Frail Reason
by Elizabeth Hexberg

I saw your faces on TV.
Heard the music, 'Let it be'
Why does God allow such tragedy?
I have no human answer.

I saw the rubble, heard the cries.
Those left behind where loved ones died.
Devastation everywhere,
Where was God,
and does He care?
then I found frail reason.

For Charity the concert played,
For Miracles, the people prayed.
Rebuild a Nation Satan slayed
Faith births, where Hope has died.

I watched the man who stood for days.
Defying fear and standing brave,
Waiting for his wife God Saved,
Believing still, in Mercy.

Witnessed many bloodied hands,
Clear concrete slabs, to save one lamb.
With nothing more,
than Here I am,
and saw the hands of Jesus.

Tragedy is nothing new.
It rains down hard, no matter who.
Only God, can still the heart,
When lives and worlds are ripped apart.

So we yearn, and hold on tight.
Someday to Hope for all things right.
Do what we can, to soothe the pain,
Until He Comes to cleanse again.
Clinging to frail reason.

----------------- with heartfelt prayer for the people of Haiti, in their hour of need.

I love The Lord,with all my heart, and am nothing,and have nothing, without Him.

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