Regret's Warning
by harvestgal Ndaguba

No... No this can't be.
I was the star.
I was the center of everyone's affection.
I was loved.
I helped people enjoy life.
Noooo... Tell me this is a nightmare.
I'm sure I'll wake up soon.
Don't torment me!
God....Where are you!
Get away from me demons.
Leave me alone!
My life was hard, but I tried to have fun.
I tried to help others too.
I'm not the best person, but no one is perfect.
I wasn't that bad.
Sometimes life was sad so I comforted myself that
one day It would all end and I'd go to heaven.
How can I be here!
God... you know I tried so hard.
My heart was right.
I did my bad, but I did my good too.
Why... Just tell me why?
I rejected who, God? Who?
But why. How can Jesus be so important?
I was cool with you God.
I was no saint, but I had respect for you and your people.
Why's Jesus so important?
No God... I didn't receive what He did for me.
I didn't realize it was so important.
I didn't realize his death was the punishment and
atonement for my sins.
I didn't realize He paid the price for me and
all the bad things I've ever done.
I didn't know Lord. No one really explained it
to me in a way I could understand like that.
Oh God... if only I could go back.
My heart is sooo heavy.
The pain is so deep.
My life was a waste.
I was decieved, living for myself when I should
have been living for you.
God...I deserve this.
I deserve to be where I am.
I deserve this torment.
Oh God, but let me be a witness now.
Like someone should have been to me when I was alive.
People, you may think you are just watching a show
or listening to a monologue... But no... It's more than that.
It a warning. It's a cry for your soul.
Don't miss what Jesus did for you.
Don't forsake the atonement for your sins.
Don't waste your life seeking to fullfill empty dreams.
Don't live for self, but live for Him.
The one who created you. The one who loves you most.
Live for Him and fullfill His purpose and plans for your life
so you won't end up here... Where there's forever torment, regret
and eternal suffering.
My God, Help them take this warning.
My God, help them understand.
Oh My God! People, Wake up and make today a new day in your life.
A day of Change.

Erica Ndaguba is married to a wonderful Nigerian man and they have 4 wonderful kids.  They've been married 7 years.  She's lived 6 years on the mission field and returned to the States 4 years ago.  She used to teach ESL but now she's a fulltime housewife and mother.

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