Parting of The Red Sea
by Nellie Shani

Behind them Pharaoh's army
Before them the Red Sea loomed
A forlorn mother grabs her baby
To all and sundry nothing but gloom

Pharaoh lifted haughty eyes to see
A people soon his slaves to be
Motioned his army forward to proceed
Enslave them again his ego to feed

Jehovah Saboath on their side
Always with his people to abide
A man of war with sword out of sheath
Like a prancing lion with bared teeth

Told Moses to raise his rod
They were to know who was God
Red Sea parted a dry highway
Israel saw a miracle that day

For Pharaoh and his troops
Tragedy towards them did stoop
Swallowed like hungry oysters
Horses chariots and officers

Miriam burst out in song to the Lord
Picked a tambourine and struck a chord
Your right hand oh Lord was majestic in power
As the surging waves stood firm like a tower

Nellie  Odhuno Shani is a Counselor, Conference speaker and writer. Her first books are available on, Barnes and Nobles and on her author's websites.

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