Waiting Room
by PamFord Davis

The expectant father paces the floor in the hospital waiting room. He loses track of how many cups of coffee he drank. His determination to quit smoking is put on hold; and he lights up again, nervously inhaling nicotine to calm his nerves. This scene is still repeated but not as often as in previous decades. Currently labor and delivery is more of a shared experience. The husband times the contractions, encourages the wife in breathing techniques and challenges her to push when needed.

Over two thousand years ago Joseph paced the floors in a stable. As God ushered in the first Christmas, Joseph watched over Mary and waited for the arrival of the Son of God. There is no way to fully understand the emotions and thoughts of Mary and Joseph. Their experience stands alone in history. Joseph assisted Mary in every possible way, wanting to ease her pain and bring Jesus safely into the world. His thoughts and prayers were heard and answered. (Luke 2:6-7) He witnessed the birth of the long awaited Messiah. Pacing turned to peace and praise filled his heart.

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