Look And See...
by Darlene Casino

They're battered and bruised, wrapped tight by their chains
No light in their eyes, no hope in their veins.
They're lonely and stressed and angered by wrongs
Real or imagined, leveled by throngs.
They're afraid of pain, o'rwhelmed by their cares
Depressed by a life that is filled with despair
Look At Them!

Look At Me, Lord!

I'm tired of seeing them stumble and fall
Of facing their anger, of names that they call.
I'm weary of violence, of stories they tell
Heading them downward, of days spent in hell.
I'm saddened by losses of gains that they made
Of truths that they heard, of games that they played.
Look At Me!

Look To Me, Child!

Around you is life not all you desired
Filled with the challenge my love has inspired.
There are hardships, it's true and struggles abound
Life's just not simple, there's uneven ground.
I've given the answer I've provided the way
I've purchased man's freedom, insured a bright day.
Look To Me!

Go To Him, Child!

Weather caregiver or captive the answer's the same
We all need a program we all need a way.
A book to instruct us and give us direction
To guide us by steps; to give us connection
To a Sovereign who loves us and makes Himself real
To our understanding and all that we feel
Go To Him!

I am a freelance writer and a retired nurse. I have 3 grown sons, 2 daughters-in-love and 5 grandchildren. My husband and I will celebrate our 48th anniversary in '08'.  I became serious about writing after my retirement. My work has only been published on-line thus far.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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