Thanks For The Memory
by PamFord Davis

Do you have clear memories of important life events? Most have a degree of short term memory loss, yet can vividly describe special memories. Women celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary can recall their first date with their spouse, their engagement, wedding and birth details of all children. Men often tell stories of war battles as if they just occurred.

Jesus knows us and does not want our memory loss to erase pointed pictures of our salvation. The Passover meal transitioned to the Last Supper and Jesus prepared His disciples for His approaching death. "I have already told you what the Lord Jesus did on the night he was betrayed. And it came from the Lord himself. He took some bread in his hands. Then after he had given thanks, he broke it and said, This is my body, which is given for you. Eat this and remember me. After the meal, Jesus took a cup of wine in his hands and said, This is my blood, and with it God makes his new covenant with you. Drink this and remember me. The Lord meant that when you eat this bread and drink from this cup, you tell about his death until he comes (1 Corinthians 11:23-26 CEV)." Lord, You ask so little of us. Thanks for the memory of Your supreme sacrifice. You willingly offered your body and shed your blood to buy our salvation.

Devotionals are her first love in writing. Published articles in Mature Living Magazine, Devotions for the Deaf, The Secret Place, Light from the Word, Coosa Journal, With God Daily, Mary Hollingsworth's The One Year Devotional of Joy and Laughter.

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