How Do I Thank You?
by Cindy Tuttle

Jesus, how do I thank you?
How do I begin to give
gratitude for your love?
I long to love you

You came to me when
there was no one
You loved me , when
I couldn't love myself

You have given me joy
that can not be contained
My heart dances when
I feel you near me!

The birds sing your praise
The ocean shows your strength
The flowers your gentleness
Your love is in all creation!

Let us sing with passion
for our creator and friend!
Abba, my favorite word
My soul united with you

Jesus, all I can say
is I love you
All I can do is
show the love you give me

Even that doesn't come close
to all you have done for me
What I give
is my heart

I am a Christian writer who loves to create prayers which express the compassion of Jesus or praise him. I am also a songwriter/singer. My song Sleep Gently My Little One is currently being played on radio worldwide and I am lucky that the spins have been heavy rotation.

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