With A Little Help From My Friends
by PamFord Davis

We may be doing a good job in convincing ourselves, and others of our independence. In reality we all need one another. From the cradle to the cane we rely on others. It is also fact that others depend on us for support and assistance. Man forced to live in isolation is unfulfilled and lonely. Friendship is shared and cherished. It is very hard to put in simple sentences how much our closest friends mean to us. They have been with us through sunshine and storms. They remain faithful and supportive.

The Apostle Saul (Paul) came under attack. Religious leaders and the masses assaulted his character and conspired in plans for his murder. With a little help from his friends Paul slipped away to safety. "After many days, the Jews made plans to kill Saul. They were watching the city gates day and night. They wanted to kill him, but Saul learned about their plan. One night some followers of Saul helped him leave the city. They lowered him in a basket through an opening in the city wall (Acts 9:23-25 NCV)." A basket once carried Moses to safety atop the Nile. Now it provided a way of escape for another of God's anointed.

Trouble followed close behind. "He would often talk and argue with the Jews who spoke Greek. But they were trying to kill him. When the brothers learned about this, they took Saul to Caesarea. From there they sent him to Troas (Acts 9:29-30 NCV)." True friends come to our aid and often send us off with genuine love.

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