Christian Writer's Prayer
by Dennis Van Scoy

Stamped within me, in course through my veins,
to the very depths of my heart;
my Creator's impression, indelibly mastered,
tools this word-smithy's art.
Neither treasure nor fame in part or in whole,
nay all that money can buy,
shall extinguish my conscience or purchase my soul
though tempting in vain they may try.
For His gifts are not fragments of chance genetics,
to be squandered for such fleeting gain,
but priceless equipping for His holy purpose,
transcending this mere mortal plain.
God grant me the wisdom to use what You've given,
obediently and true,__
and bow to the lead of Your Spirit, the Author,
lifting all glory to You.

Dennis Van Scoy Sr, is a retired police officer turned Christian, freelance writer. He has been married for 27 years, has 5 adult children, 4 adut step-children, 23 grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.

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