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  1. Standing Ovation by PamFord Davis  
    Stephen looked above for his affirmation√‚¬

  2. GOD-TRACKING IS LIMITLESS by Dudley Anderson  
    When you pray to God that he would take control of the situation (this is the God who knows no impossibility) limits are broken and miracles happen?"

  3. Impersonators by PamFord Davis  
    Who do you admire enough to model your life after?

  4. A Place by PamFord Davis  
    In Jesus√‚‚ day, there was an important Jewish custom during the formal engagement.

  5. On the Job by PamFord Davis  
    How many find fulfillment through a day on the job?

  6. What? by PamFord Davis  
    The future is unknown.

  7. How to worship the lord by lareina morgan  
    Give all of your heart, and He will embrace you, worship Him in His presence and give glory to God!

  8. Mighty Oaks by PamFord Davis  
    When rooted in God's word, I will bring glory to His name.

  9. Choices Have Consequences by PamFord Davis  
    Three days of disease took the lives of many and softened the heart of King David.

  10. How To Live In The Presence Of Evil by lareina morgan  
    We live in a broken world, so it would be impossible to not be affected by evil influences, so how can we live holy and pure lives in the presence of evil?

  11. THE PASSION OF JESUS CHRIST by Dr Surya Kumar Daimari  
    The Passion of Jesus Christ in the garden of Gethsemane is one of the most profound and moving portrayals of Jesus‚ grief and concern for each one of us. The tears of compassion seen in the tears of Jesus Christ which is more than just empathy calls for our clear understanding of a Savior who sacrificed himself for us and also for the whole world.

    "Come to him today and believe that he is with you in your quandary. Seek his purposes, even under your circumstances. God rewards those who seek him with all their hearts."

  13. Faith to Fruition by PamFord Davis  
    Grace was involved in the process of faith.

  14. A Must by PamFord Davis  
    For a third time, He told his disciples what must be accomplished to fulfill prophecy.

  15. Nightly News by PamFord Davis  
    News has always been disseminated.

  16. Upon His Shoulders by PamFord Davis  
    He has strong arms, broad shoulders and His lovingkindness endures forever.

  17. Inherit the Promises Through Love by lareina morgan  
    when we choose to love the Lord, He is faithful to love us and protect us, guide us and cherish us, and we inherit the promises of God through faith!

  18. In Remembrance of Christ by Susan Ferguson  
    The Lord's Supper is a time to look back at the cross and remember Jesus' sacrificial death. This sacred ritual is rich in meaning and must be guarded against routine, absence of meaning, and lifeless ritual.

    "Whoever you are, whatever your background, Jesus desires for you to not only know forgiveness of sin and be born again, but he desires to baptise you in his Holy Spirit."

  20. Something in Common by PamFord Davis  
    The Bible contains the lyrics of life.

  21. Talking With My Mouth Full by PamFord Davis  
    Truth and testimony √‚¬ LORD, fill my heart and mouth.

  22. Wonderful Surprises by PamFord Davis  
    The Father reveals the best surprises.

  23. Bringing into manifestation what God had already created. by Dare Olusola  
    Bringing into manifestation what God had already created.

  24. Bloom Today by boatrocker Gilmore  
    Flowers are beautiful but their lifespans are short. Some are here today and gone tomorrow. Similarly, we should take the time to become like a blooming flower around the people that we love.

  25. The Ultimate Sacrifice by boatrocker Gilmore  
    Jesus and our food are essential for life because they both paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to live.

  26. If You Don't Use It, You Will Lose It by boatrocker Gilmore  
    A brand new house or car will deteriorate faster if no one uses them for months. Our bodies will deteriorate faster if we don't exercise. Anything that was made by God or man will deteriorate faster if it is not used for the purpose for which it was made.

  27. Our God Is Much More Than A Source For Receiving Blessings by boatrocker Gilmore  
    Our God desires for us to having a loving relationship with him through Jesus Christ. He desires to be the foundation of all of our friendships‚.

  28. BTW, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT MONEY? by Jerry Smith  
    Far too often we may think to ourselves how great things are. But, do we ever stop and consider with godly fear (i.e. reverence) what would happen if God had not granted us our employment or our health to work, or our monthly income?

  29. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT? by Jerry Smith  
    What do we think we have 'earned' that God did not first give us the strength, the health, the skills, or the environment to get?

  30. WAIT ON by Jerry Smith  
    'Wait' does not mean to sit around expecting the Lord to do something to change your situation. This is a popular misunderstanding about this term in the Bible.


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