Curtain Call
by PamFord Davis

Each year most church choirs present two special music programs, often referred to as cantatas. The congregation is eager to hear the Easter and Christmas specials.
I have been a member of many church choirs, in our moves across America. Some of the groups were very small, just a few faithful members, offering up "a joyful noise" to the Lord. Others were larger and very formal in their worship style. I once even had to audition when joining the choir, by singing the scales for the choir director!

In many ways cantatas are gala events, following many long hours of practice, and a dress rehearsal. Then the opening night arrives; and we almost have "a curtain call!" I can still remember the times with special lighting; and opportunities I had to read narrations in front of a full church. Our choir director looked very dignified in his tuxedo!

Music is a very special part of our worship and praise experience. Did you know that King David was the first choir director? (1 Chronicles 15:16, 19-21) This was no spur of the moment simple hymn sing! The next time you get a chance, show your appreciation to your choir director, instrumentalists, and the choir. They do more than you may realize.

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