by Jan Ackerson

In the northern regions of Michigan's lower peninsula, two-lane highways curve up and down through old forest canopies as if woven by the hands of a gigantic, drunken basketweaver. On one of these twisting roads, near the little village of Baldwin, something unusual happens which you will not notice unless you get out of your car.

Hop on your bicycle and head east. After a few miles, you see ahead of you what appears to be a long, lovely downhill coast. At the top of the crest you stop pedaling, happy for the brief respite, anticipating acceleration and the rush of wind in your ears. Weirdly, your bicycle slows, then nearly stops. Puzzled, you begin to pedal again. With mounting distress you discover that you can only reach the bottom of the hill by pumping fiercely in your lowest gear.

Perhaps, however, you will be fortunate enough to encounter this mysterious hill as you are cycling west. In dismay, you see it rising before you as your calves and thighs protest the prospect of a long, arduous climb. But as you start to pedal, to your great amazement the bicycle takes off, accelerating faster than your feet can move. You coast all the way uphill, in astonished delight.

You cannot always trust what your senses seem to perceive, nor what conventional wisdom tells you is the commonsensical thing to do. As the child of an uncommon Father you must put your trust in Him, even when the actions He requires of you seem counterintuitive.

There He is, at the top of the rise--take your hands off the handlebars, and coast uphill to Him.

Jan is a Christian who has traveled through sorrow and depression, and has found victory and grace.  She dedicates all writings to her Heavenly Father.  Check out Jan's website at www.1hundred-words.com
Copywrite Jan Ackerson--2006

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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