A Rainbow Life
by louis gander

No matter how earth's breezes blow,
just seek the promise, God's rainbow.
For Noah's faith was always sure,
never failing - always pure.

A rainbow I can see, not touch -
but it really doesn't matter much.
God holds it fast, as He holds me.
Bright colors of His rainbow see.

So close, God's armor I will wear -
the world can't fill me with despair.
The storm clouds of the world seize,
when touched, I am, with Spirit's breeze.

I'll never be a doubting 'Thomas' -
standing fast in Jesus' promise.
God parts the dark clouds of man's sin,
and brings full light of life within.

Before God's spectrum kisses ground,
I know His promise will be found.
I gaze - awed at His universe -
singing praise - each word and verse.

If joy is violet and indigo,
patience pink and peace yellow,
if kindness orange and goodness gold,
then all good fruit of His I'll hold.

If grace is blue and love is white,
and prayer is green and God is light,
the world's sin won't overwhelm,
for I'm in Him - another realm.

If life's a footrace, death blood red,
Jesus is rainbows of colors ahead.
If we're resurrected from sin and strife,
God's gives to us - a Rainbow Life.

Copyright 2020 by louis gander.
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