Is That You, Lord?
by Bob Valleau

I remember all to well when I felt like I died and saw the light. I was feeling poorly one evening and decided to retire early. I had no idea what kind of "bug" I had, but it made me think I was close to death's door. I dozed off and on, and then I finally drifted into a deep sleep.

I began to stir, at one point, because something warm splashed across my face. I awoke but did not open my eyes right away. I could sense someone in the room. Once I did open my eyes I saw a blinding light. Did I die in my sleep? Is this the light everyone talks about seeing on the other side? I felt strange. At one point, the light was shining right at me. Then, after awhile, it started to bounce off the walls, ceiling and objects in the room.

"Is that you, Lord?" I asked.

No answer.


"Not Lord, Daddy. It's me. Paul. I'm scared."

My five-year-old son jumped into bed with me, holding onto a flashlight.

"Oh, thank God. I'm not dead," I said aloud.

I wouldn't have minded being with the Lord then, if it was my time to go. But I was happy it wasn't my time yet. I wanted to enjoy a few more years with my son and his silly antics, which, I felt, was my little heaven on earth.

Bob Valleau has over 30 years of writing experience for the Christian market. He was once named Christian Writer of the Year (San Antonio, Texas) by the American Christian Writers Association. He is the author of four books. 

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