Within The Veil
by vincent lyons

How marvelous that man should be
The Holy Spirit's dwelling place:
In former times a mystery;
God's temple in this age of grace.

Within the veil we now may stand,
The blood of Jesus makes a way;
The holiness that God demands
Christ's sacrifice completely paid.

The tabernacle pictured this;
In Christ we know it is fulfilled;
In journeys through life's wilderness,
Where Christ resides, all fears are stilled.

With faith's assurance let us come
By Jesus' new and living way;
When our long desert journey's done
Then we will enter in to stay.

I am a Christian who belongs to a home church in Sydney, Australia. I am Irish by birth and desire to further the gospel of Christ by my life and my poetry.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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