Making Lemonade
by Laura Manley

When you're singing the blues,
opening that old can of worms,
and crying that last salty tear...

make some lemonade

When the sky is black with storm clouds,
your nose is running like a track star,
and the pilot light goes out in your brain...

make some lemonade

When you're having more downs than ups,
you've cleaned the house and nobody notices,
and there are more cons than pros(e)...

make some lemonade

Remember this-
while enjoying your lemonade,
lemons are the color of the sun so,
drink in the beauty of life and...

make some more lemonade

I am a 66-year young Christian writer whose desire is to make a positive difference in people's lives through my writing.  My purpose is to show people the love of Jesus Christ.   I have four wonderful children (two natural/two step) and seven beautiful grandchildren.

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