.

  19. Before You Stink by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Death is the end of every man. How well prepared are you for it? There is a mandatory step for you to take. Are you ready to know and take the step? Then read on.

  20. Near-Death Experiences as Evidence for the Existence of God and Heaven by sana edoja  
    Reports of near-death experiences (NDEs) are flooding the media with books, articles and interviews. People describe hovering over their bodies, details of their surgeries, talking with deceased relatives, and reviewing their lives in vivid detail, often while their brains should be incapable of producing rational thought or memories.

    While the accounts are no doubt interesting, do they provide any solid evidence for the afterlife and the existence of God? Miller argues, in nontechnical and engaging prose, that it does indeed. He began his study doubting that NDEs provided such evidence, but found himself convinced by the weight of the evidence.

    Here the reader will explore:

    The common naturalistic explanations for NDEs.
    Evidence that NDEs point to God and heaven.
    The results of 35 years of research into NDEs by doctors and other professionals, fully documented for those who want to study further.
    A comparison of NDEs with Christian teachings.
    Recommendations of key books, researchers, and publications for further study.

    "Can we survive death? Is there a God or a heaven? Miller provides the discerning reader with ample reason to think that the answer to these all-important questions is 'yes'." - Dr. Peter Schaefer, Senior Research Psychologist, Department of Defense

  21. Precious Death? by Don Beers  
    King David said, concerning his deceased son, "He cannot come to me, BUT I WILL GO TO HIM." Though still painful, I'm strangely comforted in knowing I'll see my son again.

  22. I'll Not Forget by louis gander  
    My little Angel sat in school
    to learn her A B C's -
    yet no one knows the 'half of it'
    to put my mind at ease...

  23. Twenty Angels by louis gander  
    Pure evil smashed through fragile doors
    with lives misunderstood -
    fought cowardly in anger -
    with twenty Angels, good.

  24. Love To Love by louis gander  
    I heard that last announcement. Today, pure evil flowed.
    Now I'm okay. I'm in HIS arms, because HE loves me so.
    I know it's hard to hold back tears from feeling deeply blue -
    but I so love you mommy still - and Jesus says so too.

  25. Be a Christian and tell them about hospice by Janet Riley  
    Offer compassion and support to those who grieve. Tell them about hospice. Your caring could open other doors to share about the One who holds the key to eternal life.

  26. Be Jesus to those who grieve by Janet Riley  
    You may be the only Christ they ever see, as they journey with the dying.

  27. Flying Free Once More by Gloria Comingore  
    No more pain, no more treatments.
    Flying free once more.
    No more tears for me I ask of you.
    Flying free once more.

  28. See Me Through by louis gander  
    Hope is for us all... "For God So Loved..."

  29. In Her Absence by PamFord Davis  
    The Father, Son and Holy Spirit comforts us. Those who have trusted Jesus as Lord and Savior will live eternally.

  30. The Death of a Parent May Be Hard by Brian Allison  
    The survivor of the death of a parent may experience a difficult time, psychologically and emotionally. This article attempts to capture that experience poignantly and descriptively; as well as to provide some practical, pithy counsel in order to cope with it, heal from it, and move on triumphantly.


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