Now that You've Graduated...
by Jenny Fulton

The World is wide open full of endless, multi-colored possibilities; far-off dreams that suddenly seem to be within reach. The iron chains of non-negotiable days are about to come off and the future iswell

Let's just say I'm happy to be currently in-between those uncertain twilight periods of life, though I regularly converse with those who are immersed in them.

I had taken the job of Admissions Counselor Assistant as a convenient way to earn money while attending the college.

Most of the time, this task isn't too bad. It presents an opportunity to talk to people who are going through a foggy time of transition; a chance to learn how different individuals respond to this time in their life.

I have come across several types of decision makers/non-makers.

~This first group is what I like to call: ~


"Hello, this is Sarah Wolf calling from Mc"


Obviously, they are no longer interested in this University if they ever were in the first place. I look down at my endless list of names and numbers, seriously considering crossing names such as Camielle Woitaszewski off the list all together. There is no way I want to attempt pronunciation of that name if I don't have to.

~Providing an opportunity for conversation are:~

Those-Who-Are-Not-Sure-What-They-Want or Those-Who-Have-Too-Many-Things-They-Want

"Hello, this is Sarah Wolf calling from Mc-- University. Is Katie Van-der-vault there?"

"Yes, this is her."

"Great! I was wondering if you've had a chance to look over the materials we sent you and if you have any questions."

"Wellcould you tell me more about your math programand maybe your engineering programand maybe your graphic design programand maybe your business programand maybe your elementary education programandI really don't know"


"That's fine. How about this why don't you just let us know when (if) you make a decision and feel free to give us a call if you have any specific questions."

~So, while some people hardly know what they want to know, others know exactly which questions they have. They have been figuring that out and planning for years.~


"So, Mike, it says here, you are interested in the business program. Is there anything we can help you with as you try to decide if this is the University for you?"

"Yes, thank you. I've been comparing the costs and offered courses of this University and about four others. If you can get me in touch with some of the professors, I would like to compare the credentials of those teaching the classes and take into consideration the probability of success after I graduate"

~This next category of decision makers is perhaps the most unpredictable. ~


"Hello, Tiffany. Congratulations on your acceptance to Mc University! My name is Sarah Wolf and I was calling to confirm that you would be attending here next fall."

"Well, I was also accepted into a couple of other universities, butyeahSure, I will go to McUniversity."

"Ok...we're actually doing early enrollment now for new students. Would you like to do that now?"


"Now, you didn't select a major on the application. Do you know yet what you would like to major in?"

"UmmCamping. Yeah, that sounds fun."

~For some individuals, the decision is in the hands of others.~


"We're so pleased you will be attending this University, Jamie."

"Yeah, whatever."

"We're now offering early enrollment to new students. Would you like to do that now?"

"Hang on. Mom! Am I doing early enrollment now?......Yeah, I guess I will."

"Ok. First of all, how many hours would you like to take for the first semester?"


~For some people, this next method of decision making is obvious from the very beginning.~


"So, Terry, what made you decide to come to McUniversity."

"I'm not exactly sure. I have been praying a lot about this and it just feels like this is the place God wants me. It has all of the qualities I've been looking for and, I don't know, I guess I just really think God wants me to go there."

However we arrive at our decisions through the haze of transition, one thing is certain God is not bound by uncertainty but is ever present and at work in our lives, taking us through the beautiful journey of change.

I am a writer, a wife, and a mother with bachelors degrees in Bible and Elementary Education with ESL.  My young adult fantasy novel, Invisible Battles: the Quest for Hope, is available for purchase on Amazon.

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