You Must Be Born Again
by Fenny West

Musical: You must be Born Again
(During an outreach, Christian witnesses to an unsaved church-goer. Others believers can be in the background witnessing to others or giving out tracts)

Christian: Hello my friend, how are you?

Unsaved: Fine, thank you.

Christian: Giving him a tract, asks, 'Have you considered giving your life to Jesus?'

Unsaved: Ahh! I was born a Christian. Man, we are all church-goers in my family -when we feel like. (smiling).

Christian: It's great to hear that you go to church, I go to church too, but are you born again? No one is born a Christian. Jesus said, 'You must be born again to see the Kingdom of God.'

Unsaved: I don't understand this 'Born again' stuff.

Christian: Nicodemus in the Bible was a religious man, a teacher, but he was spiritually blind. There are two births, the natural and the spiritual. You are born again of the Spirit of God when you realise that you are a sinner, acknowledge it, ask God to forgive you your sins, and invite Jesus Christ into your life. Jesus will forgive you and give you a new life and peace with God.
That's being born again. Church-going does not save anyone.[/size]

You must be born again:

(Jn.3:3; Ro.3:23; Acts 9:1-18; Jn.1:12)
Except a man be born again,
He cannot see the Kingdom of God.
Jesus said," Marvel not I say unto you, you must be born again.
Whatever is born of the flesh is flesh.
And what ever is born of the Spirit is spirit. Jn3:3

Female: I remember that day,
that glorious light,
of the Gospel dawned on my spirit
.And that which was separated,
was joined to God again.
Alleluia! I was born again.
I say Yo-o-o-o-u,
You must be born again.
It's not by might
not by power,
but through the Spirit of God.
I say Yo-o-o-o-u,
You must be born again.
It's not by works
but by grace
through faith,
in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Male: I remember that day,
that I was forgiven
of my sins
and delivered from darkness.
And he who was going blind
began to see again,
translated into the Kingdom of light.

Amazing grace (new rendition)
Amazing grace
how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me
I was once lost but now am found
was blind but now I see

Ch: Amazing grace
how sweet the sound
I was once lost
but now am found
was blind but now I see.

It was grace that taught my heart to fear
and grace my fear relieved
How precious did that grace appeared
the hour I first believed.

Through many dangers toils and snares
I have already come
'Tis grace that led me safe thus far
and grace will lead me home.

When we've been there ten thousand years
Bright shinning as the sun
We've no less days to sing God's praise
than when we first began

Unbeliever: What must I do to be saved?

Christian: Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. I can lead you in a sinner's prayer and if you mean the prayer, you will be saved.

Unbeliever: Ok, I want to be born again.

Christian: Pray this prayer after me:
Lord Jesus, I come to your throne of grace this day, acknowledging that I am a sinner. You died for me on Calvary's cross. Forgive me my sins, Lord, and restore me, in Jesus' Name Amen. Thank you, Lord. I am born again. Praise the Lord!

Christian: Welcome to the Family.

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