United we stand
by Norma-Anne Hough

The day had begun as any other. Spring had arrived, the garden was alive with birds, flowers had begun to bloom and I was feeling energized. After attending to normal household duties and walking the dogs, I sat down to a late lunch on our patio, which overlooked the river and the city beyond. There was a beautiful feeling of peace and serenity.

Suddenly the front door burst open, Jacquie, Bronwyn and Mandy came running in, closely followed by their three good friends.

"Mum" they shouted unison, "where are you?"

"Outside here on the patio. What's the rush?"

"The Twin Towers have been attacked!" they yelled, running into the lounge to switch on the television.

Discarding my lunch, I ran through to join them. In silence, we watched horrified as the drama unfolded before us. Initially it felt like a dream, but as time passed, we knew it was harsh reality. The peace, which had earlier surrounded me, vanished as I witnessed scene after scene.

Stunned, we sat watching the awful reality of terrorism unfold before our eyes. Tears flowed as we watched scene after scene.

"I cannot believe people would do such an awful thing." Jacquie said, quietly wiping tears from her eyes.

"Horrific." Craig added.

"How could this have happened?" Mandy asked, crying.

"It's unbelievable that people could stoop so low," whispered Bronwyn.

As with many of our friends, our normal daily routine was changed. We sat glued to Sky TV or CNN watching the rescue teams. My respect for the American people grew daily. Witnessing the bravery of all the firefighters, emergency services and all people involved was a lesson in itself. Our church and many others set up prayer chains for the families and survivors. It was the least we could do.

Listening to the families who had suffered loss speak of their loved ones was truly inspirational. The stories of courage that came out daily were amazing. I am sure many people asked God why He had allowed it. I certainly did, time and time again. I never really got a clear answer, maybe because there was no clear answer.

What did stand out though was the unity. The American people stood united. The terrorists may have taken the lives of many people, but they were unable to steal the spirit of the American nation.

As the people of America move on this year to face new challenges, my prayer is that they will yet again stand united. May the dawning of a new era bring hope and healing to a people who have been to hell and back, yet survived. May His peace reign and abide in each one of you, as you put your hope and trust in Him.

"Remain in peace. Move only when Jesus does. In Jesus there is life, and he must give life to every living thing."
Madame Jeanne Guyon.

God bless America and all who dwell there.

I live in East London, South Africa. Have three grown-up daughters. I love to write. Have been involved in christian couselling. My other intersts are my animals,my garden, reading and I look after those in our body who need help. I plan to publish a devotional this year.
(c) Norma Hough 2008

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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