A Sowers Prayer
by Elizabeth Hexberg

I want to make a difference,
For the Master that I serve.
Through Him, in Him , for Him,
So much more than I deserve.

I want to make a difference,
In the life of one young child,
The elderly, the sick, the poor,
the addict running wild.

The homeless and the hungry.
The child who has no shoes.
The hurting and the dying Lord,
who need to know of You

I want to make a difference.
To live in Jesus Name.
Really, truly, pressing on.
Not just self righteous gain.

Help me Father,
I will learn.
Give me skills to use.
This world is full of heartache,
Evil and abuse.

I want to make a difference,
For the One who first loved me.
Someone who gave her 'all ' to Him,
Who gave me eyes to see.

Someone who gave her 'all' to them.
His children every one.
Help me sow Your Seeds of Love.
before my race is run.


Matthew 13:18,
'Hear ye therefore the parable of the sower.'

I love The Lord,with all my heart, and am nothing,and have nothing, without Him.

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